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  1. The game is simple. Say a word/phrase, and its connection to the last word said. Make sure it is obvious what your word/phrase is.

    Example (open)
    Starting Word: Grape
    Poster 1: is a Fruit
    Poster 2: that tastes Sweet
    Poster 3: like my Girlfriend

    The starting word is President Obama.
  2. Leader of a country
  3. terrible society
  4. studied by Sociologists
  5. who study all things social
  6. like cheerleaders
  7. and mascots
  8. who wear silly outfits
  9. just like clowns
  10. which are scary
  11. just like a well done horror movie.
  12. which you watch on a date with your hot girlfriend
  13. and then for fall for the horror movie trap and have mad sex.
  14. which one shouldn't have in public
  15. unless if it's the behind the bushes at the park
  16. where you might find children
  17. which spawn from both the pits of hell and heaven.
  18. which are both examples of a location
  19. Which can't be seen on a map.
  20. which is used by an adventurer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.