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  1. So, going to try this out. Who wants to debate religion with me? Any religion will go, I will gladly listen to your arguments to why your religion is the true religion and if you note that you want me to fire back with a response, I will gladly tear the argument apart in a meticulous, cold manner. Please don't get your feelings hurt. This should just be a fun, simple debate about something almost everyone has an opinion on.
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  2. Nope, not gonna try proving anything about any religion as I am a devoted atheist. :p

    I don't really have anything against religious people and everyone can believe whatever they want but the way I see it, religions are just an excuse for humans to slaughter each other. But hey, I'm just a moron with a stupid opinion. \(°▼•)/
  3. Well, it was a good thread while it lasted.
  4. Well, I know people are going to become stupid and post matters of why this shouldn't be on iwaku and what not, and I tell those people, report the page and move on.

    Asmodeus. What exactly is that? I have not heard of it, though, I shall commence research immediately and I recommend you to argue your views to me.

    Finhawk, I agree in full, I too am an atheist. I have nothing against religious people, just against religion itself and of course, I love to hear arguments. Unless they are like that Joshua Feuerstein's arguments. Utter stupidity.
  5. ~Braces herself as curiosity takes hold~

    Buddhism? what are you views on Buddhism. Really its through family culture that I am even Buddhist but I do practice some of the religion, as we will call it for the purposes of this thread. While I have no real way of explaining Buddhism to you, I am too curious to see what and an atheists perspective.

    and also how do you feel about the Tao Te Ching? I'm not sure it is a religion as much as it is a philosophy but still I am interested to see what you think.

    I promise not to get upset or take anything you say personally and fully respect the views you are about to share.
  6. It's a catch-all for Tarot, Alchemy, Shamanism, Astrology, Wicca and Kaballah. It throws them all together in a big Egyptian pot and promises personal magic and cosmic unity.

    Naturally, I use these ideas as justification to behead people, oppress women and spit on the grave of Robin Williams.
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  7. I go to a private roman catholic high school and as such..

    I condemn god and all his angels.

    No, But I've had religion shoved down my throat for 10+ years so I have drawn away from the religion. Actually I believe in the possibly of a god though I believe in re birth and multiple gods..
  8. Buddhism, well, oddly enough, I was going to point out that philosophical views do not count as religion to me, but I dismissed it.

    In earnest I view the Buddhist belief to be in a sense, harmless. They are not so much religious as they are philosophical, and Buddha is not a god, but rather the dead leader of the philosophical code. At least, to my beliefs. Like, per say, evolution. Darwin is not a god in the evolutionist's mind, just a leader, someone to follow. A guide I suppose would be the best available term for explaining him. Of course, I take that view to Buddhism as well. I myself practice some Buddhist believes, including meditation, but I do not identify as a Buddhist because it seems odd to identify yourself with a philosophical belief system.

    Tao Te Ching, hm, never heard of it, though, with some quick research, I can tell you what I see it as. Oh, never-mind. Taoism.

    Taoism, to me is an amazing philosophical guide, I too hope to become immortal, though, whilst still living so I do enjoy their code of beliefs just a tad bit more than I would most other philosophical beliefs. I enjoy the system of order -Yin & Yang- and I adore the way of Wu Wei. Which is to always act non-strained even if you are struggling. Harmony is something I personally hope to find in the near future, despite several problems in my life, including cancer, so, Taoism is quite the belief system to follow for me I suppose. Now, there are damaging aspects of it being a religion, since they are generally atheistic in belief. No deity. Both those beliefs are harmless in my eyes.
  9. Hm, such a view seems, odd, damaged even. Flawed maybe. There has never been a true recollection of magical abilities as far as I've searched. -I used to adamantly follow pagan beliefs back in high school. It's a secret, don't tell anyone.- So, the personal magic part of it, well, it isn't something I'd ever follow, in fact, I'd recommend attempting those magics and learning if they actually have any real carry. Most claims like those have no actual weight to them, which, honestly, is expected.

    Cosmic unity? As if. Next thing I know someone is going to ask me about Thermos-Dynamics or something. The universe is not orderly. It is utterly chaotic and spontaneous, as far as we can see at least. The universe is random, it will always be random because there is no possible way for any one being to interpret it fully, and no one could ever honestly claim otherwise.
  10. Catholicism, yuck. Luckily I wont have to argue that Yahweh is a fallacy as you don't follow him. Multiple deities, are these deities personal, meaning only you follow them, or are they part of a religion, like Hinduism? I have to ask so I know if I am dealing with a delusional mind, an occult, or an actual religion, there are different ways to argue with each.
  11. I say I'm Agnostic Buddhist, with more focus on biofeedback (specifically Kuji-in and Qi-gong, so... mind-body therapy) versus traversing the religion on a spiritual level, since I believe if you are going to approach Buddhism with the intent of bringing it into your life in that regards, you have to have a very high level of commitment throughout, which is something I am not ready for at the moment.

    To me Buddhism has yet to become more than a feather's brush of guidance in my life, so I cannot speak for the devout Buddhist, however I will say that although nirvana may be a safe way of living, it is not the key to happiness. I see nirvana as more of a means of mood stabilization, of balance and homeostasis within ones mind.

    So in other words, boring AF :P
  12. Okay then...

    We'll just all fuck off and die now, I guess.
  13. "Yuck, Catholicism" doesn't seem like much of a friendly debate to me. Or a debate at all, really.
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  14. Hm, an interesting belief indeed, flawed among Buddhist communion however, considering well, Buddhists are naturally either agnostic or atheistic due to the lack of a deity in their texts. Though, flawed, it's still much better to be Buddhist than per say, actually religious because well, religion is flawed further than any one mind could fully grasp, the contradictions and now the argument of, "Interpretation," should show that it is indeed a fallacy that should have been disregarded long ago but of course, when one is taught something since childhood, they are bound to become lost in their views.
  15. I believe that Jack Black used a time machine to travel back to the dawn of time and masturbated into the primordial soup.
  16. Also, threads like this only work if you bother to research the religions you're bashing. Protip.
  17. Well Fauna, your input is appreciated, like I stated earlier, if you have problems with the page, please report it and refrain from posting, it saves me the time of having to explain something that should be common sense.

    Asmodeus, well, I wouldn't suggest that as much as I would suggest reviewing your beliefs.
  18. Woah, I think I discovered the answer to life, thank you Tegan. Also, I have yet to bash a religion, and those of which I would bash I have researched extensively. Please, read through the posts and tell me why you think me to be, "Bashing," any religion, though, send it to me via PM. I don't wish to clog this debate with complaints, which it probably will be clogged with regardless.
  19. You want me to review my beliefs after saying that a religion (which you had not previously heard of) sounds a bit silly?

    No thanks. I'm good.
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