Regularly Scheduled Goals!



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Do you make goals for yourself? I was just reading some blogs with goals for all of August: concrete things to do every day or however many times in the month and realized that I hardly ever have real goals. At the moment my life purpose is to find a job. Uh and I'm doing a 16-week-ish project with a friend. But I don't have any goals for August. Do you?
Well, when it comes to Iwaku I set lots of goals and regularly achieve them. It's been working out really great. real life that's..uh... not so easy. XD I'm -trying- to get myself in to some new healthy habits and patterns. A regular schedule for chores, and stuff like that. And goal lists so I can complete house-projects within reasonable and good time frames. >>; But there's always a snag and damned if I don't get really lazy.

I've been attempting the FlyLady mantras. D: It's helped! But I'm mucho slacking off.

MY GOAL: Is to form a chore schedule and actually STICK to it weekly. c__c;
I am a very goal orentated person. I set things for myself to achieve all the time. Sometimes I actually achieve them too > <

I try to set long-term goals for myself, but I guess if I had to pick one for August it would be to start looking for more local work, or get off my ass and move. That is kinda an ongoing goal for me though.
Not usually. Setting goals for myself makes me actually dread doing things, and if I decide to do something on my own I'll have a much more enjoyable well as not having to stress myself out doing it. For example, in a bunch of my classes we have deadlines for papers and stuff. I'll constantly talk myself out of doing them until the night before it's due. But if the prof says "come up with your own topic for a paper, run it by me, and hand it in at any point during the semester before finals(I know this is a deadline but it's much more flexible)", I'll probably be more excited for it and get it done far sooner. I'm not sure why this is, but it seems like a mental block or something.

I never like making to do lists either, since I'll never get the stuff done in a reasonable fashion.
You mean like these?

<iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>, of course not. ;)

As for any concrete goals, I have just one. Well, I have two, really. First is to move, but that's one goal that is long term. As the economy continues to suffer, that goal seems to be longer-term. The other is to put $20/week from my paycheck aside. I've been doing pretty good with that, and am considering upping it to $50. I can't accomplish goal number one without working on goal number two! ;)
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has problems with goals! I think they're okay if you have like one or two long-term ones, but with a bunch of little ones you just feel like you're doing things because you HAVE to instead of because you WANT to. Which is not fun.

ahem. I have two specific goals. One is to finish college (I'm in my second year), and the second is push out a book. The latter I've been procrastinating for forever and I need to get on the ball really quickly or it isn't going to happen, and the former it seems I am on the right track for.