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  1. Name: Tabitha Marie Berkovic (Goes by Tobi)

    Age: 15

    Gender: FM

    Looks: Tobi is half Hebrew. Her skin has a light golden tint to it. It gets darker if she spends a lot of time outside. She has scars on her inner thighs and on her back a bit.
    Tobi has chocolate brown eyes that are very dark. They have flecks of other browns in them making them shimmer but not quite sparkle.
    She has black hair that's curly. She has it semi short. Or it used to be short now it hang over her ears a good amount and down to a little below the nape of her neck. It's very messy and she doesn't really try to tame it ever.
    She has thick eye lashes and normal eye brows.
    Tobi stand at 5'1" and is on the thin side. She has curves they're small, but if she wears the right thing she can look very stunning.

    Personality: Tobi doesn't seem like a trouble maker. She seems very quiet and reserved, like a wall flower. She doesn't swear or get super angry she just kind of acts like she's in her own little world most of the time and ignored everyone around her. She has a very short attention span and spaces out a lot if you can't hold her attention. She doesn't fidget when she's bored though she just stared off into nothingness.
    Tobi is not very bright. People mostly think she's mentally slow or retarded because she doesn't talk al ot and spaces out a lot. She's actually quiet observant. She has an extremely good auditory memory and even when she appears spaced out she's listening and taking things in, she just might not process them until later.

    Short Bio: Tobi lived in a different situation as she grew up she'd jump between her father's, her mother's, and her grandparents place and finally put into the foster care at the age of 10. Tobi has a large family having 9 younger siblings(Her parents are in an on and off again relationship). Her siblings are split up in the foster system and she doesn't see them much.
    She's moved around a lot and though she has a lengthy record because she wasn't a violent offender nor did she do anything particularly bad she was sidelined and always treated like her case didn't really matter. She's been to juvie a few times and in some half way houses but nobody has ever tried to get to the bottom of why she does the things she does.
    The last time she was arrested it was because she tried to sell herself to undercover policeman after having runaway from a girls home and stolen some money, food, etc along the way. She was also arrested with drugs on her. She was charged with contempt of court because she refused to speak to the judge, lawyers, or to the policeman who tried to interrogate her. Tobi wouldn't tell anyone who her pimp was, where she got the drugs, or who she was supposed to take them too.


    Father: Levi Josiah Berkovic

    Mother: Abigail Marie Berkovic


    Levi Cole Berkovic (Age- 13, Boy)

    Josiah Miles Berkovic (Age- 12, Boy)

    Noah Brayden Berovic (Age- 10, Boy)

    Maya Ann Berkovic (Age- 8, Girl)

    Asher Jordan Berkovic (Age- 7, Boy)

    Adiela Jasmine Berkovic (Age- 7, Girl)

    Rachel Skyler Berkovic (Age- 5, Girl)

    David Oliver Berkovic (Age- 4, Boy)

    Eli Brody Berkovic (Age- 2, Boy)

    Extra: She was arrested more multiple counts of prostitution, breaking curfew, breaking parole, contempt of court, running away, drug charges(Using and distributing), and petty theft


    Tobi had been at the 'reform school' for about 2 months out of her 3 year sentence. She'd been given such a heavy sentence because someone finally notice how much a record she'd racked up and the judge had stated she would be in the reform school until she was considered reformed. She'd also been caught with a good amount of drugs on her so they'd use that as an excuse to rack her years in this place up.
    Tobi stood quietly in line with everyone else. She still didn't understand why she'd been sent here most if not all the other kids here were here for being violent and dangerous to others. Yes she'd had drugs on her but she hadn't sold them she was just the delivery girl that was it.
    Her hands were shaking, probably from with-drawl from the drugs she'd been using. She wasn't all that hungy in fact with-drawl had been making her sick, but she allowed them to dump whatever they were eating for breakfast today on the tray.
    She was wearing a set of urban camo trousers, a camo blouse with the sleeves rolled up, and a bright orange t-shirt. Around her left sleeve just above the elbow was a orange strip of cloth signaling she was a first year. The uniforms at least the 'BDU'(Battle Dress Uniform) style. The dress uniforms were too but it was different.

    Gray/'Urban' cmao meant you were a freshman, blue camo meant you were a sophomore, desert camo meant you were junior, and woodland camo meant you were a senior. All camo was splotch and non digital. The staff more a plain blakc BDU style uniform and a gray t-shirt.
    For the t-shirts schoold grade didn't matter. Orange meant it was your first year, tan was second year, olive drab was third year, and black was fourth year. A bright red t-shirt meant you were in trouble and then you were in a special 'punishment squad'. This was only if you were in deep deep trouble and could get kicked out.
    Everyone was issued combat boots though they weren't steel toed and socks that were black.
    You could earn rank in the school which you wore on you BDU blouse on the left shoulder while your 'platoon patch' was your right shoulder. Over your right breast pocket was your name patch and over your left breast pocket was a patch with the school name on it. On your right breast pocket you wore your squad patch.
    For PE you wore a set of shorts that matched your grade(Gray=Freshman, Blue=Sophomore, brown=Junior, dark green=senior) and your year t-shirt. You t-shirt also had your name on the back of it. The uniform were not meant to make you look good.

    Tobi stood with her squad behind her seat waiting to be told to sit down. Each platoon was broken into four squads that had about 14-18 people in them. Tobi's squad had recently lost three members. One was withdrawn for medical reasons the other two were thrown out. They were told they'd be getting new people to replace the lost one today. In fact a new bus was coming today with a bunch of new kids.
    Tobi and her squad sat down and started to eat quickly.
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  2. Name: Fredrick Damian Robinson

    Age: 16


    Looks: Fredrick is half Russian and half Italian. He stands at about 6'5ft, and he weighs about 280lbs of muscle. So he would his size to every advantage he could possibly use when it comes to physical confrontation. He has long black hair he normally wears it in a ponytail, his left eye was a dark blue, and the other was dark brown. His skin tone is a mix of tan and white, mainly his arms and legs are tan because they get the most sun. He has a total of ten scars all over his entire body, some of the more notable ones are normally around his head and body. There's a three inch one on his left cheek, a inch scar on his right eyebrow, and his notorious scar is the one that wraps around his throat. For facial hair he normally has it at a stubble and then he shaves it after a certain length.


    Father: Nikolai Osric Robinson

    Mother: Silvana Catherine Kiefer


    Nikolai Osric Robinson JR (Age 20, Brother)

    Olivia Serena Robinson (Age 16, Fredrwin Sister)

    Michael Kozlov Robinson (Age 10, Brother)

    Extra: He's been arrested for six accounts of assault, two cases of theft, one case of rape, five accounts of destruction of public property, skipping his court date.
  3. Fredrick was sitting in the back of the bus full of societies rejects. The parents of everyone of these teens were happy to know that they can get rid of their rejected children for a few months, hoping that they will returned as reformed citizens, well dreams tend to do sometimes. While everybody else were goofing off like a bunch of young children, Fredrick was just sitting in his seat, expressionless, his mind was going from one thought to another, the main topic changing every few seconds. He snapped back into reality when the bus finally stopped.

    He and all of the other new students stood in a single file line, waiting for one of the staff to lead them into the building. One of the staff members yelled out. "Come on lads and lasses, ain't waiting for long for you sorry lots." Said some Irish man, he could tell from his accent. The line started marching slowly into the facility's front entrance. They were greeted with a few men at a desk with papers and everything. The line slips into three smaller lines, the men at the desk told the students to sign their names and write down their clothing size, problem is though, most of these students can't tell the difference between a size small to a XL.

    So that whole process took way longer then what it should've been, Fredrick was one of the last students to sign up. He signed his entire name in a simple scribble line, seeming like it wasn't his first time signing a paper, he wrote down the largest size which was XXL, just to have some wiggle room.

    The next stop for the new students was a small barber shop, some of the students had really long hair like Fredrick, along with facial hair. And with the reputation of students trying to attack people with razor blades, so the staff took it apong themselves to cut the hair and shave the students. Fredrick didn't want this hair cut. He hasn't gotten a hair cut since he was seven, he didn't care about the facial hair, but his hair was a issue, but he found it pointless to argue about it. So he took the hair cut, every second of it he was regretting it.

    Now the final stop before they were free to go to the classes was the Mess Hall for breakfast, they were assigned a platoon to sit at. Fredrick couldn't help but to chuckle at the mention of platoons, he heard that this school was military oriented, but he couldn't believe that. He saw a smaller platoon that seemed to be a few people short, and he was assigned to that platoon. He got his tray of food, or at least what they call food. And he sat down at the opposite of the platoons table silently.
  4. Tobi glanced up and saw a huge new person sit across from her. Two other people joined them too making their squad full. The man across from her was a giant from Tobi's perspective. She felt even tinier than she actually was sitting that close to him. Tobi finished her food and sat her hands on the table beside her tray staring at her tray like they were told to do. The squad sergeant told her to go and take her tray to where it belonged. She did and then came and stood at attention behind where she'd sat.
    Tobi wanted to look at the others that had joined their squad, but knew she'd get punished if she looked around at attention. They learn the new people's names later during a time that was set out for squad's to do group 'therapy'. At least that's what the online schedule said for any parents that wanted to see. It never was really therapy it was generally time used to punish anyone who screwed up or too do any menial task the squad sergeants decided was good for them to do.
    First year students got janitorial duties on top of their schooling and 'therapy'.
    After breakfast they had room prep for inspection and then classes. The dorms were 'Co-Ed'. That meant that each dorm 'room' was an extremely long room with lines of bunk beds on either side. Girls and boys could be on either side but your bunk mate was always the same gender as you were. You were given a large foot locker that went under the bottom bunk for your stuff and you also shared a stand up locker at the foot of the bed for your dress uniforms with your bunkmate.
    After breakfast was done the whole platoon marched the door room that they had. There was one dorm room for each platoon. Tobi stopped in front of her bunk and waited for the whistle that would signal they were allowed to start working on getting their stuff straightened out.
  5. Fredrick surprisingly didn't eat much of the food, he could feel his squad mates looking at his size. He was used to having people looking at him, he was a impressive physical specimen for certain. When it was time to head to the bunks he threw his food in the trash like he was suppose to, and then followed his squad to the actual room. He looked around the small yet long room closely. He was observing every detail that he could pick out, not noticing hat he found his bunk bed. He saw someone already claiming the top bunk bed. He shrugged as he looked around the room, seeing the girl that was looking at him earlier and that her bunk bed was right across from his bed. He decided to wait for whatever's next.
  6. The Squad sergeant rushed at the new person, the big guy, who was looking around and started screaming in his face. Tobi winced and held as still as possible as the new guy got chewed out for moving and looking around when he wasn't supposed to. The school never really told you the rules. They just screamed at you and sometimes beat you up when you messed up.
    "Start doing push up!" the squad sergeant shouted as the Platoon Captain made his way over and started yelling at the huge new also for holding everything up and screwing up when they were on a strict schedule and had places to be.

    Tobi nervously stood there. It was awkward when you had to stand at attention when someone was getting chewed out. It felt awful becuase it general you had to stand there while someone was punished and you did nothing. Tobi also felt scared becuase she didn't want to screw up and get yelled at either. She slowly started to let herself space out and enter her own little world, blocking out the sounds and sights around her.
  7. Fredrick stood there as he listend to the barking. Over the years of being yelled at, he eventually learned the ability to block people out, it was helpful skill to learn indeed. The worst part of it all was the fact that he had no idea on why he was being yelled out, he knew that this was a serious school, but damn not even twenty minutes and they were already yelling like mad men. He thought about listening, but then again they were making him mad, when it comes to his fuze for anger, ther was no fuse, it was more like a button, a very sensitive button.

    In a blink of an eye, Fredrick reached out to the back of both of their heads, and then slammed the twos heads together. He then pushed them away from so he would have some room to breathe at least.
  8. The squad sergeant ran and yelled something down the hall immiedetly orderlies ran into the room and about four of them grabbed the new boy and pulled him to the ground. Two more joined in and soon 8 people were beating on the new guy kicking, punching, swearing, spitting.
    Some of the squad groaned softly. The whole squad if not the whole platoon would be punished for this! The guy was aiming to get a red shirt in his first day it seemed.
    Tobi was too deep in her own little world to see what was going on but she heard and she knew it was bad so she tried to block it out more and went deeper into her mind.
  9. Fredrick knew that he wasnt ganna win this one, even with his size, eight people tend to beat the one guy hard. But he did try to get up. He grabbed one guys foot, and quickly twisted the keg, forcing him to fall. He punched the next guy in the knee, forcing him to stop. He then slowly stood, still getting hit by the rest of the group. He grabbed one guy by the shirt, and he was able to throw him into the rest of the group, but then he fell onto his butt afterwards. He was feeling something was broken in his chest, and he thought that he had a concussion. He was panting heavily as he tried to stay awake.
  10. The group of instructors finally laid lff the new guy and backed up.
    "Everyone get your bunks and lockers ready inspection in 8 minutes!" They ordered as they left.

    Tobi was spaced out and continued to just stand there staring at the wall while everyone else started working. The staid sergeant came up and started to yell into her ear,
    Tobi snapped out of her trance and stood still afraid if she moved the squad sergeant would hit her.
    "GET. YOUR. BUNK. AND. LOCKER. READY!" The squad sergeant snapped spitting each word out like a bullet. He shoved Tobi and made her fall back into the bunk rail.
    "Yes, sergeant." She hurriedly responded stumbling and hurrying to get her stuff done. She was top bunk so she started to make her bed tightly.
  11. Fredrick slowly stood back up coughing. Fredrick cringed as he felt his abdomen hurting at every movement. He slowly started making his bunk and cleaning out his locker, he was going slow but he was efficent with his movements. After he finished with his bunk and locker he slowly sat down on the bunk and try to relax his abdomen. He had to check the nurse to see what's broken, fractured, or possible dislocation, he could definitely could see some bruises forming on his arms and he just noticed that there was a cut on the right side of his head, the blood already dried up.
  12. Tobi glanced over at the new guy while she hurriedly made her bed. She jumped down and started to neaten her footlocker up. Her standing locker was normally fine, but since she'd been pushed into it she'd have to check it and fix it. Tobi wasn't very neat and found it difficult to have everything perfect like it needed to be. Sure, it'd gotten easier as the weeks wore on, but it was still hard.
    Since the new guy had gotten his first beating they were also behind schedule. It didn't take long for them to be ordered to form up in two rows and leave the room. Tobi just knew that all her stuff was going to be dumped out and messed up. If you messed up in the littlest bit they'd empty both the lockers and rip up the beds.
  13. Fredrick was soon finished with his bunk and lockers, his locker was easy to clean because he had nothing in their because it's his first day today, but it may not be like that in a few minutes. He stood in front of his bunk, his forced breathing causing more pain to his chest then he wanted. He was hoping that they allowed students to head to the nurse or medic, or whatever the hell they would call the office. He felt himself going lite-headed, and the feeling down in his stomach of just throwing up, but he forced himself to stay strong.
  14. They were next taken out too their first classes. They were now split by grade and sent to their first class. Lunch, PT, and 'therapy time' were all conducted as a platoon/squad, but because the platoon were co-ed mixed grade not every one was in the same class. You were generally given a 'battle buddy' from your sqaud who was in the same grade as you.
    Tobi was one of the few freshmen in her platoon and her battle buddy had recently been kicked out, she wasn't sure if she'd be given a new one was the Senior and Juniors were paired off and sent to classes the squad sergeant started splitting the Sophomore and Freshmen up.
  15. Fredrick followed to their first class, as shocking as it is, Fredrick would only be a freshman. He stayed back once way back in first grade, and that's why he was sixteen in freshman year. He wasn't a big fan of learning, he would always space out during class, but he would always score great on his test, which what carried him this far in his education. He sat down in the back of his classroom, and he heard something about "battle buddy's" he rolled his eyes at the thought of one of those. He wasn't a big friend in the concept of buddy systems, he could care less about it, although he couldn't think much thanks to the concussion he knew he received.
  16. Tobi was assigned to the new guy. Robinson was his name appearantky. The cadets generally went by their last names here.
    She looked up at the tall man. He was s freshman? He looked like 20! She and Robinson were told to head to their first class, which was English. Tobi was bad at classes. She was lucky to be a freshman and not still in middle school. She honestly thought she'd past her classes because her teachers didn't care and wanted her out.
    Also this school didn't have lower then freshman really. They didn't put Tobi in it. She was told of she kept flunking though she'd be taken down to the 'Special Learning Program' that was here.
  17. Fredrick saw his new battle budy. It was that girl that has her bunk right across from him. He gave her a quick,nod before he limped to English. He went to the back of the room, he cringed in pain as he sat down at the desk. He was hating today. He was mentally cursing his father out for bring him here in the first place. He started to think on how he should escape, or how to make this place better, first was to think which senario would be the most likely to happen. He would love to show his father that he can do something right, and taking over a military academy would be a good start.
  18. Tobi sat next to Robinson like she was supposed to. She felt like a mouse compared to him in size and that made her anxious. She's had plenty of bad experiences with much bigger people and was afraid he would be violent.
    Tobi took the texts books for this class out. Everyone was given a black jansport book bag to carry all their supplies in. There were no lockers so you had to lug the bag around all day.
    Tobi took her note book and pencils out too. She should at least try and look like she was paying attention in class.
  19. Fredrick looked over the bookbag he was now given. He had a very strong feeling, that our of all of the books, his english book was gonna be the heaviest, thats how it always worked in his experiences in school. He looked over at his battle buddy. He slowly leaned over, so his side wouldn't hurt too much. And he whispered. "You last name?" He asked, hoping that this girl was bright enough to know what he was asking for.
  20. It took Tobi a minute but she understood what he'd asked.
    "Berkovic." She muttered back softly. Tobi opened her English textbook to the page they were supposed to be on and stared at it as she attempted to listen to the teacher. Her mind wandered easily though and it wasn't long before she was spaced out and staring blankly at her notebook.
    She would sort of take in some of what was said but she didn't ever seem to stay in the real world long enough during class to be able to pass tests and the like. True she took in the information but connecting information was extremely difficult for her. She didn't know why but she was always slower then the other kids.
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