"Remember Me"

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  1. ~Remember Me~

    Forward: "Remember Me " has a lot of influence from events of my life and we won't be steered by that destiny, I made this more so to reflect a figure of my life in a different contrast.


    The story starts out in the modern era, 2012. It will follow an older brother, Micheal Lorn 24 and his much younger sister Elizabeth "Lizzy" Lorn". Mired in studies and future prospects, Micheal does whatever it takes to make ends meet when it comes to Lizzy. He's become something of a surrogate father as well as just being her older brother. Their father was a drunkard and he threw fits of violence, bequeathing it often on Michael's and Lizzy's mother Abbagail.

    However that all changed when his mother became a mother again when Michael was only 13. Things changed in the household when Michael who with the truth of his mother pregnancy gained his father's ire. Michael from that point--until he was 18 took the brunt of his father's physical attacks. Once he turned 18 and graduated high school things were looking favorably towards Michael; he gained the favor of his mother and she gave full parental control and privileges to her eldest son and Michael took Lizzy once he had a place of his own and a babysitter for when he was at studies for college or work at several part-time jobs earning minimum wage.

    Michael was always well liked by his peers. He was an excellent student--often help others who struggled in a particular subject. Many students became his proteges; many became his friends. They also knew that his father liked to take his drunken fits out on him so they were always supportive. But no body meant as much as Lizzy. He would affectionately call her "Sissy" when he talked to her. It was another, and perhaps special name that he had given her while growing up. Lizzy was a name that many who were around her had come to call her.

    No bad habits were allowed in front of Lizzy and if someone even looked like they might start trouble, he had the rest of the group behind him in removing the source of the problem. Their loyalty sprang from an innate kindness he often exhibited. Everyone of his friends knew he sang his Sissy to sleep every night. No exceptions. No exemptions. With guitar in hand he would be hard from down the hall singing a song that-she liked the up beat tune to but didn't quite grasp the meaning of the words and that was all and well.

    But things turned bad, then worse. As time went on Michael began to get sick more and more often. His pride had kept him from the doctors, [SIZE=5]a[/SIZE]nd his [SIZE=5]loneliness[/SIZE] kept him from having a [SIZE=5]relationship[/SIZE] with any girl as well as the truth that was [SIZE=5]sprung[/SIZE] on him. He had stage three Non-H[SIZE=5]odgkins Lymphoma. He suddenly felt the world imploding on him. He had hardly stopped to look for a girlfri[SIZE=5]end[SIZE=5] much less lay out the te[SIZE=5]n year plan to get married.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    This isn't a tale about good versus evil. Light versus dark. This is a story about a man doing the best he can despite remarkable hardships. This is a tale about love in its purest of form[SIZE=5]s.This is a tale about sacrifice.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

  2. Charrie in the works!
  3. Name:Michael "Bubby" Lorn
    Sex: Male
    Birth date: December 7th, 1994
    Sign: Sagittarius
    Height: 6'3

    Physical description: Michael is your run of the mill athletic type. Not extraordinary by any standard, but good looking. He has dark cropped hair, a rounded face and a powerful build. Though he looks almost sad most of the time, he smiles and lights up a room. His hands are heavily calloused from years of burns, erosion, and cuts from a factory job he works. His eyes are a piercing glacial color. A very very light blue. Almost translucent and they appear as such if given the right light. Other times they appear a mystic foggy gray.

    Personality: Michael never chose his friends, so much as they chose him. He had an innate way of making people feel charmed by him. Either by his kindness or his generosity, the gravitational pull they felt from him was genuine and powerful. Naturally he acted as counselor for most of them. Their grievances rather petty or serious were kept on tight lips that just...smiled.

    That's who he is. A man that never failed to smile. Even in dire straights. But romance was different. He is incredibly serious about romance. He is drawn to those that can teach him life's most important lessons. He has great wisdom and occult knowledge that supersedes he ordinary. It allows him to perceive life on many different stages than just one. He searches for important relationships and expresses his self clearly in his actions. Be it singing to his sister, teaching a fellow student how to solve the equation, or just lending an ear.

    He has an almost psychic ability when it comes to his sister. Able to tell when she's upset even when away from her. This was fostered heavily due to the fact he was the one that raised her so it is no surprise that he would be that well connected with her.

    Car: 1977 Ford 'Maverick'