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Discussion in 'BUILDING WORLDS' started by Arcadia, Jul 4, 2015.

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    In most civilised societies, there is a form of religion for those of the society to pray to, such as Christianity, Judaism and Shinto. Each will be predominantly monotheistic, meaning having only one god, or pantheistic, having many. Using the template below, you can design your very own religion, whether it be for a modern fantasy, or for a high fantasy realm roaming roleplay for your characters to worship!

    Religion Name:
    Monotheistic or Pantheistic:
    Religious Symbol: [Example; The Cross in Christianity]
    Method of Worship: [Example; Using religious items (Rosary beads), or going to a church]
    Name Of Worshipped God(s):
    Values of Worshipped God(s): [Such as God of Nature/ God of Love]