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  1. Reincarnate academy is a school that accepts only the reincarnations of gods. It also works as a boarding house where all students spend their years of education on everything a god could possibly need to know to go about their not so regular lives.

    The school consists of four sections:
    East wing: girls dormitories
    West wing: boys dormitories
    Front wing: function area
    Back wing: education facilities

    Every dorm houses two, therefore everyone has a room mate.

    Classes consist of:

    History (splits Into different mythology qroups)
    Literature (learning various languages)
    Modern studies (learning about modern life in different realms)
    Special abilities (teaches students to use their abilities)
    Recreational (arts, study, sport expect.)

    Taken gods:

    天照大神 (Amaterasu-no-Mikami)








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  2. The rooms at reincarnate academy were rather spacious and were designed to house a maximum of two students with optimal comfort and style. In all it wasn't overly different to what Loki had grown accustomed to during his life in Asguard. His room in the Asguardian citadel was larger than even this room in all it's splendour, but he had still for some reason or another had to share that one as well. He never really understood why, there were more than enough space to live separately. At the very least in Asguard he was sharing his living quarters with someone more or less familiar, even if his room mate had been incredibly insufferable at least they weren't strangers. This room mate had been none other than Thor, god of thunder and so on and so forth. The guy everyone loved despite him being a gigantic oaf.

    Loki sighed and shut his book, placing it down on his new singular bed. As much as his brother was an annoyance, at least he had the good wit to sense his mood to determine whether or not it would be wise to disturb him. As it seemed Thor had at least a smidgen of respect for Loki's differences. Alas, as it seemed he wouldn't be given such a luxury here. He'd have live with some stranger for god knows how long. It was disgusting to consider. Loki found himself despising Thor as he sat there. Of course, the allfather's favourite son had not been forced to go reside in midguard amongst strangers, no, just he. Loki Odinson, no, Loki Laufeyson, the Joutunn monster. He scowled in distaste as he stood and exited the room, his hand in his pocket tracing circles over the smooth surface of an unopened envelope. It was from Frigga, the woman who claimed to be his mother. The one person in the whole of Asguard he trusted. The traitor who had banished him to midguard without hesitation.

    He shook these thoughts away. Maybe a walk through the school would clear his head.
  3. The east wing. Aphrodite wasn't all that fond of the way it sounded. Then again, the west wing was too alliteration-y. And there were no rooms in the north or south wings, so she had to deal with it. She made her way to her room, and with quite a bit of struggle finally opened the door. Scowling, she thought, I can change my appearance with no effort, but I still can't work a damn key. The room was... Okay. There was no other way to describe it. It was decently sized, the closet was fine, the bed was fine, that was it. Everything was just... fine. She waved her hand and watched as her bags unpacked themselves, a spell that was particularly hard for her to master. As soon as the bed made itself she flopped onto it and stared at the ceiling.

    She knew she should probably go out and meet people, but she had no Idea where to start. She stood up and walked over to the mirror. "Hi I'm Aphrodite, I'm from Olympus and I love to draw. Oh also I'm supposed to be the physical incarnation of perfect beauty, but I decided I was too punk for that, lets grab lunch, haha!" She groaned and tried again, this time switching appearances to a blonde valley girl in a crop top, leggings and uggs. "Omg hi, like, I'm Aphrodite, and like, you'll never be as perfect as me!" Aphrodite switched again, this time to look like a bush. "Maybe I can survive as a bush for the rest of my life. Which is, you know, forever." And that where she sat, and would sit, until there was some reason why she couldn't be a bush anymore.
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  4. Even as a reincarnated goddess, Kore had been raised mainly on her own with her mother. She barely had any contact with the other gods for the most part so going to a school full of them, and of different countries and worlds was something she definitely was dreading.
    So many people would be around her, and chances were she wouldn't be able to escape and find a little corner for herself.

    Taking a deep breath Kore, or by her other name Persephone, walked through the hall of the East wing. It was quiet here now, but no doubt it would get busier in no time. Shifting the weight of the dufflebag on her shoulder she looked for the right door to enter. Oh hopefully she would at least be able to room with someone she could somehow relate to, like one of the people of the greek side. Then again, how great was the chance that she would happen to know that particular goddess at all...

    Persephone found the room she was to be staying in for this year, opened the door and... was staring at a bush? Dumbfounded she stared at the thing, or well, plant. Well plants weren't all that bad, she liked plants, it kinda had to do with her powers to begin with.
    The worried frown that had degraced her face soon faded as she placed her bag on the ground beside her and knelt down in front of the bush.
    "Hello there, who placed you here?"
    Persephone's hands started glowing as her magic kicked in and let the branches and leaves come to full growth and beauty. "There you go, isn't that pretty?"

    Over in the northern section of the school a tall woman on high heels strutted her way down the halls. Her chestnut brown waves bounced freely to the rhythm of the clicks of her heels that echoed against the walls.
    Her make up was perfectly set, and her outfit accented all the right curves while making her look incredibly slim at the same time.
    With a self indulged smile Ishtar passed various students that couldn't help but watch her as she went.
    Oh how she loved being the goddess of war, fertility, sexuality.

    Turning a corner Ishtar noticed a boy she hadn't seen before. Definitely not someone of her own religion. Dark features, pale skin, green eyes. Sure that was generic enough to even describe Hadad, but she was certain she wasn't familiar with this one.
    "Hi there." Ishtar said as she approached him with a sultry voice. It wasn't her intention to try and seduce him, or flirt, it just kind of... came naturally. Downside of the traits.
    "I don't think I know who you are. I'm Ishtar of Babylon. It's my pleasure." Putting up her most charming smile Ishtar tilted her head lightly to the side.
  5. Loki stopped in his tracks, thoughts interrupted by the appearance of a young woman in the corridor. He looked her up and down critically, as he did everyone when he met them. He had a strategic mind, so it was in his nature to pick apart his potential enemies and to Loki, that was everyone. Ishtar of Babylon, Loki had read into the histories of other religions before coming here so he knew the basics of who he was talking to. Ishtar the goddess of Fertility, love, sex, war, all that stuff. She had the potential to be dangerous.

    Loki ran a hand back through his hair with an air of detachment towards the other.

    "Greetings, Ishtar of Babylon" he began formally. He knew the others here would probably find his speech pattern odd, but after all he had been raised in Asguard. "I am Loki Odinson, of Asguard." He introduce himself with a slight smirk. "I know more than you may think of you're background, the question is do you me?"

    Loki had used his Asguardian identity in introducing himself, with good reason. Unless this person had an intimate knowledge of Asguardian history, they wouldn't know of his other identity and if he could keep that quiet it would work in his advantage. People respected Odin and his kingdom, people despised Laufey and all the rest of his race, including Loki.
  6. "HEY WHAT THE UNDERWORLD DUDE" Aphrodite yelled. "Gods Persephone buy a plant a drink before you start growin her everywhere" She reverted back to her normal form, picking a few flowers out of her hair.

    She walked back over to the bed and sat down, poofing a comb into her hand. She began to comb out the knots. She never really got to see Persephone, because she stayed in the underworld with Hades so much, so it was nice that they would get to spend time together. She wondered if Hades was here too. Zeus and Poseidon didn't understand him, that he was actually a pretty nice guy. Spending an eternity in the underworld, even being the ruler can get old really fast.
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  7. Zeus walks down the West wing's corridor, with his blags floating in front of him. He counts the room as he walked past them "101, 103, 104..." He mumbles. Until he reached his room - 107.
    He uses his key to unlock the door, noticing that someone's things are here already. He uses his wind ability to unpack his bags, before plopping down on his bed. "New school, New time, New people. What could go wrong?" He wondered aloud.
  8. Maya walks into her room and looks around room number 104. Seeing that no one has arrived yet she begins to make herself comfortable in her dorm. Placing her items on her bed she sighs and collapses on it. Loving the feel of the soft bed under her she closes her eyes for a second but then immediately opens them afraid that she will fall asleep.
    "You need to stay awake Maya!"
    Shaking her head she began to unpack her things.

  9. Bast walked down the long corridor of doors and room numbers, She silently read the door numbers as she continued to walk. "Oh please have a nice room mate." She says to herself now coming to room 104. Opening the door with her free hand she examines the room finally landing on a girl. "Well here goes nothing." Bast sat her bags on the empty bed and turned to face the unknown girl. "Hello there, i'm Bastet the goddess of cats, protection, and ect. You are?" Bast held out her hand for the girl to shake.
  10. Maya looked at the girl who had just introduced herself as Bast, not showing much of an expression on her face but jumping with joy for having such a nice room-mate in the inside she shook the girls hand.
    "Maya... Goddess of Illusions and Dreams..."
    After she finished shaking the girls hands she looked at the two beds and then back at Bast.
    "Do you mind if I took this bed...? I just choose the one on the left from the door just because. If you would rather have this bed I don't mind."
  11. "Sure you can take it, i'm not really picky on which bed I want." Bast started to unpack her things and put them into drawers and made her bed. She finally finished and opened a window that looks straight out into a garden of flowers, leaving the window open she rummage through her bag and took out a bag of cat food plus a bowl. She sat the bowl on the window sill and poured food into it nodding with a smile when she was done. She sat the things back in her bag and sat back on to her bed waing for Maya to finish unpacking, wanting to walk around the campus with her new friend.
  12. Maya blinked at the sight of her dorm mate pouring cat food into a bowl. Well... I guess it doesn't matter.... She shook her head and finished unpacking her things. Careful not to misplace anything, she went through her things agian making sure she had placed everything where it would need to be for her to remember and then turned to Bast still sitting there from before.
    "...... Have you finished packing.....?"
  13. "Yes, wanna go explore the campus together?" Bast stood up and walked towards the door tilting her head waiting for Maya to answer her question.
  14. Maya looked around the room and decided that she was finished and gave a small nod, picking up a small bag and sling it onto her shoulders Maya walked towards Bast.
    "...Yes, that sounds good."
    She gave a small smile and then exited the room waiting for Bast to lock the door and come out as well.
  15. Bast walked out of the room locking the door behind her and walked over to Maya's side now walking down the hallway. "Where should we visit first." Bast yawned and stretched obviously feeling sleepy but she always feels that way since she' know the cat goddess and all. She shook her head and woke herself up by getting excited over little things.
  16. Maya smiled to herself pointed at a random direction, "That way..........?"
    Not sure where to go, Maya looked at Bast with a hopeless expression.
  17. Bast sniffed the air smelling something delicious, instantly her stomach growled. "I think we should go this way." Bast says pointing to a corner where the smell was coming from. her stomach couldn't help but growl once more.
  18. Maya looked at the direction she was pointing at and nodded an okay, allowing Bast to lead. Maya stayed behind slightly. Looking at the decorations on the wall, she could see that this was no normal school. Bu of course she knew that from the start.
  19. Finally coming to a cafe Bast opened the door to be greeted by many alluring smells but one smell particular caught her attention, the smell of fish. "Would you mine waiting while I get fish." Bast was literally drooling wanting to eat the fish, I swear shes more of a cat then a human. Bast gave Maya puppy dog eyes while pouting sticking out her bottom lip.
  20. Maya looked around the cafe and smelt the deliciousness that was being kept inside. Looking down at Bast, the puppy eyes made Maya smile softly and give er the slightest nod of 'go-ahead-I-will-be-fine'. Sitting down on a chair she motioned with her hand for her to go ahead.
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