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  1. It wasn't unusual for Kurosaki to miss school. Some days Kon covered for him, though that was risky in itself and the ginger didn't like to take the chance of his reputation being ruined - honestly with an attendance record like his, Ishida was surprised his ally hadn't gotten into some kind of trouble with the school yet. Likely it was his grades - between saving two worlds and being a normal teenager, he maintained a better than average gpa. So with all that Uryu knew his friend could juggle, why hadn't he shown today? Lunch had passed and Hoizu agreed with him, that the red head's lack of presence was disconcerting. They'd all seen each other off after a movie yesterday, and neither Tatski, Keigo, Inoue or Chad had heard anything from him either.

    Then he was sitting in class beside his childhood friend, the two keeping their eyes on the clock, Uryu a little more devoted than she considering the relations. One hand scribbling easy answers onto his paper, the other propping up his chin so he could watch the clock -unexpectedly, Ichigo's father showed up in class, asking the teacher if she'd seen his son. That's what started the anxiety - if he didn't know where his son was, that mean Kon wasn't doing his job of pretending to be Ichigo, which meant he likely didn't know he needed to fill in for him. "Um, excuse me, Mr. Kurosaki - "

    "Boy with glasses who's name I can't remember, but you hang around with my son for some reason!"

    To this, Ishida sighed, but nodded. "So you haven't seen Ichigo at all?"

    "No, have you?"

    "He never came to school, trust me, I'd know." He hadn't sensed any spiritual pressure at all, nor any odd ones, like that of a hollows, leaving or entering.

    "He never came down for breakfast, and his school bag and uniform were still tossed in his room..."

    Inoue made a noise from the back, and Uryu glanced over his shoulder at her. "Do you guys think he went to the Soul Society without telling us?"

    "He would've let us know somehow," Chad said aloud.

    "Maybe Rukia knows something, we should go see Kisuke," She told the four, hands clasped together with worry.

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