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  1. The idea is that angels and demons die as well and are reincarnated as humans but they have 'powers/abilities' whereas normal people don't and then determining how they lived their new lives admits them to heaven or hell respectively and are reborn as angels/ demons and the cycle starts all over again. this idea formed in my head after listening to motionless in white's song reincarnate, i have no plans on keeping this i just wanted to put the idea out there for those interested the first one to join will get to be game master/ dungeon master/ rp master etc.
  2. Oooh I actually really like this :3
  3. I'm interested, the idea seems really nice
  4. Well as stated above I have no wish in keeping the idea so anyone can claim it as their own but I will watch it to so how it goes kinda like how god does
  5. Do we have to take this over the way it is or can we apply little changes and add details for the sake of realism? I love the idea. Really do. And I would be happy to start such a rp.
  6. add to it as you see fit i just want to watch the stories unfold
  7. Uhmm.. may I open it in a different thread then, of course crediting you as the original creator?
  8. yeah go ahead
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.