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  1. It is the present day and it is the first day of school. This year is your third year of high school and this year looks promising. Unfortunately your homeroom teacher from last year has retired and is being replaced by a new one. The only thing is that this teacher is 18! Will this teacher mean a new exciting learning experience or will it devolve into a madhouse of teenagers? The only way to find out is to experience it firsthand! Welcome back to school!

    This RP is all about having fun and interacting with others. Sure you can throw in a little drama if you want but please nothing dark like rape, suicide, etc. I want this to be a fun and fuzzy RP, romance is allowed but please keep things PG (kissing at the most but no make out sessions).

    Schedule is as follows

    Last class/end homeroom
    After school

    1. No godmodding, bunnying, metagaming, etc
    2. Be civil with others
    3. Only one character per person
    4. All characters must be either 16 or 17 years old
    5. No characters that are masters of fighting or have access to firearms, keep it realistic
    6. Posting expectations are that all participants will post 3 times a week (every 7 days)
    7. As GM I reserve the right to take control over characters if they are holding up the story or other people.
    8. You will receive three warnings before you are kicked for inactivity. First is a reminder at day 3 of absence. second warning at day 5 of not posting. Last warning at day 7 of not posting.
    9. No playing another person's character without their permission or forcing another rper into allowing you to play their character
    10. Make well-balanced and believable character aka no Mary Sues or Gary Stues
    11. These types of RPs can become quite chaotic. If you notice that your conversation IC has begun to take up a considerable amount of space, please consider doing these things:
    - slowing down
    - taking the conversation to PM and posting it in bulk
    - waiting for the posts of 2 characters who are not in that conversation before posting to that conversation.

    12. So that it is easier for people to find posts relevant to them, please tag that person at the end of every IC post in which one of their characters is part of the conversation or is otherwise involved in the post. (Like this: @Dunruffle)
    13. if you have read the rules put a sentence at the bottom of your character sheet involving oreos

    Use this as the CS example

    Appearance: (Picture is preferred)
    Personality: (list 3 positive traits and 3 negatives)
    History: (optional)

    The Teacher
    Arlo Penton

    Yoson Sazama
    Grayson Carlilse
    Esme Avila D'Leon
    Elliot Redwood
    Russell Schlender
    Reina Rioux
  2. The Teacher

    Name: Arlo Penton
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Pros: Is very intelligent and studious (when he feels like it), Protective of his students, helpful to those who earn his trust.
    Cons: Addicted to cigarettes, rebellious, often comes off as aloof or standoffish.
    History: Arlo is a very intelligent young man, he graduated college at the age of 15 and seemed to be destined to become one of the great minds of the future. But suddenly Arlo became rebellious and strayed from his path. His parents tried to get him back on track but Arlo was more focused on doing what he wanted to do instead of listening to his parents and mentors. He soon moved out of his parents home and for awhile worked at a big name tech company. But with his rebellious attitude and his poor work habits, Arlo was fired after working there for 2 years. Having saved up a little money and owning his own apartment, Arlo was soon forced to find another source of income. After searching for awhile, Arlo was contacted by his old high school. They offered him a position as a replacement teacher for a class and with not many other job offers Arlo accepted and became the homeroom teacher for class 2-B.
    Likes: Music, playing guitar, riding his motorcycle, cigarettes, being lazy.
    Dislikes: Authority figures, strict rules, annoyingly cheerful people, early mornings, rain.
    Hobbies: Riding and fixing his motorcycle, playing in his band, goofing off when he is supposed to be working.
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  3. Name: Yoson Sazama

    Age: Seventeen

    Gender: Male



    Personality: Yoson likes to always try to be up and do things, but his body refuses for him to. He is sometimes seen trying to find something new to do, or some place to explore whenever he is not out already. Usually he is wearing his bomber jacket while out and about. It is rare to see him without it on. He also makes sure that the people around him are OK, emotionally and physically. Sometimes it comes off as a bit creepy and weird, but he means well. Yoson also looks around alot, knowing his surroundings. He relies more on his memory, instinct, and touch more than his sight or any other senses.

    Personality (In words): Adventurous, Caring, Hyperactive, Cautious


    Yoson was born. Surprising right? He lead a normal life mostly. When he was around six, he passed out in gym. Yoson woke up in the Hospital and resumed school the next day, now knowing about his weakened lungs. Even though this did not deter him from doing many active things. Yoson found out that he was pretty good at rock climbing and once he was focused, Yoson could last longer than usual. He also took to the idea of just looking around, in the woods, around a lake. Name it and if it sounds interesting, Yoson would like to either explore it. Or already has. Even repeating the same place every day does not get too boring for him.

    Likes: Rainstorms, Fire (Preferably in a contained area), Oreos, Dyed hair, Particular tattoos

    Dislikes: Tobacco smoke, Being up before 4pm, Egotism, Movement that lasts longer than two hours, Small talk

    Hobbies: Yoson frequents in videogames and dabbles in rock climbing.


    Due to his mother being a smoker, Yoson's lungs were not as good they could be. He is usually out of breath after just climbing a flight of stairs or walking half a mile. Whenever he can afford it, Yoson plans to go to the doctor to see about any medical treatments.

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  4. I will join!
  5. Do we post our own BIOS as well?
  6. Yup, go ahead and post your CS here
  7. Name: Esme Avila D'Leon

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female



    [+] Patient: Esme is very patient and can keep her cool in most situations. However, even patient people like her have a breaking point. When Esme gets mad, she gets mad.

    [+] Kind: Esme is very kind and likes to help others in many ways. It could be by simply helping take care of kids or finding a lost animal. She wants to create happy memories to forget the painful ones, and doing good things for others helps her do that.

    [+] Loyal: If you manage to make Esme your friend, then you have gained a friend that would do anything to help you out in your time of need. If you need protecting, she would surely provide it even if means getting herself hurt in the process.

    [-] Reserved: Even though, she tends to help others a lot. Esme is very reserved, specially around strangers. Never revealing to much of her personal matters or information about herself.

    [-] Acts without thinking: Though Esme is very patient, she does have a limit to how much she would stand. If by some chance you actually manage to anger her, you better be cautious around her. She tends to act or speak before processing and analyzing the thought in her mind, even if the other person is stronger than her.

    [-] Dense/Oblivious: When it comes to form relationships, be it a friendship or in a love interest kind of way, Esme is super dense. She wouldn't know the difference between liking a boy and liking liking a boy. Or it can be the other way around. She is just oblivious to love.

    From a very young age Esme was always a kind girl. Alwys helping other around her, be it in her family or around the neighborhood. She was deemed by many as a happy, cheerful girl, who wanted to become a princess someday. Always laughing and playing with the neighborhood kids. However, that changed after the incident. When Esme was 5 years old, her parents died in car crash, while she survived. After the funeral, she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle. They were good people, but the car crash left Esme bitter and sad. She was not the happy playful girl anymore. She would always relived the crash through nightmares, and she would always end up screaming and crying all night, even when her aunt and uncle came to comfort her. As she grew up, people noticed that the girl who wanted to be a princess on day, had died in the car crash also.

    Now, 12 years later, Esme is in her junior year of high school. Planning to go to college to study culinary arts. Or maybe, just maybe, starting to dream again. Dreaming about making it big in the music business. Who knows, maybe that wishful girl didn't died but just got buried and now its starting to reemerge again...?

    Cooking and Baking
    Cute things (specially children)

    Abusive People
    Spicy Foods
    Having Nightmares

    Playing the Piano

    Oreo truffles are the best!

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  8. [​IMG] •Basic Info•

    »Name« Grayson Carlilse (Gray for short)

    »Gender« Male

    »DOB« December 4

    »Age« 17

    »Ethnicity « British


    »Eye Colour« Blue

    »Hair Colour/Length« Medium length black hair

    »Height« 5" 9 ½

    »Weight« 142

    »Accessories/Tattoos/Piercings« skull tattoo on lower back

    »Build« regular

    »Skin Complexion« pale

    •Love Life•

    »S/O« Straight

    »RS« none


    »Likes« music, art, lame jokes, cute pick up lines, fruit, foreign foods, history, math, English, cold weather, the rain, walking, sitting alone, quiet, swimming

    »Dislikes« sports, fighting (will fight if pushed), cigarettes, science, making mistakes, being wrong, getting close with people, the word "skeleton", loud people, sweating, gym class, dogs

    •Personal Info•

    »Fears« dogs

    »Personality« Gray is a quiet boy but can open up easily to friends, though he hates being close to people. He is kind and patient with people and is a sucker for a sweet smile. He likes to sit in the back left corner of the class by the window so he can gaze out of it and just be alone. He likes the feeling of disclosure. He gets bad anxiety when it comes to talking in front of the class, but can do very well with independent work. He stays after school to help out once everyone is gone. He's very artistic and can draw almost anything.

    ~writes in cursive
    ~has asthma
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  9. Grayson History (forgot to add this):
    Grayson at a young age of 5 years, was abandoned by his parents in front of an old Orphanage miles away from his birth town. The lady who ran it was cruel to him and mistreated him for a long 2 years before her authorities saw the bruises on his body, leaving scars on his chest, back, and arms. He was then taken from that orphanage and placed into foster care. He was almost adopted by a family of three, a mother, father, and daughter until they found out Grayson had health issues. He was often left sad and lonely. He would make friends only to have them torn away from him to live elsewhere. His therapist told the system he had little chance of being adopted because he was too shy. After five long years of switching homes, and having over 20 different parents, he was finally adopted by a couple with one other son two years older than Grayson. They welcomed him and treated him well for a year before the couple got divorced and he was left with the mother. She became a depressed alcoholic and Grayson was moved into foster care once more. A year later he was adopted once more, at the age of 15, by a couple who had previously adopted 2 other children, both girls. Grayson was put into high school shorter after and found he had no problem adapting. He lives there still today and hopes he won't have to move again before he can support himself.
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  10. Name:
    Elliot Redwood




    +Quirky, Dreamer, Honest
    -Lazy, troublemaker, guarded

    Elliot has a rather boyish demeanor and doesn't believe in sugar coating anything. She's always considered being a bit of a troublemaker and her mouth doesn't help either. No one said she had a clean mouth and at times it can be laced with her temper. Oddly enough Elliot isn't the one going around looking for a fight, she's actually the opposite. She'd rather daydream most of her day away to begin with and enjoy a lazy afternoon in class. Besides her lazy or in her words laid back attitude Elliot's main source of energy goes straight to her dancing. For her it's completely worth it.

    Elliot is an only child and only has her father in the picture as a parent. Her mother passed long before memories could ever begin to stick in her mind. All her father would tell her was the great love of dancing her mother had. The fact that she had an amazing ballet career and with so much more to come but gave it up just to have her. Elliot would usually feel upset or would blame herself for never remembering her but her father changed that. Instead he enrolled her into dance classes just to have some connection with her mother. Boy, did that work. Elliot felt closer to her mother even though she never spoke to her once before.

    As years passed Elliot became pretty distant to her father. She emulated much of her mother and it made it hard for her father to be close to her. He still missed his wife but he did his hardest to hide the wound that never healed. At first Elliot never noticed it but as she got older it was a different story. When her recitals came around he was nowhere to be found. That empty reserved seat taunted her mercilessly and his excuses was nothing more than that. Some night were spent watching him waste away drinking some god awful alcohol when ever he got onto that subject. It broke her heart to feel like the blame for all of his pain. That he couldn't even try to get close to her without thinking of his wife. The self blame begun to spiral out of control as Elliot looked for ways to be different from her mother. Nothing worked and by the age of 12 she stopped trying. It was doing nothing more but cause her pain and distancing from her only parent. All of it was probably why she became a troublemaker over the years. Elliot doesn't waste time thinking about what her relationship with her father could have been like. Instead she worries about herself and make it seem like he was a roommate than anything parental.

    being around water, snow, music, dancing, staying up late, cute fluffy things, spicy foods

    People threatening her or friends, When people call her Ellie, When people point out how flat chested she is, homework, math (she sucks at it and sees it at abuse for the teenage mind), being ignored


    Double stuffed Oreo's are wonderfully delicious :3
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  11. @SquiddyKawaii and @Lucifers Sairen both are accepted (although i would prefer elliot's history completed). Also, not to be annoying but i would like if both of you took a look at the rules section since you guys missed the secret message i put to make sure people read the rules. I will add the characters to the cast list tomorrow when i am able to use my laptop
  12. I should mention that my character sheet is done, because people do not get alerts to updates...right? I am unsure.

    Well, the history is left. I am working on it now, but everything else is done.
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  13. Oh shoot I forgot the oreos thing sorry I was so into writing it out
  14. Shhhh! Do not tell the COMMONERS, about our secret!

    Dirty little peasants. We know you are out there. GET OFF OUR LAWN.
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  15. @Crysodic whoops, sorry about that. Your character is accepted. I thought i had posted it was accepted but i guess i didnt. My bad.
  16. Name: Russell Schlender

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (Picture Above) 6' 2", 250 lbs

    Personality: He is very caring of people although it doesn't seem like it sometimes as he is very shy. He is normally quiet (speaking wise he is very monotone) and isn't one to start confrontation and leaves most of the big decision making matters to others. His kind of personallity often leads people thinking he is lazy and it doesn't help that he normally sleeps most the day away and stays up most of the night. And when into a situation where he is the center of attention he shuts down.

    History: Russell is the oldest of 3 children his other siblings are twin girls who are 14. He acts as the father figure of the house since his father died when he was 4 and his mother has to take care of his 2 younger sisters along with diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago. He has a part-time job at a convenience store that he works at in the afternoon.

    Likes: Loud music, sleeping, cold, reading, food (normally sweet tasting foods), Listening to other people

    Dislikes: Heat, aggressive people, douchebags, spicy food, being the center of attention in a group, people commenting on his weight

    Hobbies: Sleeping, reading books, listening to his music wherever he goes, surfing the internet for hours on end

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  17. Name:
    Reina Rioux




    (+) Is very lady-like and a great listener, she’s always willing to lend and help any way she can. She is dependable to the point she’ll accomplish any task given to her to the best of the ability. She is also an extremely loyal person who will defend those she cares about to the max.
    (-) She has a very short-temper and can sound very harsh when pushed to her limit, though she would usually apologize afterwards (most of the time) if she doesn’t get too shy, embarrassed and flustered before. She is also naïve and quite clumsy at times.

    Reina grew up in a very luxurious and rich household, though she was always taught to act proper her parents were always in constant arguing with each other. Because of this Reina always had a cold attitude towards relationships and rather tends to ignore it. Eventually her parents got into a dramatic divorce and by then Reina kind of had enough of it all and somehow convinced her dad to buy her an apartment not too far from the school. So she now currently lives in that apartment by herself though she still gets sent a (huge) allowance from her dad.

    Books, Movies, Sports, The beach, Summer, Sweets, Sleep, Stuffed animals

    Obnoxious people, The cold, Poorly made food, Anything horror, Insects, Heights

    Running, Tennis, Reading, Making sweets, Room décor

    * Fun Fact: Can only eat Oreos with milk.
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  18. @BigPapaRev accepted. Now that we have enough people I will put up the IC thread tomorrow.
  19. Also @Myka accepted too. Now lemme sleep ;~;
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