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  1. "Discord rules the man who cannot himself control."

    A fist came crashing down on the hard wooden table, the heavy steel gauntlet leaving a visible dent on the dense wood. "Where are my Dansers, Marksmen and Singers? My Maestros and my Instruments? Where are the Swordsingers?" demanded the gauntleted hand's owner. "Pray, tell, how many men and women did you see as you ascended the steps to my Eyrie?" The Choirmaster's gaze burned through his helm's visor and looked the Lord Courier in the eye. From the courtyard of the Citadel, the soft, pleasant sound of song and steel clashing against steel rose up to the Eyrie in the dead silence that followed.

    "There could not have been more than one or two hundred, my Lord. But I do not see what this has to do with the Crownsong's com--"

    "One or two hundred, my Lord Courier, one or two hundred! Back in the days of my youth as a Mockingbird in the Swordsingers, there were thousands." hissed the Choirmaster, distaste for the smaller man evident in the menace of his voice. "Do you hear the clash of sword and song in the courtyard, Lord Courier?"

    "Yes, my Lord Choirmaster, but the Crownsong insi--"

    "It's pleasant, soft and mellow, yes?" he pressed on, cutting the Lord Courier off. He would listen to talk of the Crownsong when he wished. The gods damn him and his enemies.

    "Yes, m'Lord, but please, listen to what the Cro--"

    "Shut the fuck up and listen to me, Lord Courier, I will hear no more of the Crownsong until I tell you that you can speak to me of him. You are in my Citadel and you would do good to not evoke my wrath." The Choirmaster cast a stern look at the Lord Courier, who at this time had shut his mouth. "Good. In the days of yore, the sound of combat from the courtyard was uproarious! These blasted windows of colored glass shook each day with the battles of song and sword. Now nothing but a puny whisper can be heard compared to the clangor that once was. And my Swordsingers, where do they go once they leave these halls of learning? Well, in time long past, they would go to serve the noble Houses, become sworn Voices for the King's Orchesgard, become gallant knights that saved princesses from the Flamesingers! But where do they go now? They become godsdamned sellswords, merchant guards! It's shameful, what this once glorious order has become in my rule." said the Choirmaster, almost mournfully.

    He walked to one of the windows and threw it open, uncaring of the colored glass or the intricate design. If they had been able to take the raucous uproar from the courtyard when it had once been filled with children learning the Art, they would be able to take slamming into the wall of the Eyrie. Staring out into the blue of the High Hour, he said to the Lord Courier, "What does the Crownsong want?"

    The small wiry man walked up to him and handed him a scroll sealed with the jay of House Skynne, the ruling family. "He wants you to rally the Swordsingers. The Wolfsong of Renala has declared war on us." With that, the Lord Courier walked out of the study, back stiff with anger. The man was probably unused to being told when to speak.

    "Damn you, Skynne. The gods damn you seven times to the Silence."

    For a moment, I considered making a condensed OOC for Reign of Discord. However, condensing all the information vital to the roleplay at the moment won't do it justice. As a result, I have created an extensive OOC that you do have to read if you want to participate properly. Sorry if it's TL;DR, but that's just the truth of the matter. I guess it will also help filter out those people who might not be able to fulfill the vision I have for this RP.

    <h3>ALL you need to know about Reign of Discord</h3>

    Reign of Discord

    <h3>Character Sheet:</h3>

    *NOTE: As much as possible, I want submitted characters to be Swordsingers. You can only be a Knight Swordsinger with a partner, so either find an RPer to partner up with or make another character to be your character's partner. You could always remain either a Mockingjay or Nightingale anyway.

    *NOTE 2: Also, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, NO Japanese-sounding names.

    Short Background:
    Rank: Skylark, Mockingjay, Initiate, Nightingale, Knight Swordsinger
    Band: Danser, Singer, Marksman, Maestro or Instrument
    Equipment/Magical Abilities:

    <h3>Where to Begin</h3>
    Alright, so, you're a Swordsinger, aren't you? Well, the Crownsong of Dovry has sentenced each and every Swordsinger in Dovry to death for treason just because your Order refuses to help Dovry against Renala. Escaping the city just in the nick of time, thanks to the Swordsinger informants amongst the palace livery, seeing many of your brothers captured is a harrowing experience. You cannot head back, for you will be captured.

    It has been over a week and you have made your way back to the Citadel. I would prefer if you chose to begin your story in one of two ways. One: recounting your ordeal on the way back to the Citadel when you arrive; and two: describing the journey towards its end.

    <h3>The Goal</h3>
    Right now, you are relatively safe. However, you can be sure that there is a contingent of the Dovryn army that is coming after the Citadel. The goal -- for now -- is to survive, to help in fortifying the Citadel against the coming army and to make sure that there are enough supplies available.

    <h2><i>Feel free to ask questions if you need anything cleared up.</i></h2>
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  2. I'll be doing this! I'm working on my character now (possibly 2) and will post with their bio(s) today or tomorrow :D
  3. I might do a Knight Swordsinger as I have two characters I really want to play. Girl/Boy siblings. Tell me if this is alright. If not, I'm going to make a solitary character or just use one of my old ones from other RPs but of course, I'll do some adjustments to fit the RP :) I won't be able to post CS until probably this weekend as I'll be out of town with no access to a laptop/computer for about 4 days. :)
  4. [MENTION=2744]Cicatrix Draconum[/MENTION] OH YOU BETTER DO THIS, CICA.
    [MENTION=2838]theLogophile[/MENTION] boy/girl siblings sounds good. Just remember that being partners band-wise doesn't mean that they should be romantic partners though.
  5. o.o i wasn't planning on incest... o.o i swear.
  6. Don't worry, I will! Though my bio will take a little bit longer than I had originally anticipated... I will do this though :D
  7. [MENTION=2838]theLogophile[/MENTION]: Really? :3.
    [MENTION=2744]Cicatrix Draconum[/MENTION]: Oh you better! *roars*
  8. Okay, I'm having a little trouble on figuring out what you want here:
  9. Hmm. Equipment as in weapon/s wielded and if there's anything special about their armor. Magical abilities as in what the character is capable of Song-wise, perhaps healing, elemental magic, et cetera.

    I guess I should've elaborated. *makes addendum*
  10. Wouldn't the magic be dictated by their band?
  11. Yes it would, but more specific abilities within the band's specialty.
  12. This makes me very, very happy. If it's alright with you, I'd like to pm you in the future or go to the conference box to discuss magical focuses for my characters before I finish them and post bios. Just warn me if we can talk about that so that I can have them ready enough for such a discussion ^_^
  13. Character(s) Under development:

    Character 1 (open)
    Short Background:
    Rank: Skylark, Mockingjay, Initiate, Nightingale, Knight Swordsinger
    Band: Danser, Singer, Marksman, Maestro or Instrument
    Equipment/Magical Abilities:

    Character 2 (open)
    Short Background:
    Rank: Skylark, Mockingjay, Initiate, Nightingale, Knight Swordsinger
    Band: Danser, Singer, Marksman, Maestro or Instrument
    Equipment/Magical Abilities:
  14. darling i'll post mine up by this weekend. although i'll have to talk to you about the specifics of this thing. :/ maybe you could post your CS for a sample or something?
  15. I was going to post mine up this weekend too. I haven't had much time to work on my character yet, so yeah, that was a big stumbling block. Sorry Logos. I'll have it up as soon as I can. Maybe this evening, which should be tomorrow morning for you. :P.
  16. Name: Gwyne(Guh-wine) Kortan
    Age: 22
    Nationality: Dovryn
    Gender: Male


    Born and raised to one of the not-so-well-off houses of Dovry, Gwyne never truly lived a life of luxury. Born sixth of eight children, he was far enough from the lineage as the Seat of the House to be ignored for most of the time.

    House Kortan is far from the good graces of the Crownsong. After all, the reason they were no longer well-off was that they exhausted their coffers supporting the rebels that would later form Mindary. They also vouched for House Lupendren, but would not send any men to their aid, for while the Kortans were once rich, they never really had many soldiers to spare.

    There is a constant animosity between the Crownsong and House Kortan. On the other hand, there is a bond between House Lupendren and House Kortan. Regardless, Gwyne never wanted anything to do with the House politics. Tired of being ignored, he decided to make a name for himself and, at age 13, left for the Citadel.

    He has since then been training. He had no qualms in training. However, he did not do exceptionally well. At age 22, he has now spent just about four years as a Nightingale, unable to find a partner.


    Timid but frank, well, timid most of the time. He does not like being bullied into anything and will lash out at anyone who tries it. He's a dedicated person, though there are simply days that he wants to do nothing more than to lie in bed.

    He does not like to be treated like a kid. He had already experienced that far too much in House Kortan's estates. He also despises hard-headed people and would rather try to teach a rock to climb than deal with an ox-headed lummox.

    He has a guarded tongue and tries to watch what he says. Whenever asked for advice, he is often at a loss for a minute or two, twiddling his thumbs unconsciously, racking his brain for a good answer.

    Unfortunately for the budding Instrument, the sight of blood makes him queasy. The wound itself, not so much. He can look at a cauterized, severed limb for a day without feeling anything, but blood would make him sick.
    Rank: Nightingale
    Band: Instrument

    Equipment/Magical Abilities:


    Healing Charm - Around his wrist, Gawyne wears a healing charm. It helps him focus his Song when healing and has been itself enchanted to aid in healing the body of whomever wears it. It took him three months to create during his training as a Nightingale and earned him a good place in his Preceptor's eyes. It is a vital part of Gawyne's ensemble, apart from the light armor, because his inability to stand blood impairs his ability to heal and he needs all the help he can get.

    Magical Abilities:

    Song Delving - An uncommon ability, but quite common amongst Instruments, Song Delving is the ability to hear the lifesongs of people. It is limited in that it could never tell who the lifesong belongs to, but it does help determine exactly what's wrong with the person. When a person is killed, his lifesong is cut off. When a person succumbs to disease or old age, the lifesong fades out with a final crescendo.

    Arcane Focus - Despite his limited abilities to heal, Gawyne redeemed himself by being one of the best Arcane Foci amongst the instruments. Though his true strength with the discipline is yet to be tested due to his lack of a partner, Gawyne has been able to successfully increase a friend's power twofold for a minute. Arcane Foci are able to use themselves as a conduit for their partner or another person's Song and they are able to amplify it with their own Song.

    Valorous Hymn - When in an area brimming with positive energy, Gawyne can use this Song to bolster the strength, agility and stamina of his allies within earshot. It leaves him drained afterward however, and he will be unable to do anything but the smallest spells for a day or two afterwards.
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  17. This looks very interesting now to consume all this lore and try to comprehend. Then to work on Bio.
  18. I might get in on this, if I have the time, if you don't mind.
  19. [MENTION=1082]Vampire Hunter[/MENTION] YAY! If you notice, you'll see a lot of Wheel of Time influences in the world. From the river Aronaile to the methods of guiding the Song.
    [MENTION=1337]Hydrocide[/MENTION] Oh I definitely won't mind. You're welcome to join.
  20. @Malkuthe Highwind: Yes I definitely saw that. :P I was going to comment on it, but you beat me to it. :P working on Bio.