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  1. Looking for a Dominant in MxM

    -At least a paragraph with enough to work with
    -Give me a heads up before doing anything weird
    -Proof read before sending. I know everyone makes mistakes but if its hard for me to understand I wont want to rp anymore

    I'm mainly just looking for some simple yet dirty fun. I love romance and deffinitly want chemistry, but I'm really looking forward to getting into the 'sheets' with someone.

    here are a few pairings

    Reaper x Human

    viking x Captive

    Warrior x Mage

    Vampire x Shifter

    BloodSlave x Cursed

    BloodSlave x Vampire

    Demon x Fallen angel

    Fallen angel x Human

    Hunter x Prey

    Android x Human

    Apprentice x Nobleman

    Merman x Human

    Brother x Brother

    Teacher x Student

    Best friend x Bestfriend's boyfriend
  2. Interested!

    Blood slave x vampire
    Demon x fallen angel
    Brother x Brother
    Apprentice x nobleman
  3. pm me and we'll talk :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.