INTEREST CHECK Regency Era Historical Fiction RP?

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  1. <cite>The streets of London 1816. England has just barely gotten over the Anglo-American War and the aristocracy of the country are in fear of the possibility of a revolution from the citizens. In the midst of the upheaval, one man is planning to take advantage of the confusion to extract revenge upon this country that has wronged him so, and he is building an army. Christopher Holmes, also known as the Puppet Master, has an extensive network of spies and assassins inserted in all the right parts of London's high society. And who better to recruit than those at the rock bottom of society? Those without identities, who can blend in perfectly anywhere with just the right training? Holmes and the Madame find homeless teenagers on the streets of London, and give them a life of luxury they couldn't have dreamed of on their own, in return for being completely loyal to the Network.

    You are a runaway, an orphan, a pickpocket. An exiled criminal, a courtesan, a mercenary, a street performer. Take your pick. You can already be part of Mr Christopher Holmes' group of homeless people who have been recreated and put into the finest spots in society, or a new recruit. Your mission is to infiltrate the high society of London, gain trust and popularity, and await orders, for the ultimate goal: assassinate the Prince Regent, King of England.
    Otherwise, you could be a noble, seeking out the Network in an attempt to stop it, or join it. Meh, whatever works.

    Just so you know, this would not be historically accurate, other than the customs and stuff.

    Just an interest check - anyone want to doing this?
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    This sounds awesome.
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    That's good to know! ^_^
  4. Interesting darling, though a point of order. Why Holmes? Surely he's of no relationship to Sherlock!
  5. Christopher Holmes. Don't you think it has a nice ring to it? Plus, our dearly beloved Sherlock is from the end of the nineteenth century, rather than the beginning of it. My biggest worry about the plot is how ludicrous the whole "Let's assassinate the king and change history forever" thing is xP And thanks for the interest :)
  6. I've had this talk with a friend...doesn't your plot fit in better pre-edwardian. Since king george was insane!?
  7. I'd be up for this. Feels like shadowrun if it was set in the early 19th century rather than in 2070
  8. Prince Regent wras a total womaniser who loved his parties so that would be fun to play out with female assassins ^_^

    Edwardian period would be just before WWI, and there were motor cars and such, but I love the whole horse-carriage thing, and I still see the fine Georgian houses around whenever I'm in town. And Jane Austen wrote in the Regency era! Also, not that I'm saying it'll be easy in the Regency period, but it would be harder to assassinate a king and not get caught in the early twentieth century.

    It would be in the industrial revolution, so it would be easier to sneak people into high society as businessmen and such, and the French revolution is an inspiration for ordinary people to revolt anyway, especially because of what a terrible king the Prince Regent was.

    Well, I'm not much of an expert, and I don't expect anyone to speak in the lingo from back then. I'm open to more suggestions :D
  9. Thats my point. You know how he became Prince regeant was that King George died. What if the prince regent was the organizer of the assassination plots...but had no direct hand in it.
  10. That, m'dear, in very clever. Let's do that! Oh, aren't interest checks just wonderful? ^_^ *casually Wikipedia-ing when King George died* Shall we make the year 1819 then? So no Angle-Amer war aftermath anyway - there's enough going on as it is. How many players shall we aim for? (I'm new to Iwaku, hence the 'New Member' thing :D) Oh my, wasn't the guy a stunner? xD
  11. Thats King George right? Looks like he had his head up his butt...but then again he was insane...and reportedly the insanity was caused by syphilis...
  12. I'm interested!
  13. My primary character or set thereof is a plucky, cockney sounding bard - previously a street thief, and an orphan too - I daresay this is hook, line, and sinker for me. Count me in if it gets off the ground.
  14. I was hooked by "female assassin", so if this rp gets going I call dibs! >...>