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    The night lit up brightly as the thunderous sound of six shots from a pistol rang out. Ignis slowed to a stop, his knees beginning to get weaker and threaten to give out on him. His stomach and chest felt like they were on fire. His breaths began to come out in short, gasping hiccups. What the Hell? What happened? Who shot at him and why? He was...what was he doing? Everything was beginning to blur together.
    The front of his shirt was riddled with holes and slowly becoming a deep shade of red. "H....h...hhh." He couldn't even get the words out anymore. The pain was too intense.
    Nanami had a bad feeling about that night, the storm clouds above their trailer sending chills down her spine. Normally she would be cuddled up next to her kids but with the last of her kids having left the nest she would have been with Ignis. But he was nowhere to be found at the moment. She was pacing around the living room when the shots rang out, and she hurried to the door. It couldn't have been far to where the sound came from and soon enough Nanami was takin off into the woods.
    Ignis heard the cock of a gun again and saw the cold metal glint in the lightning. Thank whatever Gods may be up there that there was the snap of a twig in the woods and the gunman was sent running.
    He tried to get a glance, but he was far too weak. His arms trembling under his weight, he felt like throwing up, but feared he may lose his innards in the process. The world around him was spinning, he stared blankly at his hands as they became blurs of color stained red by the blood dripping from his mouth and nose.
    Nanami's foot snapped over a twig, not that she cared. A blurred shape was coming into view, and the harsh stench of blood was filling the air as fast as her tears were starting to fall. Incoherent mumbling spilled from her lips as she ran straight for him, falling to her knees at Ignis' side. "This can't be happening." She mumbled, her fingers tracing his red stained lips and nose.
    "N.....n...nn-Nanami?" He could barely make out the shape of her face. The color of her hair and eyes the only thing he recognized in his slowly fading state. He went to reach for her hand. To try and take it's warmth in as his body went ice cold, but collapsed instead. Getting a face full of dirt and leaves.
    Nanami looked down on the sorry state of her husband, though it was hard to distinguish between him and the ground with all the tears pouring from her eyes. "Don't you worry, ok? We are going to get you back and fixed right up." She mumbled gently, taking his hand in hers as she looked at him.
    "O....ok..cher..." He wheezed out. Turning his head just enough to be able to look up at Nanami. Gripping as tightly as he could at the bottom of her shirt. His chest was moving rapidly and erratically as he struggled to breath and stay away. "I'm so c-cold cher......can we...can we.." He took in a bigger breath to get it out. ".have s-s-some hot chocolate when we get home?"
    Nanami looked at Ignis and she nodded, pulling him closer to her chest. "Don't worry, we will get you all warmed up when we get back." She mumbled, brushing back his hair and looking at him. "Everything will be just fine, and it will take a while but things would be better" She mumbled, her tears dropping on his face.
    "Good...." A slight smile graced his face as he felt her pull him in closer. His sharp breaths slowly fading. "I'm sorry cher....for all I put you through..." He closed his big blue eyes and let his head fall closer to her. He was fighting to hold on as long as he possibly could, things did not look bright though. Ignis was fading fast. Everything was going white, but...the pain was going away. It felt far different than he had expected dying to feel.
    Nanami was still blubbering as she pulled him close to her chest. "I forgive you for everything Ignis, just please don't leave me like this. Not with all of the little ones on my own." She sniffled, holding him close. "I was hoping I would at the least get to see us grow old, in that little cottage in France." She mumbled, pressing her head against his as she wept.
    "What are you talking ab-bout...I'll still be here." He reached up to wipe the tears from her face. "I'm no going....anywhere." He convulsed as pain shot through his body. More blood seeping through his lips. His teeth were completely stained red.
    Without much warning he couldn't catch his breath, gasping and choking for air for a moment. Spitting up and unhealthy amount of blood. His eyes shut again as his body began to go limp. Holding close to Nanami. He was going to stay alive until they got home, he had to. "t....take me home...please..."
    Nanami looked down at the blood now coating her hands. Her heart pounded through her ears as she lifted him up and into her arms easily. He was almost dead weight now, and even the thought of that was making her want to collapse. "Don't be silly. You don't have to be in a specific place. You just have to have me." She said, trying to pull off a joke, which wasn't working on herself.
    "Funny as ever." He smiled weakly. Letting his body rest more in her arms. His limbs were so numb now. He couldn't move them an inch. He could feel it taking him over, but it wasn't like the episodes he used to have. It was more...comforting. Calling out to him like everything would be okay for some reason. The overwhelming sense to go with it hit him, dragged him ever closer to it.
    Nanami let herself half walk half limp back to the trailer, her eyes still teary. "I know." She mumbled, pushing open the door and walking inside and sitting herself down on the couch. Rocking Ignis back and forth, Nanami sang softly in latin, not minding the stains that were probably soaking into the couch.
    The soft tone of her voice carried him off. Letting his body nestle gently in her arms he closed his eyes for the last time and let out a soft sigh his pained breaths ended. His weight fully settling into her body as the wounds finally overwhelmed him.
    He drifted off to a peaceful place. Blank, but warm and comforting and the voice was there as well. He could not find a source but it leading him somewhere. Saying something about another chance? Whatever that meant. The farther he went the more his memories seemed to disappear.

    Currently Happening!:

    It had been years since Ignis had left Nanami alone at the cirque, to live out the rest of her life, which was a very very long life, thinking about him and trying to move on. But the more she had tried to move on the less she found other people appealing. She had slowly recovered over the fact that he was gone, but dating made the memories worse. The most she had had were one night flings, and those came quite often when you wer a litteral angel with glowing skin and red eyes.
    Looking at herself in the mirror, Nanami called up a new facade, her hair once again cut short like the good old days. Intricate jewels framed her face, and dazzled around her eyes. Long gold earings hung from her ears and a small bow was tied in the longer side of her hair, and her outfit definatly matched. Long flowing sleeves passed her short flowing skirt, that like most of her cloathing was seethrough. Her elaborate suit had smooth cuts through it, creating a swirling pattern that covered the nessisary bit, and left some skin open. Batting her lashes, she put one last jewel next to her eye, checking all her makeup before shoving the door of her trailer open.
    She had moved her trailer close to the tent so it was a ten second walk inside the backstage area. Walking past everyone, she prepped for her set that evening by starting her stretch.

    "I cannot believe he dares show his face in public like this...such a childish past time." An older woman scoffed as she watched the sprightly twenty four year old man bound off towards the tent with the energy of a toddler. His curly mahogany hair with dark blond highlights bouncing as he ran. Nice dress pants and a well fitting beige vest and crisp white suit underneath.
    He didn't care one bit for the odd looks he had gotten. He loved the circus! Especially this one, he had seen it so many times from afar when he was young and now with no reigns holding him back he felt right at home among the crowds and performers. It was the most excitement he'd ever experienced! Literally, he'd been trained to be so prim and proper and act like a gentleman. His parents were so kind and caring but a little too caring for his liking. He was a man now! He could go out on his own without their permission! And as long as he paid the maids and butlers to say nothing and give him a ride...
    He got as close to the action as he possibly could. Deep, midnight blue eyes watching the ring eagerly. He was a tad....a lot early, but who cares! Only meant a better view and maybe even watching the performers warm up a little!

    Nanami sighed as she looked out at the ring. A few people were there, but she didn't mind much. Right now there were a few other acts on stage, knife throwers, etc. Nanami smiled and she pushed asside the curtain, the lights from the house hitting her face just right. Letting her shoulders stretch, she twitched her wings slightly, flexing her hands as she headed for the ring that was hanging from the ceiling. Gesturing to the guy in the booth, they started dropping the silks. Climbing up into the ring, Nanami hummed to herself, hanging from the hoop easily. Her blood was rushing to her head but she really didn't care. As she hung upside down she waved at someone who was in the crowd. A handsome someone that looked a lot like someone she knew, but it was too far to tell. Maybe he would be her victem tonight.
    Sitting back up on the ring, she looked around her, sitting on the ring that was as high as the big top. Grabbing a silk, Nanami wrapped it around her leg, leaning back and stretching out her back.

    The young man was in complete awe at the first glance of the show he was getting. The skill of the throwers and animal tamers, but what really caught his eye was a young woman with...angel wings?! Wow! That wasn't something you saw every day, such pure beauty! He highly doubted it could be fake, despite what critics had told him. She had to have come from heaven.
    Not only was she beautiful but talented too. His attention was pulled away from the other acts to watch her skilfully work with the silk scarves with nothing but absolute grace.
    He stood up and leaned on the edge of the railing to get a better view of it. Applauding whenever she pulled a death defying stunt or something that it seemed no human could ever do. And this was merely a warm up too, he could hardly wait for what was to come later tonight. Maybe after the show he could get some autographs too.
    "Bravo madmoiselle ange!" he called out to her excitedly. His French accent delicate but unmistakable.
  2. Nanami was taking a relaxing break after just finishing her warm ups. With her feet firmly planted on the ground, her head turned towards the noise, and her eyes went wide. Standing there, almost like a shining beacon, was Ignis. He looked a little different than the last time she saw him, significantly less pale, and way more human. Letting the silks flow around her as she turned, Nanami had to keep herself from leaping straight over the barrier and into his arms. Letting go of the cloths, Nanami started walking briskly towards the man sitting on the edge of the crowd. Grabbing the gate, she easily lept over it, landing gracefully on the other side and nose to nose with him. "What is your name." She demanded, hope and happiness gleaming in her red eyes as she looked at him.
  3. "OH!" He let out a little squeak of shock as the gorgeous woman was suddenly right in front of his face. He felt his face burning, most likely turning the same shade as her stunning eyes. "Ma nom madame?" He looked away with a shy little giggle. "My name is Ignatius. Why do you ask though, you look so...." His smile was wide and rather goofy looking. "Well, you look like you are glowing."
  4. Nanami looked at him, and she practically melted back into the fence. "Ignis?" She asked wearily, her eyes gleaming. "It can't be true. Cher?" She said, speaking what little French she did know. It looked almost like him. His dusty brown hair, and innocent dark eyes. "What on earth... how are you even here?" She asked him, her hand coming up to cares his face.
  5. "Ignis? Haha, oddly I never get called that all too much." His face deepening further in color and burning from embarrassment, he'd never been THIS close to a woman before. Well...any woman other than his mother. He was a tad confused though. First she asks his name, then starts speaking to him like she's known him before. Had he ever met her before though? With her looks it would be impossible to forget her. "I'm sorry mademoiselle, I don't believe we've met before, or at least don't remember it. And, I think I would remember a very pretty lady such as yourself. Although you do look rather familiar."
  6. Nanami could feel the disappointment weigh down on her shoulders. He looked exactly like Ignis. Maybe he was. He did say he had thought she was familiar. Waving a hand, Nanami sighed. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." She said, gazing back towards the stage. She doubted he knew how to do illusions anymore, and he certainly couldn't lift anything up without touching it. He had lost those horns she loved so dearly, but at the same time she didn't have to deal with the whole fire thing. "I am assuming you aren't afraid of fire then." She said gently, shaking her head of short white hair. "Mmmm, never mind. Sorry for, misinterpreting who you were. I'll leave you be now." She said, turning around and starting to walk away.
  7. "Sorry if I'm not who you thought I was miss...I hope I didn't break your heart too much." He frowned slightly. " for fire. I'm definitely not fond of it at all, one bad burn when I was young and now I'd prefer to avoid the stuff." He chuckled. "I'm fine with something like a camp fire or flames on a stove, but anything out of containment makes my stomach churn." Scratching the back of his head he leaned against the railing. Watching her walk away with a saddened sigh.
  8. Looking back at Ignis, Nanami gave him a gentle smile. She looked saddened, mostly because she was, but he did deserve at the least a little something for her troubling him. It was itching at the back of her mind. "Nanami. Call me Nanami." She said gently, the jewels from her outfit glittering in the lights. She could hear her name being called from backstage. "Enjoy the show Monsieur Ignis. And please don't be afraid to ask me anything." She added, ducking behind the stage.
  9. "Nanami? A name almost as beautiful as the woman it belongs to." He smiled sheepishly. In his excitement and moment of feeling so flustered he stood up and waved as she disappeared. "Thank you so much! I'll definitely keep that in mind mon cheri! Er.....I mean Nanami! Nanami." He hid his face in embarrassment. If only he could pull a disappearing act, but he had to see the actual show. Not just warmups. Definitely after that though and into the mirror maze, nobody would be able to find him in there for a while.
  10. Nanami grinned out at Ignis, her cheeks flushing a light pink color. "No problem, Mon Cheri." She jokingly said back, going backstage once again. Her cheeks burned. "Could it really be him?" She thought to herself, before shaking it off, she had to focus. Not too much longer, the Ring Leader emphasized that the tent was opening. Going outside, Nanami proceeded to greet a lot of the newcomers and children, letting them touch her wings and mess with them.
  11. Ignis didn't even bother sitting in his seat as the tent opened and the show began. It got him may rude gestures and words and a few smacks but the boy was completely struck. He leaned against the railing with the most content and dreamy look on his face. Watching the circus members begin to strut out into the ring as the ringmaster headed to the center of the stage to get things started. More specifically the gorgeous angel Nanami. He just had to see her before heading off to disappear into the maze! His heart just demanded it. Even if he had to stand there all night he swore he'd at least get a glimpse of her again.
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  12. Nanami came out as one of the last acts. She let her arms raise towards the crowd, showing off. Gemstones glittered by her eyes, and she grinned at Ignis, giving off a wink before she grabbed the silks. She knew the two songs she had lined up that night, and then a trapeze even with a few others. She just had to get through her silks first. The lighting changed, lots of blues and a single white spotlight on Nanami. Drawing her face back, Nanami set out to start her first set.
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  13. Finally! She was the last act, but well worth the wait. As her first part started the young man lost all sense of what was around him, purely focusing on her. She was so hypnotizingly beautiful. He felt his heart melting at the movements and the song and....and... He sniffled, suddenly feeling his heart sink and a warm stream of tears flowing down his face. What in the? Why was he crying? Sure it was moving, but he didn't even know her, only met her a few moments ago. But why didn't it feel like that? why did it instead feel like an eternity?
    She looked so....why did she looks so familiar? He couldn't explain it. Images flashed before his eyes of her and....a lilac field? or small cottage? No.... both, she was smiling so brightly. He hair longer and braided. And the look in her eyes....oooooh. It felt so real and made his heart ache in a way he couldn't explain, he just.
    A loud sobbing escaped Ignis. His eyes red and cheeks wet with tears as the ring came back into focus. Quickly covering his mouth he darted out of the tent. To the seclusion of that odd maze to gather himself again and fix his mess of a face.
  14. Nanami finished her set by landing on the ground quite gracefully. She was going to do an encore, but her eyes caught a flash of light. Ignis had left. Motioning for them to kill the lights, Nanami darted off stage, and back into the backstage. "Nanami! Get your ass back out there!" The ringmaster called. "Sorry sir, but this is more important than the show." She said, her wings expanding with a snap as she launched herself forwards and out of the tent. She came in just in time to see Ignis duck into the mirror maze. "Great, not this place again." She mumbled. She had been avoiding it since he had left her. It hurt too much to see the place that she had offered up going out on a date with him all those years ago. Knocking lightly on one of the mirrors, Nanami walked in slowly. "Monsieur?" She asked gently, turning a corner. She already knew the maze like the back of her hand.
  15. "Un moment mademoiselle..." Ignis spoke rapidly as he rushed to wipe the tear stains from his face. Making his sleeves filthy with the makup he used to cover up the scars on the right side of his face. He was trying to hide the pained expression from what he'd seen and felt but in this place it was a fruitless attempt. His face was reflected ten, no, twenty times. Surrounding him with the reminder of the mess he was right now. "I ahem. I'm not feeling too well at the moment. Sorry I ran out in the middle of your performance...I didn't mean to I just. Ugh... my chest is a little tight you know?"
  16. Nanami looked down at Ignis, and she crouched a small ways away from him. Her face soon joined his in the mirrors. "I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Are you sure your alright? The hall of mirrors isn't the best place to hide from things." She added, smiling softly. "The ringmaster will cover for me. It will be fine. What's more important is that your alright." She said, placing a gentle but rough hand on his shoulder. Her fingers were strong, but carried a gentle touch as she placed it on his shoulder. She let her hand come up to wipe some of the leftover stains. "If you want I can let you calm down in my trailer for a while while I finish my show." She offered up, letting her hand fall from his face. "I wouldn't want one of the only people to watch me practice to miss the whole show feeling miserable.
  17. "I've noticed." That small giggle returned as he looked around at the many copies of their faces. "That's good to hear. I was so worried that my quick departure messed up your act...oh, and I'm fine. It was only a spell of something. I've gotten them before a few times but, never quite to that degree. It made me panic a bit and my heart acted up for the first time in quite a while." He slicked back his hair as he turned to face her.
    "Thank you so much, I would love to take you up on that kind offer. That sounds far more comfortable than this place, and a bit less like being stared down." He smiled sweetly. His expression change to that of an idea suddenly hitting. "Oh! Mademoiselle Nanami, you may want this before you go out again." He dug through his pockets for a fancy handkerchief to hand her. "You've probably got some stuff on your hands from my face." He motioned to his sleeve stained with tan. "Wouldn't want you getting your beautiful outfit dirty. It's the least I can do at the moment for offering me a place to relax for a while."
  18. Nanami smiled gently and she pushed back her hair. "You know, sometimes people say they are visions from a past life. Or at the least that is what I like to think." she said, her mind hopeful that it was her he was seeing. Taking the cloth he offered her, Nanami smiled and shook her head. "You keep it. It looks quite fancy and to be honest, if I put it on my face you probably wouldn't even be able to tell." She mumbled, smiling brightly at him. "You can probably see it up close, but my makeup has to be really heavy or else you can barely see my eyes in the spotlight." she added.

    Gesturing for Ignis to follow her, Nanami lead the way out of the maze and towards the trailers. It looked like the ringleader was stalling the people for now, but the others were still out looking for her. "Crap, I have to finish my act or I won't hear it for the next few centuries." She said. It appeared exaggerated, but she was completely serious. She had seen the world through all walks of life, it would be no different going on. Pushing open the door, Nanami allowed him to walk in. Since Ignis had left, she had stayed in the same trailer. It was very different though. The floor had been carpeted in a dark red, and the walls had silks hanging from them. It seemed a little more cluttered now, but at the same time it suited her. "Make yourself at home. I must run to finish my show." She said, blowing a kiss with a wink before shutting the door behind her.
  19. "Who knows, it is the first time that's happened to me and I've been kind of sensitive to the stranger things since I was young." That bright happy laugh returned to him. He dusted himself off as they stood up. "No no, it's to wipe off your hands. I don't want you to get make up from my face on your outfit if any got on your hands. I use a rather thick makeup too. Probably thicker than yours, but as you can probably see up close mine's not to highlight two gems. Although I don't think you need it at all, they shine bright enough on their own." He blushed, catching himself getting lost in them.

    "You'd better hurry then. Wouldn't want to rob the audience of such a spectacular performance!" He cautiously walked inside. It felt so cozy and warm. One look around and he was already starting to feel better. "And thank you again Miss Nanami, you are far too kind. Best of luck out there to you!" He rocked back and forth like a shy child as she winked at him. Even after she left it took him a moment to snap out of the stupor. Not wanting to be rude he barely even looked at her stuff as he got comfortable. Cleaning off his shirt and face as best he could, grabbing a glass of water and settling down on the couch. It wasn't long before the young man was curled up and fast asleep.
  20. Nanami was quick to go back to her performance. She used a cloth backstage to wipe off her hands before going on to perform her second and third routine

    Finally finishing her act, Nanami bowed, letting the rest of the performers come onto the stage. They bowed and thanked the crowd, before leaving to backstage. Nanami, however, did not stick around. She went straight back to her trailer in costume. Pushing open the door, she noticed her guest was fast asleep on her couch. Smiling gently, she brought out a thick blanket and laid it over him, walking into her bedroom and peeling off her outfit easily. She changed into a nice comfortable pair of shorts, and was in the middle of picking out a good shirt.
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