Reimaging #2

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  1. So, Did you ever think of making something new out of the old, The image of a characters changes all the time but the character is still there. This is the challenge friends, I want to see how creative and flexible you are. It is time to take a character and reimaged them. You can change the character as much as you like (to the point that there some kind of living rainbow ninja) but the character must still be there in the end. To get a idea take a look at Stan lee's (The immortal) Just Imagine... from 2001.


    The Flash, The fastest man alive! He has even surpassed superman in most comic universes in speed and agility. We all know who this characters is but he does have many secret identities from different people using the name. No matter, He is still a amazing character who just doesn't move quicker then lighting but thinks at that speed too.
    Name: The Flash (you can change name but at less one name should be the same)

    Secret Identity: Wally West, Jay Garrick, Bart Allen or Barry ( same thing for top, You can also us any other flash you no of)





    Titles: (The Red comet)



    Personality description:

    Abilities and Powers



    Family: (Optional)

    Friends: (Optional)

    Enemies: (Optional)