Reluctant Protector (Need female)

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  1. It's the not too distant future, vampires and werewolves are now known as subspecies. but the world has become a dangerous place for human beings to live in. Other creatures as well as rouge vampires and werewolves are running around as well as crime has increased as well. So the humans have come up with a deal with both werewolves and vampires that are civilized, to be come protectors. Each human when the reach the age of 18 gets matched up with a werewolf or vampire of the opposite gender.The main character is a female of age, and she gets matched up with a reluctant vampire...
  2. I am very much intrigued!
  3. I'd like to try this, if you're still looking!
  4. I am interested in this.
  5. This looks awesome.
  6. Interested!
  7. Interested if you somehow still don't have someone xD
  8. I'm interested, never seen something like this before and it looks amazing!
  9. I would like to RP with u so pm me
  10. Sorry guys I have been busy but wow didn't think i would get this many replies to the rp idea.
  11. Whoa, it sounds interesting~
    still looking~? ^ㅅ^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.