Regenesis: Age of Ice

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Genre: Adventure, Apocalyptic, Science-Fiction, Tragedy​


Location: Earth
Year: 4201 - 4204
Population: Approximately 4.7 billion

Decades before the tragic fall of civilisation, the world pooled its resources and created BioTECH., an international firm concerned with experimental genetic research. The group, spearheaded by U.S.A., commenced project ReGenesis. They had one goal: to breed a new and superior human race with abilities surpassing those of their predecessors, enabling them to survive the Ice Age. Roughly one million individuals, ranging from eighteen to as old as thirty years, were specifically selected for the project.

ReGenesis suffered major drawbacks in the beginning. There were accidents and even deaths: some 500,000 subjects were lost over the course of the years. To address this unfortunate state of affairs, the American government ordered BioTECH to cease operations.

But all hope was not lost with the advent of the new Hybrid technology. This technology, dubbed as the seed of a new era, was the fruit of Japanese labour and was soon incorporated into Project ReGenesis. BioTECH resumed operations before long with Japan aiding in the development of the new species.

The transformation of the remaining 500,000 test subjects into Human-Animal hybrids was instigated by means of genetic modification. These para-humans were then placed inside cryogenic chambers and were set to wake 2.6 million years into the future (i.e. after the Ice Age). And in response to the rapidly increasing Anti-BioTECH movements, an unknown number of underground laboratories were erected in secret. These laboratories, spread far and wide all over the globe, housed the Hybrids and other innovations.

Meanwhile, the world rejoiced: Project ReGenesis was a success. Or so they thought.


Location: Earth
Year: Unknown/The Ice Age
Population: Less than 500,000

For some reason or other, several cryo-chambers activated before the intended time. A mutant carnivorous species, also known as the Renegades, came into existence. These creatures are said to be deviant Hybrids that seek to devour and outlive the original para-humans, the Redeemers. The future remains uncertain as the two species strive to outlast each other.


The Redeemers of Earth, the original Hybrids, are essentially superhuman beings. Before they were recruited by BioTECH., they each led their own ordinary human lives. But because they had been chosen for Project ReGenesis, it is safe to assume that these people were more than just ordinary. They were (and still are) prodigies, with physical and mental abilities that surpass those of the common man. Instilled in their hards is the will to "live on", as is the maxim of the project. In that regard, they are a resourceful and adaptable species with a limitless set of useful skills.

Type-O are human beings, but not quite. BioTECH found it necessary to improve the genetic composition of their human subjects so as to make them more adaptable to the conditions of the Ice Age. Hybrids have had their DNA genetically modified and merged with those of other species, such as other animals and insects. As a result, they bear certain inhuman characteristics like fangs, stingers, or wings, which they call weapons. These weapons are unique to each Hybrid and play a very important role in their survival, and are said to be extensions of their personalities. They may be developed and honed, causing them to be more powerful overtime. But they are not always visible and will only appear when summoned. Mutant hybrids possess such weapons as well.

The cost of such a powerful ability is that Type-O can live up to approximately five years upon awakening. Veterans are few and far between. Although compelled to procreate for the sake of the human race, the existence of mutant hybrids renders such a feat difficult if not impossible.

Seeing as Type-O are not their own species, their offspring will be purely human and will not inherit any superhuman weapons or abilities.


The Renegades are a mutated species that date back several hundred years before the current time. As a rule, they mate exclusively with their own kind and bear mature Type-X offspring. Being their own species, they cannot mate with human beings. While Redeemers are keen to survive, Renegades are hard-wired to kill. And to this day, they are still undergoing the process of devolution.

In essence, Type-X desire for human meat and blood, but may resort to cannibalism without experiencing any side-effects. They can manage without sustenance for thirty days at most before weakening and finally dying of starvation. But hunger for these creatures is an excruciating experience, and their desire for human flesh is never truly sated. When Type-X do not receive their needed nourishment, they lose control over themselves and may even experience hallucinations. Other adverse effects include irritability, irrationality, and physical frailty among others. Their average life span is one hundred and fifty years upon reaching full maturity (i.e. Phase 3 Mutation).

Many theories abound as to the origin of these creatures. One in particular speculates that mutants were once human beings, but due to the Hypersleep system's notorious malfunction several years ago, they were forced into consciousness and had to survive the Ice Age by means of cannibalism. Their bodies adapted to their surroundings and behaviour, transforming them into a new and mutated Hybrid race. This theory has yet to be proven, and the true origins of the Type-X remain unknown up to this day.

The Devolution of the Type-X Species

Phase 1: Merge
(Duration: 6 months - 1 year)
The Hybrid may obtain strength (but not satisfaction) from ordinary human food while its desire for human flesh grows stronger with each passing day. Severe weapon paralysis is also realised, rendering the Hybrid useless in combat. During paralysis, the weapon merges permanently with the Hybrid's body, making it difficult to summon and control. The Hybrid develops heightened senses and animal instincts in the process. However, it remains able to converse with and comprehend human beings. Memories and emotions are retained as well. In terms of physical appearance, mutants in this phase resemble human beings very closely.

Phase 2: Transformation
(Duration: 3-6 months)
Control over the now stronger and fully developed weapon is regained. In return, an insatiable desire for human flesh is developed. Ordinary food can no longer suffice and may even induce nausea. Furthermore, the Hybrid undergoes a drastic physical transformation. It develops long, elfin ears and superior hearing, red irises that enables the bearer to see in the dark, hardened skin that keeps the mutant warm, a hunched back, and fangs for eating. These features are present in all mutants, setting them apart from the original Hybrids. But otherwise Type-X are each unique in physical appearance depending on the genetic make-up of the species they have been hybridised with. In case the mutant already possesses any of the aforementioned features before transformation, said feature/s will simply double in number or in strength.

Throughout this phase, the Hybrid retains sixty percent of its human consciousness but may sporadically experience mental and emotional instability. Talking requires a significant amount of concentration and will. Some memories are easily forgotten during this stage, whereas recollection is nearly impossible.

Phase 3: Maturity
(The Final Phase)
This phase is not one in itself but is used to refer to mutant beings who have reached the final stage of maturity. A mutant classified underneath this category has no recollection whatsoever of its past life and retains only a small percentage of its consciousness. Its memory is short-lived, lasting up to twenty-four hours at most and cannot engage in conversation nor comprehend human language. Mutants in this phase are primitive binge-eaters with little intelligence, relying on brawn and instinct more than anything else. Some travel in packs while others prefer to hunt on their own. Fully developed mutants have no hope of going back to their previous forms or retaining old memories.

Mature Type-X Hybrids retain most of their physical features from the second stage, except that they have more prominent hunched backs and may sometimes crawl on all fours.


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3. Observe proper behaviour at all times. Respect your fellow role-players as well as yourselves.

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8. Feel free to add your own touches of creativity to this role-play, but take care not to deviate from the established premise.
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10. This is an advanced role-play, so good grammar and correct spelling are expected of all participating role-players.
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Alias: (Optional)
Hybridised With: (Depends on what you go for)
Phase: (If Type-O, leave blank; If Type-X, specify number of months)
Age: (Character's age before Hypersleep + Years of activity)
Years Active: (How long has it been since your character has awoken from Hypersleep? If inapplicable, leave blank.)
Weapon/s and Abilities:
Personality: (Paragraph form)
Appearance: (Extra pictures or description)

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//yesss. finally! Time to revive my precious Lucas <3

Gyrfalcon hybrid

Alias: The Bearer of Ivory Wings (Ivory Wing for short)
Species: Type O (believes he is a type X in his first phase)
Age: 19 years old
Years Active: 1 year active

Weapon/s and Abilities:
* Flight - Lucas' wings give him the ability to fly, albeit not very high and not for long.
* Feather Daggers - At will, Lucas can morph his wings into sharp blades which when plucked, may be used as a dagger.
* Talons - Sharp talons cover his fingers in place of regular finger nails.
* Gust - Using his wings, Lucas can create small gusts of wind able to carry away lightweight foes and objects.

* Lone Wolf - Even before he had found out that Ry was lying to him; even before he was recruited by BioTECH to be a part of Regensis, Lucas had always outcast himself from others. It was simply a matter of preference. There was also the fact that no one really wanted to be near him or associate with him. But he didn't mind. To him, being alone was nice. It made things quieter; there was less drama; less bullsh!t he had to deal with; less problems. Lucas couldn't deny however that a part of him longed for companionship and made him think of the what ifs.

* Silent - Lucas isn't much of a talker, and that's basically it. He's a man of little words and only speaks when he deems it necessary. Why? It was simple: the less you say, the less chances you had to make a mistake. That was the concept that Lucas abided by. Then again, he didn't have much to talk to as he was a lone wolf. But even after he's found companionship in Ry, he still wasn't much of a talker. Ry did all the talking, Lucas listened; he was always more of a listener.

* Independent - A trait that he acquired mostly from him being a lone wolf. Being someone who liked to keep to himself and away from others, Lucas had no one to rely on but himself. Thus, he learned quickly on how to become self reliant; to become independent of others. Besides, he once relied on someone (Ry) -- albeit not completely -- and that turned out to be one giant mess he'd rather bury deep within his memories.

* Stubborn - Description

* Cautious - Description

* Before the Sleep - Lucas' childhood mainly consisted of bouncing back and forth from the orphanage he was left at, to some random home that had decided to adopt him. The disappointment and sadness that came with being thrown back into the orphanage by the families who have adopted him, though it used to sting and hurt him a lot, Lucas eventually learned not give any attention to -- or rather, he learned not to get his hopes up. Instead of being gleeful about being adopted, he now saw it as a temporary thing. He's experienced it far too many times already and know what the outcome would always be. In the past, after getting sent back to the orphanage by a family that adopted him, he would sulk and hide underneath the sheets of his assigned bed. If he had his own room he probably would've locked him, but he didn't. Kids from his orphanage had to share a room with 9 other children.

He was 16 when he suddenly got adopted by a rather peculiar family. Lucas didn't mind though; he knew already what was happening after, they find out that they don't like him and send him back -- at least that was what he thought. Lucas was wrong this time, the family didn't abandon him. In fact, they needed him; much to his surprise. As it turns out, the family that adopted him was part of BioTECH and wanted to make him part of their project. Lucas had two options, a) go back to the same old cycle of being adopted and returned, or b) just go along with it. His decision was quite evident. So for 2 years, his foster parents along with the other people part of BioTECH prepared him for what was to come. Does he regret his decision? No. However, one question bothered him ever since, Why was he chosen?

* Awakening - The first thing Lucas saw as soon as he woke up prematurely from his sleep was a mouth poised as if it was about to eat him; and he was pretty certain that had been the creature's original intent -- that was until Lucas accidentally and unknowingly used his feather daggers causing the creature to step back. One of the feathers managed to cut the creature's cheek. The two merely stared at each other in shock. They remained like so till the creature noticed the blood dripping from Lucas' back. Much to Lucas' surprise, the 'predator' immediately began to treat the first of what would be many wounds on his back. This was the moment when Lucas met Ry, a type X who was nearing his Phase 2.

As Ry was tending to Lucas' wounds, he explained to Lucas how he had woken up prematurely and that he was now a type X hybrid; but he wasn't. Lucas was far from being a type X like Ry and this was reflected by how his eyes were still of their original colour: ice blue. Ry was fully aware that Lucas was actually a type O. He offered to accompany Lucas and serve as his guide throughout his journey. However, Ry had the underlying intent of killing Lucas later for food. The gyrfalcon was sceptical about Ry's offer but accepted nonetheless; he had nothing to lose.

* Food and Morality - The first time he ate human flesh, he didn't know what it was he was eating; all he knew was that he liked the flavour and taste of it. Ry knew it wasn't a necessity for Lucas to eat human flesh but if he wanted for him to continue trusting him, he had to keep making him believe that he was truly a type X. This was 1 month after his awakening; by then Ry had already slowly warmed up to him. Ry tells himself that the only reason he hasn't eaten Lucas yet was because he was his 'emergency rations'. The truth however was that he had already lost his original intent of killing Lucas. Instead, he became protective of him to the point of Lucas becoming his adoptive brother -- albeit not officially, he regarded him as such. He only accepted this fact 2 months later.

His protectiveness over Lucas along with the his gradual devolution, Ry had managed to convince even himself that Lucas was a type X like him. It was also around then that Lucas ate human flesh for the second time. This time Lucas was fully aware of what it was he was consuming, he even hunted the flesh himself. Lucas enjoyed both the hunt and the meal. The third time came another 2 months later. This time however, Lucas refused to hunt nor eat. He began questioning whether what they were doing was right. Ry dramatically explained to him how it was the way for them to survive. Stubborn as he was, Lucas refused to believe it. This resulted into an argument between the two. Lucas started to refuse eating flesh despite knowing what effect that would entail upon him; and for as long as Ry continued consume flesh, Lucas refused to talk to him. Ry was tempted to leave the gyrfalcon hybrid alone, but protectiveness over Lucas made him stay by his side. Thus, in the end, Ry reluctantly agreed to his conditions. From then on, they simply lived off of human food.

* Farewell - 1 month after their abstinence of flesh, Ry began entering Phase 2. Initially, this was no problem for Lucas, but eventually it began to worry him. From time to time Lucas felt as if Ry was looking at him like he was a piece of meat, ready to be eaten at any time. Not wanting to believe that Ry would think that of him, Lucas brushed it off as paranoia. However, as time progressed Lucas saw it wasn't just paranoia. Their abstinence was killing Ry inside. No longer being able to take it, he killed someone and fiercely devoured his flesh. Knowing how upset Lucas would be if he were to find out, Ry kept it a secret. Ry became calmer but was still unsatisfied.

Lucas noted the incredible change in Ry's behaviour and grew suspicious of him. It wasn't until 5 months later, did he find out about Ry's little secret. Another argument between the two ensued. This time however Ry became violent. He'd apparently entered his Phase 3 and could no longer identify Lucas as his friend. Knowing the difference in their strength, Lucas fled in fear that Ry would kill him.

* Alone - Fleeing from Ry was something that Lucas regretted deeply. This was because he had given up on trying to help him so easily. Lucas couldn't help but wonder what would've happened if he'd stay with Ry, perhaps he could've gotten better. 1 month later, their paths cross yet again.

Lucas saw him, trying to pry open a cryogenic pod with a sleeping hybrid inside. Before he could accomplish what was trying to attempt on doing, Lucas called him out and successfully distracted him from his task. He asked what Ry was doing and despite being in his Phase 3, Ry managed to explain 'I'm getting some food. Just like the day I met you'. His words were garbled yet at the same time they crystal clear. which scared Lucas. Just how much flesh has he consumed? How many lives has he taken?

It was at that moment that Lucas started to piece things together. Ry was the reason for his untimely awakening, he was the reason why he is now a type X hybrid -- or at least, that was what he thought. Feeling betrayed, Lucas allowed his emotions to take over. The next thing he knew, his hands and wings were full of blood and Ry... was dead. Since then Lucas became more independent. His experience with Ry has lead him to the conclusion that he couldn't trust anyone. which is why he now ventures alone.

* Unnamed Foster Parents (deceased) - Description
* Ry - Adoptive brother (deceased) - Description

* Ivory wings protrude from his back.
* Scars all over his back from the times he was not careful in using his feather dagger ability.
* He keeps the lower half of his face covered in bandages to cover his mouth. It's a sign of his refusal to consume flesh.
* Lucas' hair is uniquely white, a side effect of the mutation. His hair used to be black.
* Lucas observed that unlike most type X hybrids, he has maintained his ice blue eyes. The reason for this was unknown to him but it's really just because he isn't what he thinks he is. He figures it may change once he reaches phase 2 but hopes it doesn't as it serves as a reminder of what he is before the mutation.
* Although he was already pale to begin with, his skin became even paler and is now almost white due to the mutation.

* Surname - Description Doesn't have one. Cause orphan. They gave him one for legal purposes ? But he refuses to use it. asdfghjkl;

* Strengths and Weaknesses - The use of his "mutant" features, mainly his wings, causes a lot of strain on his body. Ry explained that this is because he is still in his Phase 1, but it is actually because his wings are actually quite heavy, due to the mass of feathers, notably when they are outstretched or in motion. When his wings are at rest, Lucas is able to carry them with ease thus feeling no strain. This was something that the scientists at BioTECH have completely overlooked and did not prepare him for. Some of his abilities, in particular the Feather Daggers are unstable. If not careful, using the Feather Daggers ability may cause Lucas to inflict injury upon himself, particularly on his back. Upon learning the consequences the use of his wings inflicts on himself, Lucas has learned to cope without the constant use of it. This has lead him to become agile. Over time, Lucas has also developed a keen eyesight which not only allows him to see from quite a distance, but allows him to see fast movement as if it were at normal speed.

* Something - Description

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Hybridised With:

Type O


Years Active:
6 Months

Weapon/s and Abilities:
She has two stingers in either arm that extend and retract from the wrist at her will. She can use these as knife like protrusions to spar with, or for their original use, to sting
One sting is paralyzing, two are lethal.

Gravity means nothing to her and she can scale walls at will.

She has formed a somewhat hard but thin exoskeleton that makes her skin appear translucent.

She can glow in the dark when she chooses to.

Nila is generally straight forward and serious and a little sad.
She is focused and quick thinking and never hesitates to act. She is very pridefull, independant, dominant and likes to be in control. She is pretty neutral toward the other type O's and doesn't like to form attachment, but she does work well together with them when teaming up to fight the X's.

Nila grew up an only child raised by her father, who worked for BioTECH. Her mother died giving birth to her. Nila spent most of her free time at her fathers work place and developed an interest in his projects. She began working on the ReGenisis project at age 20 with her father. At age 25 she volunteered to be a subject of the project.

When she awoke, everything seemed normal untill she came across the type X's. She remembered this mutation being fortold as a possible negetive side effect of the project. The X's threatened the survival of humanity so Nila made it her mission to hunt them all down.



Dark hair and dark eyes with proportionate facial features that are somewhat exotic.
She has a lithe, atheletic type body and she is tall.

Hidden stingers that can extend and and retract from her wrists.
Pale translucent looking skin (that she can make glow) do to her exoskeleton.



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//feeds everyone to Alban



Alban; 'The Binge'
Type X - 1 month into phase 2

Estimated to be 18 years old
It has been one (1) year since awakening
He has been transforming for eight (8) months
Genetically modified with the platypus

Weapon/s and Abilities
Venomous nails - The platypus venom, that the male platypus produces, is known to be lethal for smaller animals, but not for humans and bigger animals. However, though it might not be lethal, it can leave a victim disabled in agonising pain when they come in contact with the substance. The venom of the platypus, that has been mixed with Alban's DNA, is made up from several chemicals that lowers the blood pressure around the wound, and increases the blood flow around the wound, which causes oedema, and the torturous pain.

Electroreception - The ability to sense to pick up on signals through energy, electricity. It is a sense and ability that the platypus use to track and locate their prey, and to determine the distance between itself and the target. Usually used underwater, as water is a better conductor for electricity than air.

Fangs - Like all renegades, Alban as well grew a set of fangs. It helps him when he is eating, making it easier to tear off the meat from the bones, and even in fights. Though his fangs have nothing special around them, apart from being sharper and stronger than regular teeth, Alban heavily relies on them when he does engage himself in a fight.

Hardened Skin - To adapt to the harsh environments the renegades were exposed to, they had developed a skin that works much alike to that of the fur of animals. Keeping them warm, and protecting them from the weather. It is another one of the characteristics that Alban developed ever since the start of his transformation.

Sensitive Hearing - Even as a human Alban had a pretty sensitive hearing, after being genetically mixed with the platypus that sense heightened itself, but ever since the transformation his hearing has developed itself rapidly. Making the range of sounds, and tones, he is able to process, and pick up on even wider, and even from a greater distance.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Fast and agile in water - Due to the mix of genes with the platypus, Alban has gained the ability to move extremely well in water. Diving, holding in his breath, and tracking his prey, with the mixture of the known abilities of the platypus, Alban is able to move himself around in aquatic environments efficiently. The fact that he has a bit of membrane between his fingers and toes, making them resemble that of duck-feet, gives him an even greater advantage in the water.

Sensitive to movement - In combination with electroreception and his developed hearing, the male is extremely sensitive to movements around him, as no movement goes without a sound or the waste of energy. In water his ability to pick up on electrical signals overpowers, as the water clogs up his ears. On land his ears dominate this sensitive trait, as air doesn't conduct electricity that well.

Gluttonous - The reason why Alban has been dubbed 'the binge', he seems to have very little control over his appetite, finding himself usually eating more than what he actually needs to satisfy his lust, or giving away his sanity temporarily when he is hungry for food. The further he goes into his transformation the more often Alban seems to give into his instincts, going into the beast inside of himself, only to wake up later with no recollection of what happened.

Unbalanced on land - Due to the membrane between his toes, and him being more adapted to life in water, Alban is a little bit clumsy on land. He finds it difficult to move swiftly on the land, the membrane between his toes, slightly disturbing the balance he had before the modification and hibernation. The hunched back that he gained through his transformation from the first phase to the second phase worsening the disability he already had. For that reason Alban walks around as if he is intoxicated, specially when he is running, or when he loses himself to the beast inside of him.




Hazy Memories
What his life had been like before the hypersleep Alban doesn't remember. He once could, when he just woke up from his slumber, recalling his last days as a human. However years had passed since he fell asleep, he soon realised that a lot had changed, it agonised him, knowing that he woke up in a world completely unknown to him. His loved ones felt far away, and he felt as if he was on his own to survive and figure out how to survive. Not only had the world changed, but his physique as well, as he couldn't recognise himself anymore. Only his mentality had been the same, and that broke him even further apart in confusion.

Based on a vague memory of attachment to the name Alban, the boy had decided to name himself that. For what reason he couldn't recall, but the male found that he needed a new name if he couldn't recognise or recall his own. It was in this state of confusion that Alban set out to wander around, hoping to find signs of life, and a way to survive in this strange new world.

It didn't take long before the male was found and taken into a group of fellow hybrids, teaching him the way to move around in this new world, and what new dangers had emerged. It made it easier for Alban to accept his new form, to live with the fact that he was no longer human. The comfort in the thought that there were more alike to him satisfied him, as it kept him from losing his mind completely. The group taught him a lot of the new world, how to survive as a hybrid, what to look for, and what to look out for. He was taught to fear and despise the Renegades, but to always help out a Redeemer like how they had helped him. It was almost as if they were growing a child, teaching Alban how to use his new abilities to his advantage, and helping him figure out what abilities he had. However due to his naturally shy and reluctant nature Alban didn't try to grow closer to them, neither did the group try to form a bond with him, leaving each other in a world where only the fittest could survive.

It was three months after he woke up that Alban found something strange about himself. It all started innocently, as the group had been moving around without much rest for days. Finally deciding to set up a camp the group had decided to divide them in pairs as to look for food, or to search for firewood. It thus so happened that the male was grouped up with someone to fulfil the task assigned to him. As the two of them left the camp to do what they were asked for Alban felt his mind going blank, a desire taking him over that controlled him. The next time Alban woke up he found himself wounded, his partner of that day gone, and the taste of blood fresh inside of his mouth.

Initially the group had thought that Alban and his partner were attacked by type X's when they had left the camp, the male himself believed this to be true as well, his memories of what truly happened being vague. However, as the attacks seemed to frequent itself, every time happening with Alban involved, wounded, and unable to remember anything, the group started to become hostile towards him. Was this merely coincidence, or was Alban keeping something behind? The group didn't dare to speak out their suspicion, and neither did Alban dare to share his worries. Renegades were different from them, right? He believed that it was impossible for a tupe-O to suddenly turn into an X, but perhaps this was just his own excuse on making himself feel better.

Food started to taste bland, and the limbs of his comrades became mouthwatering. When Alban entered his second month of transformation he realised that he wasn't like any of his comrades. Not daring to dub himself a Renegade either, the male had denied himself the possibility that he was transforming, desperately trying to find ways to keep himself from falling into another memory lapse. Finding that he usually blanked out when he was hungry, fatigued, or threatened, the male tried to find for ways around to avoid the lapses from happening. He tried to keep himself fed, by consuming more human food, tried to rest more, usually trying to get the group to camp out early, and he tried to find himself the safest and most comfortable job to do, so that he could avoid any attacks. He withdrew within himself, scared of interaction for as long as he didn't know what happened when he went into another black-out. It worked, if only for a slight while, for his appetite was never sated with only bread, and he could never get enough comfort, or rest due to his growing uneasiness.

At that second month after the start of phase one, his comrades had planned on taking Alban out, finding his behaviour and involvement with the death of the other members too suspicious. Sending the male away to get some food, how reluctant Alban might have been to agree to the job, the group had followed him, silent as the shadow and tried to trap him. However, due to his sensitive senses, mixed with a combination of hunger and fatigue Alban got scared by the sounds and movements surrounding him, giving into his beastlike instincts again and attacked.

That was the last he had ever seen of the group. When Alban woke up again he found himself surrounded by a few of their corpses, the rest all gone, presumably having fled the scene in fear. He at least hoped that they did, his guilt overbearing him with the thought that he was responsible for their deaths. In this unstable condition, along with his constant fear of being watched, or attacked, Alban's state quickly dwindled down, hastening his transformation into the second phase.

Like all Renegades he has glowing red eyes that sees in dark. Accompanied with his coal black hair, and pale complexion, Alban has a somewhat sinister look to him. Along with the typical hunched back that the type X develop and along with his somewhat clumsy way of moving around, due to the membrane between his toes, it gives him the appearance of a drunk, messy, and lost.

(With the hunched back) 175 cm
(Full length) 180 cm

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