Rekindling Interest

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  1. Quinn Kimberly

    I sigh in relief as she accepts my number and agrees to call whenever she ever feels the precipice of another panic attack approaching. Honestly, I completely understand that Carrie is a strong woman. She's one of the strongest I've ever met. However, there's no weakness in admitting that you need others, in admitting that you might not be able to handle something on your own. I suppose I can't blame her though--Lord knows I thought the same way. But I'm gradually starting to realize how faulty and self-destructive of a mindset that is.

    "Thank you," I say lowly. Flashing Carrie one last exhausted smile, I give her hand a squeeze and step out of the hospital room. It doesn't go to say that it's easy, as it feels like I'm a lonely little magnet trying to pull away from the most powerful magnet in existence. It's much to leave her than I expect. A part of me is unsettled by how raw and unknown this emotion is, but an even bigger part basks in the fact that I finally have someone to care about so much.

    But still, in the end, Carrie's right.

    She's strong and can handle anything.

    As I head off, my advances are cut short by the same doctor who attempted to separate me from my sister. I slice him with a withering glare. "What."

    He winces a bit from the look, but attempts to right himself and adjusts his glasses. A clipboard is in his hands once again, which instantly sets off alarm bells in my head. "I-I was just about to head in and go over some paperwork with you and your...?"


    "Aunt. Yes, right. Well, either way, could you perhaps spare a moment to talk?" My mouth is already prepping to turn him down, but he continues, "It's just some of that information you gave us is a"

    I pale.

    "...Miss Harvey?"

    My insides hollow out. I slowly pivot away from him...

    His hand stretches out to my shoulder.

    "Miss Har--!!"


    I leave nothing but a ringing in his ears and the paperwork a fluttering mess in the hall.
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  3. Amadeus


    Amadeus was set back by the sudden grin plastered upon her demeanor. If Amadeus didn't know any better, which he most certainly did, he would have assumed that she nearly lacked real excitement. No no, she was excited, truly, she was happy. But Amadeus was certain it wasn't the happiness he had known. It wasn't the happiness someone had gotten when they met a friend or acquaintance. Amadeus saw her excitement as the mischievous relief one gets when a plan is set into motion. This shouldn't have surprised Amadeus, but then again, it made him question his decision. Surely, he could drop out. And yet...and yet...

    He had sold his soul off, didn't he? Oh, poor Amadeus dear. Oh well. I suppose anything that happens to me doesn't really mean anything in the scheme of things. I should want to live the way I have been, surviving, instinctually I should be declining a threatening proposition. Does this mean I am really screwed up? If I don't care anymore? Goodness...Well. Oh well. That truly doesn't upset me anymore. Which I fear madly. I want to fear my possible death. I want to know that insanity an animal experiences when cornered. I want to feel it horribly. Why don't I feel it?

    His thoughts were broken as he felt her skin against his. "Wickie?" He asked uncertainly, before his stormy eyes flickered over to reveal Shilia. Okay. Not Wick. He bit his lip and apologized promptly "Sorry. I was out of it there for a moment." He dare not remove his arm from hers, for he wished to be polite. How could he decline walking with this lady?

    SHE'S SACRIFICING ME GODDAMN IT! why should I decline? foolish. S h e i s g o i n g t o s a c r i f i c e m e.

    His face paled and expression flooded away into an empty demeanor. His thoughts could scream at him all that they pleased. He was learning not to listen to them anyway.

    "I shall be pleased to meet him as well." He replied without emotion present against his tongue. He knew that was a lie. He had never much pleasure doing anything anymore, meeting the man who was supposed to grant him a hellish gift was going to be no different.
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  5. "She's worried."
  6. “I don’t remember talking to you.” Alena look at Lucius with disdain then back at Anya, “ I have a long trip coming up so this is your only window of time.”

    Runes appeared all over the room, glowing red for a second before it faded, “Mother, you don’t have to be rude.” Anya mumble.

    “He’s the reason you can’t stand up for yourself, don’t mumble to yourself girl.” Alena roll her eyes, “Alex said you would be feeling lonely and maybe a little lost.”
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