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    _____Kaycee sat in the same spot as the previous leader, in the chair at the end of the long table in the conference room. She was reclined back with her legs propped up on the table, her ankles crossed and an air of nonchalance displayed. It had been a long couple of days to say the least. The previous leader of the Ko'or gang recently fell victim to an oh so tragic death after getting too cocky and while this meant the Ko'or gang was going to be infiltrated under normal circumstances, the Ko'or gang remained independent. Who knows for how long though.

    _____The ex-informant sighed and ran a hand through her cherry red locks, her hat being grasped in the hand currently dangling at her side. After the little incident involving their psychotic oaf of a leader killing off their treasurer because of spending restrictions, most of everyone who held an actual status got demoted due to splurging, placing one of the highest ranking members among the grunts and simpletons. After that had happened, Kaycee went off on her own and didn't really do any contributing to the gang, which pissed off the old Ko'or gang leader immensely.

    _____Even though rumors say it was Kaycee herself who had killed off the leader, his death was a complete accident and could have been avoided if the man would have just listened and didn't assume he knew everything there was to know about the edges of crumbling buildings. There was no second-in-command, the psychotic oaf done killed him off, and since she held the third highest rank, Kaycee was pulled back into gang politics.

    _____The room was slowly filling up with the members of the Ko'or gang, most were just delinquents who thought they owned the world while some were nothing more than junkies looking for a fix, and none of them looked too please to see the redhead again. Nobody really held a grudge with her for allegedly killing off the leader seeing as he was psychotic bastard who used everyone as pawns and killed them off when he saw fit. Nope. Hardly anyone liked Kaycee because of her emotionless, cold-hearted, apathetic demeanor. Some say she was no better than the old leader. It wasn't her place to disagree with them.

    _____Those who couldn't find a seat stood around. Most weren't even paying attention and were holding conversations among themselves. Not that Kaycee minded, it was surprising this many came at all. Ko-or was one of the bigger gangs and had control over the city. Even this many didn't make up a forth of the gang's members. In this day and age, it was the gangs job to ensure the safety of the civilians and to make sure there was enough food and water to go around. But they weren't the best gang to be under the control of. Instead of taking care of the civilians they plundered them.

    _____If Kaycee hadn't of grown up in this kind of life she wouldn't even have bothered to settle things.

    _____"If I my have your attention please." She spoke in monotones, her voice soft and airy, fluttering around the room and mostly receiving jeers, eye rolls, and a few snide comments. Kaycee really didn't have the patients for this. She sighed and stood up, annoyance flickering in her dark eyes. "Just shut up and pay attention so this can get done quicker. The rival gangs" - because God forbid if they had any allies - "will not hesitate to pick you off one by one. They will storm in and either kill you or sentence you to exile. Myself included." She looked around the room, no one all too happy about being lectured but at least she seemed to have their attention now.
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  2. The man was rough looking, his face covered in faded scars and wrinkles from age, his long white hair was tied back in a pony tail and his old blue eyes sunken into his face. Fay of course was used to her customers being of young and old age, so this wasn't unusual for her. She could feel his eagerness to get out of there, just like his eagerness to use the product, that was all Fay was to him of course, a pretty product to use and be done with, it wasn't passionate, it was a business, a business that Fay didn't like but she accepted just like she accepted her part in it.

    She gave the old man a kind smile as he gave her the money, this was her third customer of the day. Normally she would have had a few more, but she had a meeting to attend to. She searched through her closet for something a little more appropriate to put on, a beautiful white dress that had a low cut v-neck and flowed just below her knees that shown beautifully against her tanned olive skin with some red high heels that made her a few inches taller then her average 5'5".

    Fay knew she was beautiful, she was an actual diamond not only in her rank but in the eyes of her customer and acquaintances. With long wavy dark brown hair that flowed and moved beautifully down her shoulders and large breast, big deep brown eyes, and full lips she was gorgeous and that proved to help her with her business quiet often. Surprisingly she had not found love with her soft personality and her pretty looks, instead she only found heartbreak and disappointment.

    Fay grabbed a black denim jacket and headed out the door towards the large building in which the meetings for the gang were held. It wasn't that long of a walk and she was there within a few minutes, but she still found herself late for the beginning of the meeting. She walked in, her hair bouncing and framing her long oval shaped face and her heels clicking against the hard floor beneath her. She quietly took her seat and listened to one of the high ranked girls of the gang.
  3. The medical wing was not exactly the best looking facility, truth be told it looked like the underground version of something from an old war movie. The walls were bare cement, heavily stained in places from substances no longer recognizable, each "room" seperated from the next by a sheet just as stained as the walls. However, it was also evident that someone had gone through great pains to make the place as clean and comfortable as possible. Each of the twenty beds that were not in use were neating made up in starched white, with a thicker blanket folded at the foot of the bed. At the moment there were only two beds occupied, one by a runner who had her foot in a cast and propped up on a small pile of pillows, the other was taken by a Techy who was running a high fever with chills and a splitting headache. The only other person was a medic, a tall, broad shouldered, imposing girl of twenty. To Zoe the medic bay was her kingdom and anyone who entered was subject to her rules.

    Aright maybe not entirely true but, there was a certain leeway applied when you were the head medic. Atleast it had been so at first, with their last leader, towards the end everyone had to keep theri head down and there had been more than one occation when Zoe would have to hide patients until their ex-leader forgot about them and they did not have to worry about having their throats slashed in their sleep. At the moment Zoe was sitting at a small table going over a couple sheets of paper, a frown splitting her face as she tried to decided what was most needed in way of supplies. This is often what she found herself doing when not treating someone or engaging in one of her other activities.

    "Ah the master at work will her highness see me." Came a joking voice from the entrance of the infirmary.
    "Max, if you reopened the cut on your shoulder I will amputate it." Zoe replied in a flat tone glancing up from her work with a raised eyebrow. However the look that she affixed her old friend with was anything but, threatening.
    "No, I've been a good boy, no fights or anything so fun." Came Max's reply with a light chuckle walking over to sit on the table that Zoe was working at. "I just came to see if you were going to head over anytime soon." He said making sure to carefully emphasize his words. Anyone else would have thought that he was talking about the meeting or something of that nature. In truth he was refering to a small orphanage on the very edge of Ko'or territory, the building bumping right up against Thai Sem land. A dangerous place indeed, especially with all the excitement recently. But, even that reson is not what made it very dangerous, no it was the fact that for the past several months Zoe had been sneaking supplies into that building, treating the orphans, as well as just about anyone who made it through the door.
    "No, no I have to go to the meeting, if Kaycee is serious about being the leader I have to have a talk about getting more supplies. We are running way to low for my comfort." She said with a heavy sigh. Giving Max a light punch as he rolled his eyes and let out a pained sigh. But, without further comment the two headed for the conference room. They were on the earlier side so Zoe managed to get a sight at the table but, Max, being the stubborn fighter that he was stood towards the back of the room. As the meeting started she was very interested to see how Kaycee would handle herself in this nest of snakes. The only thing she could hope for is that their next leader would be more level headed and see the sense in stocking up on more supplies.
  4. _____A couple more stragglers entered the room and once they were seated or found a spot to stand, Kaycee continued. "Lets get something straight, I am not the leader nor am I aspiring to be. Circumstances calls for rank to be implemented once more, leaving me to tend to this disaster you call a gang by default. 166,670 members makes us the second largest gang next to Titan. Counting civilians our populace totals out to 500,110, seventy-two point five percent being infected. While Titan can use their size as a strength, Ko'or is in no shape to defend itself."

    _____"Where are you going this this?" one the gang members piped up.

    _____Kaycee bit back a growl of annoyance and calmly faced the heckler. "Ko'or is simply too big and unmanageable at this in time due to its lawlessness. If anything is to get done, laws will be laid down." The whole room burst out into a fit of laughter. Rules for the Ko'or gang? As if! They rather run around like idiotic monkeys than actually be disciplined and run this gang correctly. No matter. The redhead turned and walked up to the wall behind her. Gathering flames at her finger tips, she wordlessly carved three simple words into the peeling wall paper; Death or Exile. Ever so slowly, the room relapsed into silence. "Enforcers will be expected to do their job and do their job well. Once the money is back under control and there is enough to go around again, everyone will turn to being paid what they were before the treasurer got killed off."

    _____"That's assuming we don't drop you for a new gang," one of the enforcers quipped. "I hear the Dahakas will accept a month's supply of rations as an entry fee."

    _____"If a Ko'or were to approach their boarders, previous or current, they will be shot dead. Thanks to the crazy bastard of a leader we had, we do not have the best reputation." Not to mention, if it were that easy she would have left ages ago. She straightened the hat on her head and looked to everyone else. "Anyone willing to try it though, be my guest. Not like I care either way." Murmurs filled the room and Kaycee proceeded onward. "Face it, we are completely and utterly alone right now and I do not see that changing anytime soon. The surrounding gangs rather see us dead, we have no communication to speak of between the 166,670 Ko'or members, and if any gang were to launch an attack, it would be like shooting fish in a barrow."
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  5. The fall of the Ko'or gang's previous leader, a man of almost unparalleled idiocy, had been a long time coming. In the wake of his death, it only made sense that someone else would step in and make some attempt to reorganize. This was to be expected, and even encouraged, assuming the girl had any success. She was young, but she had the eyes of someone much older. She was powerful and probably much smarter than the usual scum that comprised Ko'or's ranks gave her credit for. She was... intriguing.

    For the mysterious Slinger known to most only as Visage, changes in power were nothing new. Men and women of all stripes had taken up the position and every time, they rose too fast and found out just how far they had to fall. Sometimes their deaths were natural, but more often they were killed by the machinations of lower-ranking members or other bosses. One such victim was Boniface Fontaine, a Frenchman who began his career as a Spade and used his ability to subtly manipulate desires to work his way to the top. It was his face that Visage wore to Kaycee's meeting.

    Dressed in a finely tailored suit and wearing his thick, black hair in a ponytail, Fontaine took up a place at the back of the room, leaning casually against the wall. He lit a cigarette and took a long drag, letting the smoke curl slowly upwards from his mouth. A thin, wry smile played on his lips as some of the newer members noticed him and began to whisper amongst themselves. Fontaine had been dead for quite some time and yet here he stood, clearly still alive. His face was always good for shock value in Ko'or territory, but tonight he had been chosen for a different reason.

    Many years before, Boniface Fontaine had done a better job than most pulling the gang together. His command had looked practically inspirational compared to what most of the 166,670 members of the Ko'or gang had grown used to and Visage still regretted killing him. But a contract was a contract and the pay had been good. If nothing else, perhaps the support of someone wearing Fontaine's face would be good for Kaycee's cause. That was why he was here tonight and not one of the Slinger's other faces. Other victims.

    When the girl began to speak, Fontaine feigned interest. He was hardly listening, as gang politics rarely affected him, but he knew he could use an ally at the top and Kaycee seemed as good an option as any. If she fell like all the others, he could just find another candidate. That was how this worked. It was an endless cycle.

    Finally something caught his attention. Kaycee mentioned the threat of a rival gang attack and Fontaine spoke. His sultry voice, affected with a slight French accent, carried surprisingly well through the crowded room. "And they will attack. Soon, no doubt." He tossed his cigarette on the floor, stubbing it out with his foot. "Ko'or is recovering and everyone knows it. We're just a big fucking target until we organize." Slowly, he worked his way towards the front of the room, pushing aside the fresh, young members of the gang. "What's your plan if they do hit us first?"
  6. _____Kaycee turned towards the new voice. If she was surprised by who she saw she didn't show it. Pushing accusations aside, she mulled over the Slinger's words. When the previous leader first fell, she gave the gang twenty-four hours before another gang made its move. Two days have past and yet, all was still. It honestly worried her. Before she looked back at 'Fontaine', she had cleared her eyes of all emotion and bluntly answered, "I do not have one." Of course she had a plan. What Informant didn't have a plan and a backup and a backup for the backups? Informants were tricky little pests in that aspect. Any good Informant knew how to keep two steps ahead. The room erupted into protests and Kaycee turn towards them. Once they saw she was going to speak once more, they quieted down but couldn't keep the glare out of their eyes.

    _____"Though, I am most worried about the Thai Sem. They are the closest to us and the most liable to attack. There are four other gangs that line our boarders that are probably cause for worry as well." She snuck a glance at those who were paying attention and nearly smirked. She plopped back down in the chair at the end of the table and propped up her feet. "I do believe that concludes the meeting. Carry on. Oh, wait. Fey, I would like you to stay behind as well as Zoe and Max." Her eyes swept the room and she sighed inwardly. Of course Conner wouldn't be here. He was never where he was suppose to be! And to think she only came back because he wouldn't stop bothering her about it! Can't be helped now that the meeting is over and all. "The Slinger can stay behind as well," she added as an after thought.
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  7. If Zoe had been taking a drink when Kaycee had said she had no plans on becoming leader Zoe would have sprayed the entire table with water out of pure surprise. As it was she only just managed to keep herself from letting out a snort, instead choosing just to raise one eyebrow in question. However as Kaycee continued to speak Zoe expression changed back to a neutral blank mask. Those that wanted to become leader, to hold power over this disorginized gang of misfits often were the ones that should not be given power. Not to mention the mortality rate for those in the position was exceedingly high. However when Kaycee said that laws would need to be layed down Zoe just looked down at the table with a heavy sigh. In the medical ward she had gotten away with laying down a few unspoken laws however people seemed much more willing to listen when it meant saving their own necks.

    With the room erupted into fits of laughter at the very prospect of order Zoe would have been surprised if Kaycee managed to get the group back under control. Aparently today was one of those just full of surprises. The red head was engaged in a staring contest with a nest of snakes and actually seemed to be holding her own. For a while Zoe just looked at the words that she had just carved on the wall, an effective threat although she had a feelign that it was now more of a promise.

    At the mention of what would happen if they approached one of the other gang's borders she couldn't help a sliver of a grim smile cross her lips. She had spent months coming much to close to the Thai Sem line then was comfortable. When Kaycee said that she did not have a plan for dealing with the boardering gangs Zoe could not help the bit of doubt that crept into her mind. Prehaps Kaycee did not have a plan, or prehaps she just was not willing to share it yet.

    When the meeting was called to a end Max moved in close behind Zoe, bending in close to whisper something in her ear, however, as they were both called out to stay behind her simply said in a low voice.
    "Later." Hopefully there would be a later. Although she just hoped it was some small check about something or another Zoe was suspicous as to why Kaycee had also told Max to stay behind. He was just a low fighter, a non-infected injured one at that, but in any case they were going to find out soon enough. Sitting back in her chair Zoe fixed Kaycee with a measured stare, waiting for her to say something and unwilling to let her own thoughts show on her face.
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