Relationship Booboos

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  1. I'm a high school student. As such, I have ample opportunity to observe silly, sad, and sometimes downright pathetic excuses for relationships and the things that make them self-destruct.

    There are little things that I see that just make me sure that they won't function well together in the long run. Some of these might be my own interpretations but I've been right so far.

    The major one I've seen has to do with, can you guess, money. When it becomes a system of loan/payment, I just don't see it working. When the girl asks the guy for a few dollars to buy something to eat for lunch and he asks her when she'll pay him back? That seems ridiculous and hardly right to me.

    So, are there any relationship faux pas that make some of you shake your heads?
  2. When a dude's female friends are sending you hate text messages and saying that he should be with THEM, and he just laughs about it... it's time to fleeeee!
  3. When guys can't ask girls out the right way for sure. I mean seriously face to face and be creative! No third party systems that is LAME.

    That and just about everything else that guys do wrong. (Yours included Kitti)

    Di those girls are jerkfaces. I mean like seriously grow up. And if a guy just laughs about it I agree time to flee. He won't fix anything.
  4. "I don't see why not. I feel safe with you." Kunari smile gently.