Reincarnation Wars : Wars Of Emergence

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  1. It's modern day. No magic. No wizards, dragons, or space ships that can go to alien planets. But. . . we are one world in an infinite paradox of realities. We our normal people in this normal world. . .but we aren't like the others on Earth. We have been born from many previous souls. Some of us were great wizards and wielders of incredible magics. Some of us fought with light sabers and knew the ways of the Force. Some yet still navigated the stars in Mass effect Drives or traversed space, the final frontier with the marvel of Warp Drive.

    A reclusive Mister Goodeman has offered us millions of dollars, just for attending a dinner party and waiting for another gift, given by him as soon we reach the front door. Of course there will be gourmet master pieces as well. He will inform us of our past lives. . . and unlock all of our powers. Though we will not be at our full strength, we will, of course, be a force to be reckoned with.

    Rules for Character Creation :

    Character Sheet:
    Sex: (Not yes please! Anyone who says yes please will be changed into a newt and not get better!)
    Souls: (Up to Six, these are your reincarnations and can be from across any mediums!)

    No one of planet breaking level or higher. No characters like Black Alice, who can absorb any power permanently, any and all power, at all. Characters like Shang Tsung, and Sylar from Mortal Kombat and Heroes are okay. Heroes absorbers can only deal with Sci Fi/Mutagen type stuff. MK stuff is kind of limited. to nearby power levels.

    Jonathon Reginald Connors
    Name: Jonathon Reginald Connors
    Age: 25 years old
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Author/College Student

    Guan Yu ((Shenist/Buddhist Deity))
    Palpatine ((Star Wars))
    Annatar ((Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion)) "AKA Sauron"
    Solinari ((Dragon Lance))
    Zeus ((Greek Mythology))
    Odin ((Scandinavian Mythology))
  2. You say Nobody of 'planet busting' level, and yet you pick Annatar. a Maia, One of the spirits who helped shape the world. Anyway, No Planet Breaking. I have a few ideas.

    Name: Alexander Gladstone
    Age: 22
    Sex: A male Newt. (I WILL GET BETTER!)
    University Student (Biotechnology)
    Fenrir (Norse Mythology)
    Nytharlotep (Lovecraftian)
    Kaos (Prattchet)
    Fate (Not sure where this would come from.)
    Fafnir (Norse)

  3. What's Kaos? ? ? ?

    Fenrir. . . Well? Maybe. Maaybe. Nyralathotep? Maybe? Kaos? What's Kaos?
    Fate. . . Uh. . . . Sounds powerful. . . Maaaybe?
    Fafnir? Make up your mind, if you have Fafnir, you can't have Fenrir. . . I may be lenient on this one since fairy tales and mythology aren't one hundred percent the same, but Odin is in the myth of Siegfried, or so I thought.
  4. Kaos is the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, He left before they got famous.
    Fenrir is the child of Loki. Odin is the child of Siegfried. and?
    Nytharlotep, can't blow the world up, sure given a few months and enough prep time he could cause it to fall. but thats another story.
    Fate, sounds powerful, but then again so does Saruman, or Zeus, the son of Kronos. IE time itself.
    Whats wrong with having two creatures from the same Mythology stuck together? one's a dragon, one's a wolf. I could just take Anclagon or one of his kin
  5. Well, they are alive at the same time. That's why. . .
  6. Fafnir was killed before fenrir was born actually.
  7. There. That's fine. :D
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