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    ♠ Reign ♠

    Since Mary, Queen of Scotland, was a child, the English wanted her country and her crown. She is sent to France to wed the next king; to save herself and her people — a bond that should protect her, but there are forces that conspire.. forces of darkness, forces of the heart. Long may she reign.

    « Well let's mix this up a little if you haven't seen the show read below »

    This roleplay will be based off the show Reign, Queen of Scotland is in the French court to wed Francis the eldest son of Queen Catherine and King Henry. Although not everything is that easy, people who lust for power will try to stop her. People who think harm will come to the prince will try stop her. Fate will try to stop her. We will have a list of the roles that are available, just your title you can make your character anyway you'd like whether they are married and have mistresses, or if they're loyal to their wife. Or you could be the queen's Ladies in waiting, there are many roles and all of them contribute significantly to the plot. The main plot will be someone trying to marry another and the forces that will mess with it.

    ∞ Roles ∞

    King of -
    Queen of -
    Prince of -
    Princess of -
    Lady in waiting -
    Knight -
    Seer -
    Guard -
    Worker -
    Ghost -
    More if you ask.

    King of France, King's are just of France since it's taking place in the French court.
    Queen of, are you be wedding someone of the French Court?
    Prince of, are you a Prince of a country? Where are you from. What are you doing here.
    Princess of, are you a Princess of a country? Where are you from. What are you doing here.
    Lady in waiting, are you helping your Queen or Princess, huge role as you can do the dirty work if your Queen or Princess is corrupted or you could do dirty work yourself, or even just be looking for love.
    Knight, do you fight in battles and help protect the kingdom, not that big of a role.
    Seer, you see visions on the future and you can consult someone but beware some people would kill you for thinking you're devilish.
    Guard, do you protect the nobles and what secrets do you hear while you wait outside the rooms?
    Worker, do you fall in love with a Noble, what is your job?
    Ghost is someone who hides in the shadows and uses the passageways to get around and is very rarely seen but knows tons of information from ease dropping and what they choose to do with that knowledge is up to them Limit to 1.

    So does this sound like a good idea are you interested?
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  2. I would need more information before I could consider myself interested.
  3. What type of information? If you haven't watch the show I can give you a rundown of what happens in the show
  4. I'm looking for the rules and/or guidelines, as well as the main driving plot, content ratings, and posting expectations/writing level as of now.
  5. Rules -
    1. All Iwaku's Rules Apply
    2. Do not start until accepted
    3. No OOC in the IC
    4. No Mary Sue's
    5. No killing other players unless agreed upon
    6. Language is nada - Whore, is the most vulgar thing you can say.
    7. Sexual scenes are a no no unless you're both under 18 or both over 18 and take it to PM's.

    Driving Plot is between The Queen of (Some other country then France) and the Eldest son of France are engaged and the Queen is in the French castle but there are forces trying to stop it, are you trying to keep it going, or are you trying to separate them. It can be much more dramatic then you think.

    Posting expectations, I think would be once or twice every 3 days if the roleplayers can post everyday then we can do everyday.

    Rating - Mature-ish I add the ish because you can have some sexual scenes but ONLY in PM and with Iwaku's rules in mind, also there will be torture, psychological and physical.​
  6. I'd rather go for something more original. Thanks for your time though.
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  7. hey i'm interested in the role of a prince
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  8. Okay awesome thanks! Once some more people are interested, we can start an OOC thread but you should think about why your Prince is in the French Court (Unless he is the French Prince)
  9. I wish to reserve a 2 spots if that is quite alright with you. Queen of Scotland and a Lady in waiting to the Queen of Scotland
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  10. Okay! Yep that's fine by me :)
  11. You got it! Thank you so much :) Could I be the prince of Italy out of Florence? Member of the Medici Family? (Katherine's Family)
  12. Yep! Now if you and @Poisoned Rose are okay with starting off with just us three I'll make the OOC thread for us to post our CS's and then we can start on the IC after we're all done :)
  13. Wait wait wait!!!! i want to join!!!! i absolutely LLLOOOVVVVEEEE Reign! ... *clears throat* okay now that that's out of my system, Since Mary(Queen of Scotland) is already taken i would like to be one of her ladies in waiting. is this okay? Are we going by the real plot of the show? or will it be more like a rp just based on it with similarities?? Sorry i did read everything i just want to be sure i have it right.
  14. It's going to be an rp with similarities. I don't want to completely take the show and replay it it'd sorta just be like watching it again, rather I would like to make the same marriage plot and having things that get in the way of it and drama like that? If you get what I mean haha
  15. yes, i understand completely, that's awesome. :)
  16. yay i have another lady in waiting ^^
  17. @Ravenbelle What - Honestly next time instead of just giving me a negative rating please include why I get that rating especially if it's involved in typing as I'm 15 I'm not going to be top notch, I'm still learning in school. So any help would be appreciated and constructive criticism but leaving a negative rating with no explanation is, well to be frank just quite rude in my opinion.​
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