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    ♠ Reign ♠

    Since Mary, Queen of Scotland, was a child, the English wanted her country and her crown. She is sent to France to wed the next king; to save herself and her people — a bond that should protect her, but there are forces that conspire.. forces of darkness, forces of the heart. Long may she reign.

    « Well let's mix this up a little if you haven't seen the show read below »

    This roleplay will be based off the show Reign, Queen of Scotland is in the French court to wed Francis the eldest son of Queen Catherine and King Henry. Although not everything is that easy, people who lust for power will try to stop her. People who think harm will come to the prince will try stop her. Fate will try to stop her. We will have a list of the roles that are available, just your title you can make your character anyway you'd like whether they are married and have mistresses, or if they're loyal to their wife. Or you could be the queen's Ladies in waiting, there are many roles and all of them contribute significantly to the plot. The main plot will be someone trying to marry another and the forces that will mess with it.

    Rules -
    1. All Iwaku's Rules Apply
    2. Do not start until accepted
    3. No OOC in the IC
    4. No Mary Sue's
    5. No killing other players unless agreed upon
    6. Language is nada - Whore, is the most vulgar thing you can say.
    7. Sexual scenes are a no no unless you're both under 18 or both over 18 and take it to PM's.
    8. 3-5 lines per post.

  2. Mary Stuart
    The fair skinned young woman sat in the ornate carriage with her Ladies-in -Waiting. Nervousness bubbling in her stomach the closer they got to French court. She would see Francis for the first time in over ten years and this caused her to be fidgeting in her seat. 'What if he does not remember me? What if he does not approval of the way I look?' These thoughts continuously ran through her head as one of her ladies put a hand on her and she turned and looked at the young woman. The deep brown haired girl gave a gently smile to the fair skinned young woman. "Mary calm down its going to be alright." The young woman reassured her. "I apologize Lola." Mary responded kindly.

    Lady Lola
    The dark brown haired girl was staring out the window as the trees passed by but she could feel her queen fidgeting in the seat next to her. The girl turned her blue eyes to her and rested a hand atop of her fidgeting ones. "Mary calm down its going to be alright." She reassured Mary sweetly. "I apologize Lola." Lola smiled at her queen and best friend. "It is alright to be nervous Mary, I am as well." She kept her hand atop of Mary's and went back to looking out the window. A field of butterflies raging in her own stomach for the simple act of arriving at French Court.
  3. Kenna looked over from the other side of the carriage as Lola and Mary talked. Kenna smiled over at Mary "Mary, i am sure you have nothing to worry about" she told her queen reassuringly. She looked back out the window as they rode along, they would soon be approaching the French court and Kenna was excited to be arriving and to be here with her queen and best friends.
  4. Kastia Rose

    The slim women had been sitting in the carriage listening to Lola and Mary. "It's fine to be nervous, yes." She said as she smiled her rosy lips stretching across her pale freckled face. Strands of her hair fell into her face as she moved them back behind her ear. Hearing Kenna talking she looked over at her friend sitting by her, she was absolutely beautiful and Kastia envied her for it. Kastia continued to look out of the carriage as she decided not to talk, she was nervous as all else. Being courted was her one fear if a man wanted her and she turned him down there would be questions and rumors, she shook the thought out of her head. She smoothed out her dress which was very formal as she always wanted to make good first impressions. [​IMG] The dress was elegant, with the white accent she loved the looks of it. Her hair had two braids from each side into the middle of the back combining together to one braid.

    "Is that the castle?" Kastia spoke quietly as she looked out the window and pointed out. She played with her bracelets and her necklaces. Just one of her habits she always did when she was nervous. Her stomach was tied in knots as she looked at the castle approaching getting closer and closer. "I wonder if people will be waiting for us?" She said as she looked to the other girls and thought about Mary and how she would do anything to protect her. She reminisced in how she perfected her poison methods and was very zeal about protecting Mary by killing with a poison and the one signiture mark she left was the smell of roses.
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