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  1. Hey guys I have a few ideas of my passed rps the I want to revamp. Don't worry I also have pairing list for you to look at.

    I have a few rules that I need to put out there.

    1: Don't give me one liners, I expect 1-3ish paragraphs no more that 3 because I have difficulty reading. PLEASE IF YOU GO PAST THE LIMIT OF 3, DON'T POST 10 PARAGRAPHS, POST UP TO 4* I am farsighted with a double astigmatism meaning I have a bitch of a time focusing.

    2: Please write in third person and paragraph form. None of this: "merp merp merp" - blah blah blah-. I am here to write stories

    3: when making a character sheet with me I ask that you take time to pick out a creative name. I myself have an actual unique name and so does allot of my characters ex: Phoenix Acadia, Saffron Taye, Lilithia Lucifer La Deviant, Rosalia Lavantine etc. I just ask that it be original, and well thought. I also would prefer anime photos then real people.

    Now my list of pairings.

    I have a variety of pairings ^_^ FXM only atm

    Maiden/ wereWolf
    Princess x Invading King /Prince
    Demon x Sacrifice
    Fae x Collector
    Maid/Master (Consenting or not consenting)

    (Some have asked why I keep these plots up even thought some are full, feel free to take them and mold them to your own rp ^^)

    Cursed Affair (FxM) (FULL)

    Historical Fantasy
    Queen (MC) x YC - NTR (Netorare term for Cheating (No this part WILL NOT be changed!))
    YC Choices:
    Basically any character magic powers

    In order to save her kingdom from significant doom, the queen makes a deal with YC to protect her kingdom in exchange to become his lover and have an affair on her king.

    Run Away (FxM) (FULL)

    Historical Fantasy
    Princess (MC) x Werewolf (YC)

    a werewolf and a princess are secretly in love (the family finds out recently) but the Princess' family won't allow her to be with a beast. One night we run away only to face problems from werewolf's pack. The alpha may have his eye on the princess and tries to woe her.

    YES this is multiple character plot. We can share the NPCs.

    The Demons that follow me (FXM) (FULL two rps already)

    Modern Fantasy
    Cheerleader(MC) x Half demon nerd (YC)

    A human who was born a half demon and a cheerleader. He is a nerdy kid new to school who is very shy about things, but at times his demonic side may show. This involves him mostly protecting a city for other demons drawn in. At first she begins to secretly flirt with him and gets physical because due to the status quo it's considered wrong and she wants to have her nerd fix. Though along the way the nerds demon side shows and she becomes drawn to both and ends up getting involved in their world.

    Revenge on the Kingdom of Flanoir(ONE MORE SPOT OPEN)

    Historical Fantasy
    Princess (MC) x VAMPIRE (YC)

    The kingdom of Flanoir was reformed into the empire of the red wolf. A vampire swears revenge against the empire, going as far as confronting the royal family. He sees the eldest daughter and demands for her to quench his revenge with her company.
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  2. (≖‿‿≖) (≖‿‿≖)
  3. I'd be interested in the villain/heroine one. I've seen devil is a part timer and would enjoy creating something like that
  4. I have an rp that mirrors it already,
  5. In that case, I'd be up for 'The Demons that Follow Me' if it's still open
  6. Yup that is still open!
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  7. Hi there

    The idea of a Queen enlisting a character with magical powers is of interest to me, but I'm not really interested in the cheating aspect of it, how about instead the King has perished in battle and is why she needs help instead?
  8. The cheating is a major aspect of it.
  9. Then I suggest we brainstorm something else
  10. We can do something original, they are there because I wanted to really do them.
  11. I would love to do 'The Demons that follow me'
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  12. PM me Nassi
  13. New Pairings and New Plot in the REVAMP LIST!!
  14. I might be interested in the Maid/Master pairing if you were still looking for that.
  15. I'm interested in the Revenge on the Kingdom of Flanoir idea. I have a vampire in mind with fangs that ache for some action and a perfect reason to want revenge on the empire that will fit nicely into the rp storyline. ^.^
  16. Cool message me,
    I have it still open.

    Sorry for not replying I have been busy with school
  17. Anyone that is interested in Cursed Affair, I'm not changing anything about the plot, not the cheating, not the fact that YC is a villian. Seriously this is a darker plot.
  18. Yeah i am interested in it! could you PM me with more details?
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