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  1. Could anyone tell me how to become a registered member?
  2. If you mean how to let other people sign up, you will need to share with them the link or code you will get from this page:

    Otherwise, the registration or signups are closed, and people can only register when they're invited by a member of the site.
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  3. Oh no no I meant like - I see there are differences in color between members and registered members...I belong to the site, I just don't know what I issued in becoming a registered member ^-^
  4. Haha, everyone who can post in the general forum is a registered member. :D Right now we are going through a voting to change the colors of the member groups, so things are a little wonky compared to the FAQ.

    Dark blue is the general registered members (formerly green), while orange (soon to be hot pink) is for new members.
    Light grey is for lurker members who haven't posted in 30 days, and dark grey is for inactive members who haven't logged in for 30 days.

    Everything from here on out will be changed over the next several weeks.

    Donating members are pale green (was this your confusion?), staff members are... Well, the color I have. Is that some shade of pink? ;p Community Volunteers are light blue, and administration is red.

    So, moral of the story, no need to do anything! The moment you created your account, you became a registered member.
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  5. Ohh so that's what you meant ^^;
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  6. To clarify and simplify the info in @Peregrine's post, the registered members usergroup is all the regular members who are active and are not new to the site. New folks now have a delightfully disgusting pink name until they make 10 posts, then they're automatically bumped up to the registered members usergroup and get the purple-ish blue name color. Inactive people, lurkers, donators, and members of the various levels of site moderation staff all have different name colors (which will be changing in the coming months as we go through a lot more polls) to make them stand out from others at a glance.

    You're already a registered member, the term is just sort of confusing because it's a bit redundant and makes it sound like there must also be an unregistered members group. There's not, unless you want to count guests posting in the Off-Site Advertisements section as unregistered members, which I do not. :P
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  7. Oh I get it now, thanks for the help everyone :DDD
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