Relationships between Gangs

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  1. Relationships between Gangs
    Romance l Comedy l Slice of life l Drama l Modern l Gang violence

    -Romeo X Juliet inspired idea-

    The daughter of the leader (and sister of second in command) of one gang starts a romance between the other gangs leader’s son (second in command) though instead of just that going on, it starts romance between others in the gangs whether separate gangs or in the same gang. However, neither of that it allowed and must be done in secret. Friendships also begin to develop between the gangs which are obviously not allowed either.

    *Don’t worry everyone will be a main character even if they are not the second in commands or the daughter. Everyone will be a main character and get to know each other.

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    Role: Daughter of gang leader that starts all the relationships between the gangs.​

    Lisa Nakamura was heading home from a long day of her senior year of high school, letting out a sigh about finally being done the last day of school though that also didn’t mean it was the best thing either. At least at school she got away from the way her family was. See, her family was a part of a gang, the Nakamura Gang. Her father was the leader and her older brother was second in command. She had lost her mother when she was very young so there wasn’t really anyone to stop what her two boys in life were doing. Though that didn’t mean her family was the only one in the gang and they weren’t the only gang either. That was what made things even worse.

    There was another gang, a rival gang and her father’s gang and that gang always fought whenever they saw each other, they couldn’t seem to stand each other. Lisa on the other hand didn’t want to be any part of this feud with the gangs. School usually prevented that but now she had vacation and she knew that she most likely wouldn’t be able to get out of what was to come especially since she was graduating and wouldn’t be able to go back to high school again. There was no way her father would let her stay busy at college, most likely he would make her work for the gang. She had a feeling she was going to get roped into some kind of large mess.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Takamaru was sitting in a quaint little coffee shop. It was one of the few places he could escape his father and the Ryotesei gang. He sat there drinking his coffee and hanging out on his laptop. He wondered how his mother was able to put up with this.

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    Lisa decided to make a stop, knowing the she was going to be put through a lot once she was home she really didn't feel like heading straight there. She slipped into a nearby coffee shop and headed for the counter. She asked for a muffin and a cup of coffee then took a seat down at a table there. She wasn't all that hungry but she wanted to take the time in the peacefulness of the place just relax. Though, she had no idea that an important member of the rival gang was sitting just a few tables away and drinking a coffee as well. She preferred not to get into any of the rivalry but she knew that she was already considering people knew about her and who she was.
  4. Takamaru looked up when he heard the door open. What he saw shocked him as he saw the daughter of the rival gang walk in. After she sat down he decided to introduce himself. He got up and walked over to her. "surprised to see you here."
  5. Lisa looked up to hear someone talking to her, realizing that the face looked familiar. It was the rival gang leader's son who she had heard about. Her older brother really hated the guy, he talked about it all the time. She stared for a moment, listening the what he had said. "It's a coffee shop, anyone can come in." She replied to him a little jokingly. She really didn't want to get in the mess of the gang stuff. She raised up her hands, "I'm just here to waste some time, not do anything to you. I'm not into this whole gang rivalry thing anyway."
  6. Takamaru laughed a little bit. "Trust me I want out of it just as much." He took a seat across the table from her. "To be honest with you I'm here for the same reason. It's the only place I could find to get away."
  7. That was surprising, she didn't expect him wanting to get out of it all. She gave him a smile, "Really? I would love to be able to go to college now that I'm graduating but I'm pretty sure my father isn't going to let me with this gang stuff going on." She told him after he took a seat. She pulled off a piece of her large muffin and ate it. "This place does seem pretty nice to be able to use as a sanctuary from everything going on out there. Just the other day, an innocent bystander got shot in the leg during a shoot out between the two gangs."
  8. "I heard about that. I actually went to the hospital to drop off a gift." He took a sip of his coffee. "College would be a nice get away. I'm trying to get my paramedic certification, so I can make a difference." That's when he noticed two guys outside with the ryotesei gang tattoo. They entered the coffee shop and made there way to there table. "Look what we found the princess of the nakamura gang." Takamaru stood up and stepped in front of the goons. "She is my guest, so you will leave her alone or I will end you." They laughed a for a second "kid were part of the ryotes..." Takamaru cut them off. "I know what gang your part of and you must be new to not know who I am, so I'll introduce myself. My name is takamaru ryotesei. So I suggest that you leave before I let my father know." They froze up after hear his name. "It's the bosses kid, let's get out of here. Your father will hear of this." They ran off. Takamaru sat back down knowing full well he was going to have consequences later. "I'm sorry about that"
  9. Liza was about to get up, reading to fight the guys then make a run for it. She always had to deal with situations where members of the rival gang bugged her. But then, Takamura started to talk back to them, telling them to get lost and they did. It caused a smile to come over her face. "No, it's okay. It's not your fault at all but thank you for getting them away." She replied to him, then looked over at the time. She knew her father was going to get upset if she was gone for too long. Mostly end up sending a search party or maybe even blaming the Ryotesei gang. "I should get going soon. I wouldn't want my father coming after me and causing problems for you."
  10. Takamaru nodded. "I understand I'm going to have to answer to my father about what happened here today. If you want to ill be here tomorrow if you want to meet up." He stood up and held out his hand.
  11. Lisa gave him another smile, then took hold of his hand. "Sure, I'll come by tomorrow then." She had said, she got herself up out of the seat then let go of his hand. "See you tomorrow then, Takamura." She took the rest of her coffee and muffin to go then headed out of the shop with a wave to him. She made her way back to her house where when she had gotten home she was pestered about where she was. Of course, she didn't tell her family about meeting Takamura, that would be a bad choice to do. Though, Lisa couldn't wait to see him again.
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    Leo could never understand his sister. She was so...nice. So forgiving. So not into the whole gang-killing-rival stuff. Not into the revenge that ate Leo hungrily like he was a sandwich. So when she came home, he was well aware she was late. And definitely told his dad. The little sister in trouble was almost as much entertainment as the gang fights. Almost. "Where were you? What were you doing? Why are you late?" She wasn't able to give an answer to their father fast enough. Leo tutted, and she didn't say much. "Should have gotten me a muffin, I'm starving," not really getting his priorities straight. There was no point in bugging her like his father thought. He might as well go to his room. "Got a long day tomorrow, no doubt," he muttered under his breath.
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    Lisa wasn't fond with how much her father and older brother were pestering her about where she was, though she knew from the start this was going to happen. However, it would be nice if they had given her time to at least talk to them. She looked over at her brother with a pout, "Go get your own muffin." She replied back, "I was trying to enjoy my evening since it was the last day of school but you two can't seem to let me do that. I'm just trying to live my life and I didn't know that meant that you two have to absolutely everything in it." She was just frustrated that they were questioning so much like they couldn't trust her as a person. She wasn't going to do anything wrong that could harm herself. She sighed, "I'm going to bed because I'll be going out tomorrow too and you two are not going to stop me." It was obvious that their father wasn't happy but Lisa wasn't going to deal with that that night, she had just finished high school that day and she wanted to relax, waiting for the next day to come so that she could go to the coffee shop again and talk with Takamura.
  14. Leo shrugged, moving upstairs. He could hear their dad screaming at her. He tried not to laugh as he went up the stairs and she stormed past him. He'd managed to get both of them mad, and he classed that as a good day. He opened the door to his bedroom, the door furthest to the right. His room was fairly large and looked normal: bed, drawers, a desk with a pin board behind it. At first glance, it was average. At a closer glance, the pin board was full of maps and pictures of people he'd kill on sight. Leo had never killed anyone. He was always too hesitant. He hated that. He'd think before he shot in a fatal area. He'd always shoot somewhere that wasn't dangerous. Before he wanted to be in the gang, he'd wanted to be a doctor. But then his mum died, and no doctor saved her. But these particular people he'd kill, no hesitating. On his desk sat his gun, a little too out in the open. He was left handed, and so always carried his gun left handed. Next to the gun sat a phone. Anyone who called him got saved onto it. "Oh, sure, I won't stop you," he grinned. He was going to follow her. Or at least try. He told her in a yell, since he was in his room. He shut the door to it, and flopped down onto the bed with a sigh. It wasn't a comfortable bed. That kept him awake. Leo didn't sleep much. When he did sleep, it was always lightly. He could hear everything.
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  15. Lisa took the chance to slip into her room and get ready for bed, falling asleep with, surprisingly, thoughts of Takamura in her mind. She had woken up with the sunlight bursting through her window. She got herself changed, trying to find something that would look good on her and impress Takamura. She really wanted him to like her. Once she had gotten that down, she went down the stairs and out of the house, shouting to her family, "I'm eating breakfast out today." She then left and headed back towards the coffee shop that Takamura said they could meet up together at, a smile on her face, feeling excitement to be able to see him again. Upon reaching it, she entered the coffee shop and took the seat she was at the previous day and waited for Takamura to arrive.
  16. He could hear her across the landing and dragged himself up, stuffing his clothes on. "Can I come?" he shouted, before hearing the door slam. "I suppose not." He shuffled out of the room. "Dad, I'm gonna, I dunno. I'm gonna go round town. Some stuff I need anyways." He knocked on his dad's door, but no reply. He wasn't still asleep? Leo shrugged. It was easy to make an excuse, and get Lisa into more trouble. Leo was the favourite more often than not. He would be, he did exactly as his dad told him. He was wearing a black hoodie and trousers with black converse. In his left pocket (which had zips) rested his gun. His hood was up. He wasn't getting noticed too easily.
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  17. Takamaru made his way out of the coffee shop and to his own house. His father was waiting for him him with his arms crossed. "Would you like to explain to me what happened today." Takamaru looked at his father. "I was hanging out with a girl and your goons started harassing her." His father had a look of annoyance on his face. "That's not what I heard, I heard you were hanging out with the nakamura gangs princess." Takamaru glared at his father, "so what if I was, you wanted me to find a girl and sure enough I found one. The only reason you care is because its your rivals daughter." Takamaru began walking away. "Where do you think your going?" Takamaru sighed, "I'm going to sleep. Goodnight father." He made his way up stairs to his room where he picked the door behind him. His gun and hosted were hung behind the door, but he was supposed to take it with him everywhere. He plopped down on his bed, almost immediately falling asleep. He kept dreaming of Lisa. The next morning he woke up and began getting dressed. He looked at his holster and decided to bring it. He put the holster on and put on a black blazer jacket over. "I'm heading out I'll be back later." No one probably heard him cause they were probably still asleep. He made his way to the coffee shop where Lisa was waiting for him. "Hope I didn't keep you waiting?"
  18. By the time Leo was outside, his sister was nowhere to be seen. Suited him. He decided the best place to go was to the supermarket. Food was always good. Thinking about food always made him hungry. And they were out of cereal. Might as well help out the house with nothing to do. He decided that Lisa was too boring to spend his time on.
  19. Fujiko was picking out her tub of ice cream when a random stranger came to her and asked for her name. A bit startled, she stared at him for a while as fear suddenly coursed through her veins. She didn't like the look of this guy, especially his cirlcle of friends. They look like bad guys which greatly scares the daylight out of her "Uhm..depends on who's asking.. c-can you please excuse me? I'm just.. uhm.. here to pick some ice cream"

    Its quite normal for Fujiko to be asked out by random men but she's still not used to it. Just what do they see in her that she can't? All she got is a sweet and innocent face, an average body and a pale skin. What's so beautiful in that? She just can't understand why men are attracted to her. True that she's sweet and innocent but can't she just have a day without someone asking her out or her number? She's not really used to theses type of guys and she's starting to get uncomfortable.

    "P-Please excuse me.." she stuttered, holding the tub of ice cream closer to her body.

    "What's the rush, sweet-face? Why don't you hang out with us for a moment? Let's have some fun!" the strange guy said clutching her hand as the rest of the men crowded her, trapping her.

    Fujiko started to panick, not sure of what to do or what to say. These guys are rather intimidating and she don't know how to protect herself. Why can't people see that these guys are bothering her? They're in the supermarket for goodness sakes! People should get suspicious around these boys.

    "p-please.. let me go.." she requested, squirming a little and trying to pull her hand back out of the man's grasps.
  20. Leo narrowed his eyes as he noticed a group of his dad's guys gathering round something. What was so interested in a supermarket? It was the freezer aisle, not the alcohol. He moved in closer. "Hey," he raised his voice. Some of the guys recognised it and backed off. It wasn't Leo's dad that scared them. More often, it was Leo. "Excuse me, move out the bloody way before I make you," he growled. Something interesting as they made it out to be he wanted to see. Sighing, he took out his gun and pressed it on the guy in front of him's back. "Move. Now." The guy did as he was told.

    It was a girl. "Alright, this is ridiculous. Really ridiculous. Get out before I have to make you. And, by the way, all grounded. If I see any of you for the next three days I'll shoot you on sight, get it?" Leo loved scaring people with pranks. But this was immoral even on his standards. The man holding her let go. Leo tucked the gun into his pocket nonchalantly, as if he'd done nothing. "Idiots," he muttered under his breath, turning to go, surprised that his dad allowed them to run wild, or maybe he just didn't know. Leo was going to make changes when he was first in command. Big changes.
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