Religion and Roleplay!

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  1. Since some people might be craving a more serious roleplay related topic, I bring you something that can be as subtle as a spring breeze or as IN YOUR FACE as a typhoon!

    Religion, in a roleplay can have HUGE impact on your plot, world, and characters depending on how it's incorporated. Even if you are playing a Fantasy roleplay, the religion of the world and it's characters will guide how people behave. Here's some examples:

    - Imagine a world where it's the Church that governs society, how does that affect the people that live there?

    - What happens when a Government goes to war with a Religion?

    - How does a character's religion (or lack there of) dictate the choices they make?

    So, with religion in mind... here are some questions for you to answer!

    Have you ever played a character that had really strong religious beliefs? Who are they! How did those beliefs affect who they are?

    What roleplays have you participated in that had the STRONGEST religious ties/theme? What roleplays had the most subtle hints (but there all the same and important!)?

    Have you played in a roleplay that had a unique or really awesome spin on religion that didn't fall in to the normal stereotypes?

    How creative do you get when creating GODS for your roleplays? What is your favorite example?

    If you designed your own religion for a roleplay, what would it be like?

    Answer mine questions.... if you can!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.