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    “Since Mary, Queen of Scotland, was a child the English have wanted her country and her crown. She is sent to France to wed its next king, to save herself and her people - a bond that should protect her, but there are forces that conspire, forces of darkness, forces of the heart. Long may she reign.

    The Time Period is 1557, Kings and Queens rule over their countries with iron fists. England battles for rule over Scotland. When all hope seems to be lost for Scotland a sudden glimmer of hope appears in the form of a tiny infant, a princess, named Mary. Mary, the rightful ruler of Scotland is the perfect match for the newborn son of France, an alliance that could save her people from falling into the clutches of England. At the age of 6 Mary is sent to live in the court of France, but after many attempts to kill the royal child she and her ladies in waiting are sent to the neutral country of Germany, where the young girls are kept safe in the countryside until the time arrives for Mary and her friends to return to the courts of France and take her place as the wife of France’s next king. Will she be able to reign?

    Love, Hope, Devastation, War, Royalty. Status is everything in the courts of France and in a time where marriage is a key to safety will anyone be safe? England has been lusting after Scotland for sometime and fears the marriage between France and Scotland will ruin any chance they have at taking the country for themselves. So they send in their future king and his men to the courts of france to make sure the marriage does not happen. Will they be successful?

    Character List:
    (Will Add if people would like)

    Mary (Queen of Scotland)- Adira
    Lady in Waiting- Beatrice Abery- LeVen
    Lady in Waiting- Fiona Hambledon- Princess of the Teacup
    Lady in Waiting- Odette Juliette Portier- Duchess of Ayzanith
    England’s Prince-Prince Samson Phillips- CrypticWritter
    Advisor/Best friend- Leonardo Carlos Benning- Sashakiki
    France’s Prince- Jehan de Longueau- LeVen
    Younger Brother-
    Servant- Marden Ramsay- Sora1297

    Character Sheet (open)

    Character Sheet

    Full Name:
    Nickname: (used by friends)
    Age: (14 to 22)
    Position: (King, Queen, Knight, Advisor, Lady-in-waiting, servant)
    Appearance: (Human only)
    Personality: (Brief)
    History: (Brief)

    The Rules (open)

    1. No Godmoding will be allowed. I mean it.​
    2. Killing is allowed if it thought over intensely and discussed before hand​
    3. Please post a minimum of 3+ sentences.​
    4. If for any reason you need to drop out or take a break please contact me.​
    5. Fighting and Romance is allowed.​
    6. Romance is a major theme but please keep it PG-13.​
    7. This is a historical role-play so that means no modern technology of any kind. Not even indoor plumbing​
    8. Please use good grammar and spell check.​
    9. Swearing is allowed and encouraged, We're all "teenagers".​
    10. Have Fun!​

    Long live the Queen...
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  2. Full Name: Mary Elizabeth Stuart
    Nickname: Mary, My Lady, Your Higness
    Age: 16
    Country: Scotland
    Position: Queen
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Hobbies: Horse-back riding, Exploring castle grounds, gossiping with her ladies
    Personality: Mary is an elegant and kind hearted girl. She's very responsible and loyal to her country and her friends. Her heart is very guarded and she's extremely stubborn and head strong with an opinion on everything.
    History: Born into a life of luxury Mary has always ad it easy, that was until she was 6 and sent to live in the safety of the german countryside. She spent the next ten years living and working on a small farm in a village. Learning how to be a lady while also blooming into a mature young lady, capable of running not only her own country but also Frnace when she married her fiancé, the future King of France.
  3. This could be fun, mind if I join in?
  4. Sweet. So are we working inside of an AU?
  5. It's earth but it's a different time period
  6. I meant in a different universe then the show. I know the show is "historical", but changes stuff up to make it more interesting, but I was asking are we operating within the confines of the TV show's world?
  7. I'm going to say yes.
  8. Yes to what? Staying in the confines of the TV show or going into our own universe?
  9. Staying in the original universe
  10. Sounds good
  11. Could I still join even if I haven't watched the series?
  12. Hope this is okay

    Full Name: Beatrice Abery
    Nickname: Bea
    Age: 16
    Country: Scotland
    Position: Lady-in-Waiting
    Appearance: Here
    Hobbies: Embroidery, reading
    Personality: Beatrice is a shy girl, often not one to take the initiative. She doesn't talk much, and prefers to listen to other. Surprisingly, Bea is a good source for gossip and has a good sense of humor.
    History: Bea lived a quiet childhood in a noble house in Scotland, preparing herself for marriage. She was the third daughter, with two brothers and was often picked on by them-all in good taste, however. Becoming a lady-in-waiting was mostly done by her mother, and she was surprised at the unexpected role.
    Other: Her eyesight isn't that great, and she can be found squinting often.
  13. @LeVen she's lovely! accepted
  14. I hope more people join..
  15. I've never watched this show, so I hope this is okay. :o

    Full Name: Fiona Hambledon
    Nickname: Finny
    Age: 14
    Country: Scotland
    Position: Lady in waiting
    (Not really an era appropriate picture, but I just needed her face. >.<)
    Hobbies: Reading, reciting and writing poetry, and climbing (when she's alone of course!)
    Personality: Fiona is a loud and boisterous girl who's only ever quiet when she's in front of those she needs to show great respect or impress. When she's alone with her fellow ladies in waiting, she holds nothing back and speaks her mind. She often acts like a fool to make her friends laugh. She's also one to make fun of someone as soon as they've turned their back.
    History: As the only child of a Lieutenant, Fiona has always had to deal with the fact that she was a disappointment and not at all what her father wanted. He wanted strong boys who could serve the royal family and carry on the family name. Instead he got Fiona, who always tried her hardest to gain his approval, but he never took notice until it was revealed that the Queen Mary, required a lady in waiting. And even though, Fiona didn't want to leave her family, she did so anyway, to gain the approval and love of her father.
    Other: She can't dance to save her life.
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  16. That's perfectly fine! I love her. Mary will think of her as a little sister <3
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