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Reign of the Crows 00C

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Derseren, May 16, 2012.

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    In the Reign of the Crows

    Archan the sorcerer once served as Lord Balith's advisor in the city of Gan until tensions between Gan and the rest of the Empire flared. With Gan's influence waning, Lord Balith began building an army to expand his rule. One fateful night, however, Balith's manor was sealed inside a magical barrier and he was never heard from again. Over to course of many months, his army disbanded. The city was left to chaos with no guards, and the city was claimed by bandits. The citizens of Gan wept for their lost leader, even as their homes were raided and their sons and daughters were taken.

    That was when the crows came. Seemingly overnight the sky was darkened by dozens of murders of crows, who cawed and screeched at the people until many were afraid to leave their homes. Most of the bandits were too superstitious to stay, and their raids grew scarce as they fled the city. Some time after the arrival of the crows, the magical barrier surrounding the castle was lifted, and Archan the sorcerer emerged. He called out to the people and bade them assemble in the main square, where he would address them.

    Archan's speech was short.

    "Lord Balith is dead, and I will keep order in the city of Gan. My friends, the crows, have already driven the bandits away. To kill a crow is punishable by death, as they are the eyes and ears of your new lord. Work hard in the months to come, for the enemies of Gan approach."

    And that was all the people of Gan heard from Archan, but the crows never left. People began to go missing after that, and rumors circulated that Archan was abducting young men and women to serve as his slaves in the manor. Regardless of these accusations, the people feared magic and stayed far away from his manor. Soon a town militia formed to enforce law, but they dared not seize power from Archan- for the crows never slept.



    Archan: played by "Derseren"

    A mysterious spellcaster that offered his services to Lord Balith before the manor was sealed and bandits took the city.

    The Thrall: "Chirokochan"

    This woman was abducted by Archan and subjected to hundreds of bizzare tests and experiments. Dark magic and forbidden alchemy have made her a shadow of who she once was.

    Rebels: "Duchess_Bastet" , open
    These men and women are convinced that Archan killed Lord Balith- thus allowing the city to fall, and would see him pay for his crimes.

    Agents of the emperor sent to uncover the secrets behind Gan's fall and restore order.

  2. I believe I could try for The Thrall :U
  3. Wonderful! Ill put you in for the thrall position, but well need at least two more to really get started.
  4. hmmm...i could be one of the rebels ^_^
  5. Wonderful! One more person and we can get going.
  6. Heheh :'D~ So how's everyone doing?
  7. doing okay, could be better...getting into a bunch of roleplays to held cope
  8. meh,,,*shrugs* how is you doing?
  9. I'm all right...little bit of pain but its not as noticeable now x3;
  10. pain...??? oh nooooo
  11. Glad you're improving Chiro.

    As soon as we get another person I'll start this thing.
  12. All right then

    (proceeds to kidnap someone. >> <<)