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  1. So, here's the thing. I was going around doing my RPing stuff, when, in the corner of my eye, I see a glimpse of an interesting banner. However, by then, I had already clicked another link, and the page was changing. And now, here I am, spending ten minutes worth of refreshing in order to find it again. So far, no luck.

    Is there a way to access all current banners in rotation? Or shall I go back to the land of F4?
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  2. As far as I am aware, there is not a way to view a list all banners currently in rotation and active. This has been brought up before though (a few times), and I'm fairly sure it's something that will be considered/added or is on some kind of to do list~
  3. As of now, we don't have any way of viewing the full banner list, but if I remember correctly, Diana has mentioned that it is on her to do list, or maybe it was that they were going to ask the xenforo people to add it. Either way, Diana has it in mind. For now it's just to keep refreshing until it shows up.
  4. It must have been for Ilium. Here you go:



    But yes, the others are correct! @Diana has it on her list of things to do, and yes, it is a feature that has been requested quite a lot! I think it's a limitation with XenForo specifically, but I could be wrong.
  5. Yeah, we requested this as a feature from the mod coders, but they have not implemented it. D: (And we dunno if they ever intend to.)
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