Relicare: The Thief in the Night

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  1. [OOC]​

    rel·ic·are ['reliker]

    1. In-Character: a user of relics from the Earlier Time with historical or sentimental value.​

    From Common Tongue "relic", an object from before Earlier Time, and Ancient Tongues "deplicare", to unfold or explain.


    All through out history great wizards have risen and fell, the most famous of them being Merlin the Trickster, but no matter their fame, or lack thereof, they all left behind relics of their power. Since the passing of the Early Time this world hasn't been graced with a wizard, but any mortal with enough magical spark can wield one of these relics. These people have been coined the Relicares. With the rise of the new era Relicares have risen in numbers.

    The year is now 2016 C.T. but with new years come new problems. For the small country of Wen Kroy, this presents itself as a rise in relic thefts, but with a population of 19.80 million, the police force can't keep up with the demand for justice. Frustrated and fed up with the lack of action and results, the students of Sneeuq College decide to take matters into their own hands and go after the thieves themselves. Unfortunately for them, they don't know just how deep this goes.


    Wen Kroy is a fictional country that is highly inspired by New York, from the name being written backwards to the population, but that doesn't mean it's actually New York. I want the feel of Wen Kroy to be like modern day Earth but with a little touch that reminds everyone that they may be on Earth, but not the Earth we're familiar with. For example, Wen Kroy is not a free country but a monarchy with non-binary ruler. Instead of he/him/him/himself or she/her/hers/herself, the Crown prefers e/em/ems/themself.

    The latest fashion trends range from putting a modern spin on old styles to styles that are completely gender ambiguous to support the non-binary Crown. In the way of culinary delights, Wen Kroy is known for it's garlic mustard and nutmeg hotdogs, thin crust pizzas, chicken and waffles, pastrami on rye, potato knishes, and Tso Chicken, a dark meat chicken that is battered, deep-fried and coated in a sugary-sweet, rich garlic hoisin sauce, speckled with hot chilli peppers and sesame. What truly makes Wen Kroy stand out however, is it's law against privately owned vehicles across the land, leaving the general public completely reliant on bikes and public transportation. Cell phones are rarely seen and when they are, they're mostly no more advanced than a flip phone. Portable music players are currently all the rage as music technology has seen little to no restrictions by the Crown.

    This will be open to 5-7 players :)[/url]
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  2. Are you just looking for general ideas or for somebody to help develop a roleplay?
  3. Should have clarified this is for a group roleplay, huh xD Yes I'm looking for general plot ideas for this Roleplay :)
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  4. This reminds me a LOT of a chaRP I did WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back. The general gist was to use these artifacts (it was amulets then but here it would be the relics) in a sort of 'race'. Maybe they can combine certain relics to make a great relic that gives you... something. Or maybe the Relicares are trying to fight against some evil monster thing.

    Gosh I'm usually better at idea-ing..
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  5. There's always the standard 'the leading group in charge of study/care of Relics is being usurped/corrupted from within because one of the higher-ups found a Relic they really shouldn't have and either got possessed or decided to go on a power trip'. This one of course would heavily involve relicare people and it might be hard to justify non-relicares being in

    An alternative could be the standard 'backwards village in the middle of nowhere holds kid that stumbles upon ubar powerful relic and because of it is dragged away into an unfamiliar world/city of politics and relicares and plots and backstabbings'.

    A slightly less standard one could be 'relics and/or relicares are starting to go missing and task force is assigned to find out who is doing it and why', which of course opens up a myriad of possibilities for both motive and culprit.
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  6. -puts on thinking cap-
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  7. I will put in some ideas when I think of them. My brain is fried right now and also preoccupied with all the chores I need to do. o.o
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  8. Okay, so maybe going off of one of @Blighted-Agent ideas, I might make it so that there's been a rise in relic thefts (ironically enough, stealing relics is actually one of the main ways to obtain one) only to come to find out a terrorist cell is using them to build a weapon to launch against the government (a modern day hierarchy perhaps?).
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  9. Modern day plot is a must. We have enough "old fantasy relic" RPs anyway.

    I can definitely see some sort of plot involving baddies. A terrorist cell seeking to take over the world sounds awesome.~
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  10. I kind of want to keep this a small group, maybe between five or seven characters, so this would be heavily character driven. I'm just not sure how I would pull this off as a Roleplay though o.o Maybe a bunch of college students decide to take matters into their own hands and investigate what they thought were a bunch of petty thefts (possibly one that a loved one had been on the wrong end of) and end up biting off more they can chew (some how I see this following the latest X-Men movie; persons of power get captured (in this case the relics), the kids try to save them and after a wild romp through the enemey's base ends up succeeding but with consequences, the enemy becomes ridiculously powerful, and then the final showdown which starts of bleak before ending with a bang x))
  11. Are the college kids going to be Relicares?
  12. Yeah, that's kind of the point of the RP :P Though they don't necessarily have to be college kids. I just think this would be easier to do if the characters either had a common background to connect them to various degrees or knew each other somehow.
  13. Yeah, I figured as much.

    A college background will probably be easiest, yes. Maybe for the start, they follow some guy who stole some relics, come across the baddie's hideout and get their hands on some relics. Fearing that they'll be suspected of being the thieves (or simply not knowing where to return them), they decide to take matters into their own hands, underestimating the severity of the situation because of how easily they got into the hideout the first time (or something like that).
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  14. Alright, so now I got my plot in order this is now a somewhat better Interest Check ^.^ Up for discussion while I work on the OOC: Culture of Wen Kroy :3
  15. Can I call dibs on a spot for this RP plz???

    Anything you need/want regarding characters? Will you be deciding the relics that everybody gets, or can we come up with them so long as they meet your rules? Can we get characters that are NOT relicares? How long (both irl and in-RP) do you estimate it will last? Will you require cooperation or will you be the sole GM? Will you accept entries only for the kids' group, or will you also accept for antagonists or other important but not-centric characters?
  16. Not sure honestly o.o

    You can come up with them on your own of course :)

    Maybe I'll allow one character to be non-Relicare. Just keep in mind I'm only allowing one character per player.

    Depends on you guys. This will be mostly character driven.

    You mean like a co-GM? I don't know. But I do like it when my players pitch in with thoughts and ideas :)

    I'll probably allow you guys to have NPCs and stuff to full out the world a bit more. Otherwise any character outside of the group would probably be role-playing by themself o.o
  17. Profile finished, here's hoping enough people hop on.
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