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  2. R E I

    "Eeeeee! Rei! I can't believe you're finally up! I'll be honest, for a while there, I thought you'd just melted into that sorry excuse for a bed. I bet you miss your room, huh? I've kept it clean for you! I even added some color! Just don't tell Nanao, I dipped into the committee budget for your interior design... Oh! Speaking of the committee! I'm planning another party!"

    As Matsumoto lingered in the infirmary doorway, Rae slipped on her white kimono, tying the sash lightly around her torso, eyes in the mirror rather dull and glazed over. She hadn't really digested the last month, to her relief there'd been more visitors to her room than expected, mostly her captain and Rangiku, to distract her from dwelling and keep her melancholic at best. Her stab wounds were still in stitches, flesh pink and tender around her shoulders and stomach - she had nightmares about Kaiba's betrayal, that smirk that came with his brief confession about the illusion she'd fallen under for his benefit, the sheer loneliness when she doubted anyone would come for her, and those few moments where she didn't care if anyone did...

    ...She didn't mention that last part during the psych tests, otherwise she might not have passed and been deemed capable of returning to work.

    "I thought Nanao said no more parties?" Rei attempted a half smile, instead the corner of her lips twitched and fell again.

    "Oh, she always says that, but give her a bottle of sake and she's happy we funded it!" The blonde grabbed Rei's hand, tugging her from the infirmary and outside into the sunlight. Being greeted by the Seireitei was indeed reassuring, at least she was home, Rei hated the world of the living. "Hmm, where should we go?"

    "You lead, so long as it's not too far, I don't mind." Rei offered, trying not to let her head hang, though her chest was heavy with a nearly tangible, constantly suppressed ache. The foreshadowing, deceit, and then having everyone cater to her... It was more overwhelming now that she was awake and standing.​

    R U K I A

    With Chiba incapacitated, and Ukitake hardly in better shape, others were chosen to patrol the world of the living, so far only tasked with seeking out and arresting Kaiba for betrayal of the Goeti and attempted murder. In hopes of promoting his sister to higher ranks, Captain Kuchiki volunteered her for the job. Despite his stone cold mask, he of course worried about her safety - if it wasn't for her being paired up with a squad ten member, specifically a third seat he'd come to know as Zen, he might had reconsidered securing her the opportunity.

    "I won't let you down, brother," Mumbled the woman to herself, hand on the hilt of her zanpakuto, body agile as the air itself, riding the current throughout the area squad thirteens subordinates said Kaiba was last sighted. She and Zen had been searching the town relentlessly, occasionally accompanied by Ichigo and his gang, though she'd convinced them for the most part to try and attend school and live normally for a while. Not that they weren't capable of holding their own, but naturally she worried about the teenagers she'd come to call friends, and even Abari (who was still staying at Urahara's shop) despite him being far stronger than she.

    "It's not certain he's even in this town anymore, if he's suppressing his spirit energy, he's doing a damn good job. Otherwise we're just letting him put more distance between us," She sighed aloud, speaking to her partner, Zen. She appreciated his company, for the first time in a while she wasn't really worried about who she was doing recon with, he was extremely capable and it showed in the way he diligently followed orders and pursued goals. She found it admirable, and kept herself in check considering he was a few ranks above her, not that she was out of line too often. "We don't know what he was drawing out, either. Rei was too weak to indulge, and Captain Ukitake thinks it's unwise to ask her... But how else will we know what we're fighting?" The ravenette exhaled, slowing her pace a little as they broke through forested territory and came onto a busy street.​
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