Relatively Long-term M/M RP Partner Wanted

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  1. Hey, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to partake in a moderately long-term m/m original character rp! Smut isn't required, but I would prefer if you used proper grammar(i.e., punctuation, capitalization, no abbreviations).

    I'll be able to reply often, and I tend to pack a lot of detail into my posts. I don't mind anything as long as it isn't too angsty/bloody/gory, and I like drama--as long as it's fixable. Message me or reply to this thread if you're interested! These are some rps I had in mind:

    -Avatar(TLA/LOK) with a firebender and a bender/non-bender

    -Prince and servant/someone of lower class/a knight

    -A gypsy man from a traveling caravan/a villager from a small town

    -HTTYD au with the two meeting in an unexpected circumstance (having dragons isn't a requirement)

    -Android with a human/other android

    -Monster hunter and a merman/vampire/werewolf/demon, etc.
  2. Hi, if this is still open, I'd be happy to roleplay with you! Perhaps the android and human/other android, or monster hunter and merman, as I've been itching to play a merman or android. I'd even be interested in prince and servant/knight/lower class.
  3. I'm interested in HTTYD and the Avatar AU c:
  4. Ah, lovely, someone who is concerned about grammar! I would be interested in playing any of the top three RPs with you.
  5. I'd greatly enjoy something involving a prince. ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.