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  1. While not a hot button issue, I've been sent a few PMs this past week asking what our default sizes are. I'm going to reestablish our normal rules for images in signatures.

    Users with a sig bigger than the standards (600w x 200h) will have their accounts edited and their sig image removed, if they don't alter the sizes themselves. This does not apply to text on sigs, since there's a character limit established.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, but it's the most efficient way to manage this matter.
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  2. Remember, we want to read your awesome posts, not your siggy. :D Over, and over, and over, and over again.
  3. I have the size plugged into the program I use to make sigs.
  4. As disturbing as it is to say this, everyone follow Ryker's example in making banner sizes.
  5. I want a bigger siggy...
  6. I'd rather keep it the current dimensions. While siggies are ways of expressing ourselves, it is our posts that are more important text, links. or pics.
  7. Ok then can just Isabellas have a siggy? And their own group so they get a special color like staff and mods do?
  8. *Kicks Isaboo!* Stop trolling Rory! D:<
  9. I'm not trolling.. I am asking for free stuff..
  10. No free stuff for you, unless you are a member of the most Glorious nation of Germania.
  11. Umm.... wouldn't it be better to send a PM to the person first and then give them a day or two to change on their own rather than reaching in and removing their sig?

  12. That helps! I would say what program I use but then people would go all "ewww, that program" on me.
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