Regardless of legitimacy , what superstitions do you follow?

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  1. Anything from lucky socks to rabbits feet!

    - I refuse to say Bloody Mary three times in front of a mirror
  2. I refuse to go a day without a Bloody Mary.


    -I don't use Ouiga boards
    -I try not to brag about things because well they reverse on you
    -Also, I believe the legend that says when you can't sleep you are awake in someone else's dream
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  3. It's actually spelled Ouiga! One of those weird ones that doesn't look how it sounds

    I don't use them either; they're creepy !
  4. Eh whatever, but I shall edit it to pay tribute to the Minibit
  5. I touch wood to ward off terrible luck.
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  6. Hm...I'm sure I've got some but once i start to think about them they scatter. ugh. Um...I will cross my fingers for luck. Also if I'm not sick but I sneeze I wonder if anyone's talking about me
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  7. I am emotionally 100% convinced that (pop culture) karma is real even though I'm also 100% convinced intellectually that it's only coincidence.

    Rain is a sign that it will be a lucky day. Whenever it rains my day gets better. (this might be the fact that we're in extreme drought more than any superstition, actually)

    If the cat is staring out the window like something is out there, there's something out there. Even though the cat is psycho and probably has PTSD.
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  8. A few come to mind, actually. Otherwise, I'm not very superstitious. I'm usually a boringface about this stuff because I think it's silly.

    I'm too chicken to do the Bloody Mary thing, too. Sadly, it's because of trauma. During a slumber party, I was dared to say her name 3 times in the bathroom, in the dark... Someone was hiding in the shower the whole time. They jumped out and scared me. I called my mom to pick me up and never went to a slumber party again. xP

    There's this superstition (it's Russian, I think) that says you should put a little money in a purse or wallet when you give one as a gift. Not doing so will make bad luck in your finances. So, I always put a little cash or a gift card in those kinds of presents. :3 Maybe it won't promise you'll have stable money, but it's at least thoughtful, right!?

    That's about all I can think of, aside from karma. Maybe it's real, maybe it ain't. I like to pretend it's real so that I'm more motivated to do good things for people. I can honestly say that the wrongs I've done have definitely come back to bite me. If they haven't yet, they will.

    Also, this.
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  9. every time I'm at a party I pour a drink out for all the friends I've lost.l
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  10. I believe in karma. I've also had this habit ever since I was a small boy where I would lift any bowl I drank from above my head slightly, like I'm giving thanks even though I'm not. The longer I keep something the more I feel it has my "magic" in it, which just means I'll be less likely to lose it. Oddly, I don't feel any sense of loss unless someone takes said "magic" item.
  11. I am asking the black cat who crossess my path "Kitty, haven't you found another route?"