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  1. So, hi! I could pretend I'm new here, but... nah. Who even remembers me anyway? I haven't been here since... what? August of '15?

    Anyway, I'm Baaaack! Greetings to everyone! Since a few of my old roleplay partners have also disappeared by now, would anyone be interested in a roleplay?

    Random stuff about me:
    - I'm a total grammar freak. Even though I mess up All. The. Freaking. Time.
    - I also waaay overuse euphemisms1. If you don't like it, then dang, why frick are you even still reading this spit?
    - Say no to smut! Icky icky smut.
    - I have no experience with relationships irl, so any romance rp you see from me is purely idealistic and not realistic.
    - Yes, you CAN safely infer from the previous two statements that I am not attractive2 irl. So?
    - I love Pokemon. Always have, always will.

    1. Euphemisms

    -Schist, shoot, shitake, shih-tzu, spit, ship, sit, skit, shot, shut, crap, poop
    -Frick, freak, frig, flip, flake, flunk, funk, suck, flick, forget (not fudge)
    -Dang (not darn. Darn & fudge sound way too euphemistic), wow
    -Beach, witch, she-puppy, jerk
    Other spontaneous words may be used to replace foul language.

    2. Not attractive

    I suppose there's potential that someone might possibly find me attractive, but my lack of confidence paradoxically takes away any reasons why I'd be confident.

    Here, I'll help you agree with my opinion of me.
    Short (4'11) (or, con, "midget")Chubby appearance
    Redhead (or, con, "ginger")25 (overweight) BMI
    Intelligent (or, con, know-it-all)35% (obese) body fat percentage
    Doesn't do drugs or tobacco (guess that's con too on this site)Frequent stress-related breakouts
    Pro-life (also a con here, I guess)Terrible irl and online personality
     Socially awkward
    When it comes to irl, homophobic
    ^LDS^ (aka "evil bigot" here)
     Generally a jerk
     Entirely sedentary
     Nerd, weaboo, white, etc etc
    Get the general idea?
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  2. Welcome Back Home
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