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  1. So, who here celebrates Guy Fawkes night? And what should be done?

    I live in America now... so... er... getting a burger or a hotdog would be self-defeating. And I don't think I can start a fire in Detroit, without being shot. And fireworks might turn me Republican...

    How do we make such holidays our own?

    Do I simply slip on a DVD of V for Vendetta? Is that all we have left now?

    Oh wait, I forgot this a General Thread and we have to get offended by something. how 'bout them black folks? They suck, right?
  2. well. if you think the v for vendetta MOVIE is an appropriate homage to guy fawkes day, then who am i to stop you?

    you'd just be an uncultured hackjob for doing so. instead of marathoning the comic book like you're supposed to.
  3. My cousin's birthday is on November 5th, so we celebrate with cake. =D
  4. I celebrate by burning all of my money and melting down my coins.
  5. As an uncultured uneducated American, I had no idea who Guy Fawkes was until I saw that movie. D: And then I was mad.
  6. I plan to do something with a few friends of mine. They have kids, so everyone is coming along to watch some fireworks get set off and enjoy lovely foods.
  7. Shut up, Zen.

    And I ain't buying no stinking comics. If I can't get it on an illegal streaming site via a crappy media player that trigger adverts whenever I click a button and then triggers additional adverts when I try to close the original adverts, and then plays adverts in the middle of the movie which trigger additional adverts when I try to mute them, then I'm not interested.

    Notes for Scribz - I don't hate Zen
  8. I thought people started fires in Detroit at a drop of a dime. Claim your favorite spots team just won/lost a game. No one will question you!
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  9. I'm just gonna burn an entire city to the ground and read the comics. Nothing too much.
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  10. Isn't Guy Fawkes mostly a children's event?

    IIRC children would drag a doll through town calling for a "penny for the guy" and then use the cash to buy fireworks and light the doll up in commemoration of Guy Fawkes
  11. I'll probably go about my day as normal. Maybe unintentionally repeat the "Remember, remember," line a few times here and there in my head.
  12. Fuck you, @Minibit.

    Fuck. You.

    Your mom's a children's event!

    I'mma drag YOU through the street and sell you for fireworks then burn you on a fire!

    Notes for everyone - only partially serious threat
  13. Fireworks, Alcohol, Cake and Naked Party Games with people you love and despise.

    If you don't have fireworks, setting off bottles of cheap coca cola with mentos into other people's gardens and listening to them cry works too.

    What have you been doing your whole life Asmo? =O
  14. You want me to get liquored up, take off my clothes, bake a cake then stumble into my neighbour's garden and commit chemical warfare?

    I want to do something DIFFERENT for Guy Fawkes Night!
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  15. Remember, remember, the Sith in November
    The Palpatine treason and plot
    While Darth Maul is breezing, and Darth Vader wheezing
    Count Dooku is building his bots.
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  16. Woah, hey. No notes for me.

    Not sure if smite or call NSA.
  17. My Guy Fawkes night will be spent looking out of my window, with a cup of tea on my desk and my dogs inevitably cowering on my bed at the loud noises, going 'I bloody hate Guy Fawkes night.'
  18. I'll be registering for classes and then going to work! :'D Can I just ask how Guy Fawkes Night actually is celebrated by people who celebrate it? Is it really like Minibit said? I don't know anything about it except what I saw on V for Vendetta. O_O