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  1. Lavender held her breath and unconsciously gripped the full skirt of her dress. Nervousness racked her, leaving her unable to hear the instructor before them.

    She was in a dimly lit room with four other magi and seven to-be guardians lined against the far wall. The five magi stood in a semi circle around a large translucent dome: the aura of manifest. Here they would each in turn find out their special mystic talents which would govern the rest of their lives. Should their true skill be great they would be set to help protect their native kingdom, some of which seemed to be itching for war. If their talent were more minute, they would likely return home to aid with the daily needs of the people. In either case, once receiving title of Mage, their status in society would permanently be elevated to the equivalence of the aristocracy.

    This fact, Lavender tried to remind herself of to calm her racing nerves. Surely, no matter what her talents would be, life would be better than before.

    The instructor, in a dry tone, called the magi beside her. All the others seemed to exhale with relief and anticipation. The young man stepped into the spell-dome. As they had been all instructed to do, he took a deep breath and asked the spell around him to draw out his truest power. It didn't take too long, but in a brilliant display the dome ignited all inside. Fire licked around the young man without hurting him.

    Eventually, all the fire absorbed into him and the dome returned to normal. One of the guaridans stepped forward. As if possessed by the aura around him, the young Fire Mage shot a blast at the armored young woman. She held up her sheild straight in front of her. The fire raced toward the metal disc. It stopped just before clashing with the metal and seemed to waiver in the air. Slowly the fire disappeared until naught but an ember hit the shield. The instructor declared they had a match and congratulated them with light applause. Everyone followed suit. There was a brief interlude as they returned to their places before the next magi was called.
  2. His chest rose and fell with each breath shifting the metal suit he wore for protection. After the applause the young man shifted uncomfortably and his eyes darted to Emilia the first among them to be called 'Guardian'. He stood at attention with sword and shield presented, chest out, and back straight. His knees remained slightly bent, as they all were taught so not to lock up from nervousness.

    In truth he was sick of it. The heavy armor that had to always be polished and maintained. It slowed him down and made him a target. The thick broadsword and large metal shield. The same weapons every Guardian graduated with. No individuality, stifling structure, and every day the same thing. But not today.

    Graduation was here and after this he was no longer bound to listening to orders... Well not the orders of the ones he used to call superiors. He resisted the urge to look over to the soon to be Mages. Whatever is after this day will be better than what was. There are far worse things than being a glorified servant and body guard. With a deep breath he cleared his mind and awaited for the next Magi to be called upon.
  3. Lavender was stunned by the display of her classmates, the first, then the next. Both turned out to be fairly powerful Mages. She was staring at the dome lost in her whirling thoughts when her instructor called her next. "Miss Lavender Grace...Miss Grace...Lavi!" Once she heard her nickname almost yelled, she snapped back to reality. The Mages and magi around her smirking and snickering at her expense. Lavi whispered an apology and slowly approached the dome. She paused a moment before entering, trying to steady her racing heart. She couldn't explain why she was so apprehensive; there was this sinking feeling she couldn't shake.

    Lavi took her position in the center and turned to face her classmates and teacher. She took a very deep breath then quietly asked, "Aura, great and true, reveal in me my truest form." The air around her quivered in reply, then nothing else for what felt to her like an eternity. Her stomach dropped like a piece of lead. Did she have no talent? Was that possible? She could feel the start of tears prick at her eyes when she felt something. The dome began quivering again. Looking around her, it seemed the dome was loosing its shape, like it was caving in toward her. Her eyes darted toward the others, and was surprised by the great distress on their faces. It felt as if there should have been more sound, as it looked like some where yelling, but there was a strange hush over everything.

    Feeling a great massing of energy before her, she raised her hands as if to cup it together in a sphere. The dome was completely sucked into it, and even the remaining light in the room disappeared. Fear ran through her like ice down her back. Was she going to suck in everything? "Please stop!" She cried, the only sound in the room. It stopped. Hovering above her hands was a dark sphere of rippling energy. Acting on instinct, she compressed it further until it would either be erased or...a bright burst of energy exploded through the room, knocking just about everyone down in its path. Lavi dropped to her knees in shock and locked eyes with her instructor who looked pale as a ghost. Sound finally returned, as gasps and frightened exclamations sounded from the others.
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  4. It started off innocent enough. Admittedly he chuckled with them as Levi finally came back to reality. She stepped up to dome and it looked as if nothing would happen.

    The dome began to bend towards Lavender and the shock at such display was visable on every face in the room. One of the Initiates, yet to be guardians, dropped to a knee.

    The others began to yell at her to stop but it was as if she was not hearing them. He looked around the room and everyone seemed effected by whatever she was doing. One of the mages leaned on his staff as if about to collapse at any moment.

    He jumped as the dome collapsed inwards to fit into her hand and the light of the room joined it. She asked for it to stop and it did... sort of. A explosion of light filled the room as the energy was released but he squinted through it.

    Everyone in the room fell as the energy was released. Everyone except him. The energy swirled around him and collected at his fingertips.

    Finally Reed Grayson was a somebody. After such a long time he had finally became what he was trained to be. A Guardian.
  5. Lavender watched as the instructor muttered something to himself. She slowly got to her feet, finding her quivering legs difficult to stand on. "I..." She whispered, though quickly lost her words.

    "What was that?!" One of the Mages demanded. "Where's the aura?" Another cried. "It's gone! The aura is gone!"

    A fierce growl poured out of one of the magi. The young man clearly had lost his temper judging by how red his face had flushed. In the blink of an eye he lept at Lavi. He tackled her and held her shoulders down with a vice grip. "What have you done?! Where is it?!" He screamed. "How will I manifest now, witch?!" The magi raised his arm prepping to strike her. Lavi yelped and tried to duck away, praying to the spirits for protection and mercy.
  6. After stepping forward, Reed watched the exchange between Lavi and the Mages. He wanted to do something, say something. But the right words eluded him. When the Magi assaulted her a powerful rage built up inside of him. Reed sheathed his sword and cast aside his shield. He placed both hands on the Magi's back with a tight grip. While a couple inches shorter than average Reed is not to be underestimated. His muscles are lean and tone after so many years of training. In one swift motion Reed threw the Magi off of her.

    "Get away from her!", Reed shouted and tossed off his helm. In doing so Reed revealed his shoulder length bright blond hair, tied back and out of the way, and blue-green eyes.
  7. The magi stumbled onto his hands and knees leaving Lavender to crawl away trembling with fright. The magi grunted while getting to his feet before turning on Reed. He charged at the Guardian with killer intent. But before he could bridge the gap, their instructor appeared as if from thin air. The great Mage buffeted both the agitated magi and Reed with sharp blast of wind. It knocked the unarmored man back to the ground. "Enough!" The instructor hissed.

    Crossing quickly to Lavender, he helped her to her feet. With a snap of his fingers he signaled Reed to join them. "Come with me. The rest of you, go to the cloister. Stay there until I return. Dismissed!" He barked and quickly guided Lavi and Reed out to the rear door.

    Once in private, the Wind Mage stared at them for a long while. Lavender was anxious to know what he was thinking and what was going on. What was this strange power she held? But she didn't dare break the silence. After what felt to almost be an hour, he spoke. "Miss Grace."

    "Yes sir?" She asked quietly.

    "I trust that what you did in there was impulse. You must be totally honest with me. Right here and right now. There will be consequences you can't even imagine if you aren't truthful with me."
    Lavender swallowed and nodded. Her face reflected her fear. Her instructor sighed. "I couldn't believe you would do anything with malicious intent. But understand I have to be sure. There hasn't been a Void Mage since the age before the academy was formed."

    "Void Mage?"

    "That's what you are. Your magic manipulates and alters space. But it requires more energy than most. But to think it would absorb the aura of manifest itself..." He shook his head. "I'll do what I can to lessen what you must face going forward, but know that many will demand that you answer for its destruction."

    "I destroyed it?...I didn't mean!"

    He raised his hand silencing her. "What's done is done." He turned towards Reed, finally addressing him. "Guardian, what is your name?"
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  8. Feeling the Mage's eyes upon them made him uncomfortable. Reed shuffled into proper attentive stance and waited his words with apprehension. The break in the silence was most welcome though his words were troubling. The aura must have magnified her powers but still the energy she released was unlike anything that Reed had seen. That was all without trying. Imagine what Lavender would be capable of once she masters her magic... The word 'Guardian' snapped him back into reality. Quickly he snapped back to attention, "Reed Grayson, Sir!"
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  9. "At ease Mr. Grayson. Am I correct in guessing that magic doesn't hold any affect around you?"

    Lavender was surprised by her teacher's suggestion. If it was true, this Mr. Grayson was very rare among the Guardians, and generally a fear of most mage types. She took a moment to get a good look at him, having not taken much notice of him before. Reed was close to her own height, and had a pleasant face. But what was he really like she wondered. Was he to be her constant companion from then on?
  10. "Uh- yes that is right sir." Reed relaxed himself and let his arms fall naturally to the side, "It is something that just comes naturally to me... How did you know that... sir?"

    Reed looked to Lavender and then to the Mage. What now? He said something about them demanding her to answer for what she had done. Somehow he felt now that things actually could get worse than before.
  11. "Well put simply, you'd have to be to be her Guardian. Otherwise, she would be liable of killing you over time." He explained. Lavender gasped and stepped back. Kill him? Kill anyone, let alone her Guardian? How could everything be going so wrong! Unable to take anymore of it all, she broke out in tears.

    "Kill him? What kind of monster am I?!" She shrieked backing away from them.

    "Lavi, calm yourself!"

    "No! Just take it away! I don't want this magic! Take it away!" She was becoming more hysterical. Her aura started licking up making the air in the room start to feel tighter. The torch light started to flicker.

    "Miss Grace! Get a hold of yourself!" The Air Mage grabbed her shoulders trying to steady her some. He winced a little as she drew some of his energy from the contact.
  12. "Lavender. It's alright. You will learn to control this." Reed said with confidence and went over to them. He focused his energies and extended his hands. The energy Lavi commanded flowed from her to his hands and in one motion he dispelled the energies back into the air. "Together we will overcome whatever is before us."
  13. Sensing the change, the Air Mage released Lavender and stepped back. Lavender visibly started to calm. She looked at him, connecting her hazel eyes with his blue ones. The affect this man she hardly knew had on her surprised her. It was as if there was cord that was transferring his confidence to her. The feeling was such a deep warmth and feeling of safety she hadn't felt in many years. Stepping toward Reed, Lavender gave a small nod. "Together..." It was halfway between a question and a statement.
  14. Reed nodded in response and took his place next to her, "We are ready to face what lies ahead."

    He said this with such certainty and for a woman he hardly knew anything about. Though he felt a confidence behind his words, like he knew them to be true.
  15. Lavender's instructor nodded, looking satisfied. "Good. Keep your bond strong. It's a sacred thing, the bond between Mage and Guardian. It will keep you alive." He then walked them over to some seats further in and began discussing what they needed to know going forward.

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