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    • A small town called Redwood is in favor of holding dark secrets. Angels and Demons lurk around every corner, taking shelter among this haven, and having supernatural abilities. Not many know of this mysterious enigma, not many know of the agreeable terms between the Angels and Demons. It is a very difficult place to find, hidden in a forest for which it was named.

      Some of the people walking amongst others are just your ordinary human being. However, a new, abrupt war has risen. An evil force has clouded this town. Angels and Demons have begun to turn their backs on each other, and a new fate has turned its back against those who are still alive. Those who are still sane now hold the duty of fighting to protect the other. This is your home now.

      Survive, and find a way out.

    • 1.) I expect you to have the adept posting expectations.

      2.) Work with your fellow members. I expect you to play NPCs, if need be, and contribute to the story.

      3.) Grammar and spelling mistakes should be little to none.

      4.) No one-liners or semi-paragraphs. A full paragraph is five sentences. At least one paragraph is expected.

      5.) Quality over quantity.

      6.) Do not meta-play, auto-hit, god-mod, or auto-kill. Permission to kill or hit automatically needs to be approved.

      7.) Third person, past tense. No present tense or first person.

      8.) Be willing to play different gender roles. I want to have diversity, not a harem of any sort.

      9.) Be courteous and respectful to your members.

      10.) At least one post a week is expected. Let us know if you cannot fulfill this expectation beforehand.

      11.) Have fun!

    • Name: (Full name please. Other names can be placed after the first name with 'aka')

      Age: (Put their physical age down then chronological age in parentheses. Humans must be at least 18 years old.)

      Gender: (The gender they identify with.)

      Race: (Are they a demon, angel, or human? If they are a demon or angel, make sure to specifically state what kind they are.)

      Affiliation: (The company and/or organization they work for.)

      Abilities: (For supernatural beings only. Put down N/A if you are creating a human. Make this realistic with the universe.)

      Appearance: (Please place your image to the far right. Need help? Just ask. Hard finding picture? Provide a detailed physical appearance with your character sheet.)

      More: (Do not post personality or history here. They will be revealed in the roleplay. Nothing in mind? Just mark this down as N/A.)

      • Seraphiel aka "Blanc" or "Albion" played by Hanako-san
      • Malphas aka "Fiametta Scordatto" played by Hanako-san
      • Luna aka "Genevieve Carrington" or "Astra" played by Alexa
      • Matthew Harrison aka "Matt" played by Alexa
      • Kiyala aka "Kiki" or "Kiki Novak" played by Alexa
      • Sabine aka "Kyleigh O'Hara" or "Isis" played by Alexa
      • Demenore aka "Leon Brampton" played by Casanova Del la Rose
      • Caimo aka Caim played by SucreDaemon
      • Azrael aka 'Archangel of Death' played by SucreDaemon
      • Daemonique aka "Monique" played by FLICKER
      • Rieon Keniwa aka "Phil Shields" played by LogicfromLogic
      • Liesel Blake played by Hanako-san
      • Sam Holt played by LogicfromLogic
      • Alexander aka "Alex" played by FLICKER
      • Luvino a.k.a. "Carlito Juan Perez" played by Casanova Del la Rosa


      • The Angelic Lord: He is God. The ruler of every angel that has been known and born to live. GM CONTROLLED

        Cherubim: These angels, known for their celestial beauty, deliver and receive messages to their lord and back.

        Seraphim: These angels perform priestly duties and are the ones who denote those who have sinned.

        Archangels: These angels rule over the different kingdoms within the angelic universe.

        Dominions: Mid-level angels who govern the lower ranking angels.

        Guardian Angels: These angels are responsible for protecting or guarding individual humans.

        Death Angels: These angels are responsible for dealing with judgement upon people who tyrannize innocent souls.

        Common Angels: These are the angels who are much like a middle class of the angelic species.

        Fallen Angels: The angelic variation of these kinds are angels that have been exiled from heaven for an act of sin. They still retain their white wings, reminding them that they are given a second chance. However, if they do not comply, no more chances will be given.

      • The Demonic Lord: He is the ruler of every individual within the sinful side of the universe- Hell. GM CONTROLLED

        Sinful Princes: The Lord’s seven sons, each comprised of a deadly sin. Above archdemons but below their father. N/A FOR CREATION

        Archdemons: They rule over different kingdoms within demonic society.

        Demoness: A female demon who usually takes up the responsibility of holding the contract for a human’s soul.

        Common Demons

        Nightmares: A demon that causes night terrors.

        Incubus/Succubus: A demon, male or female, that attempts to have sexual relations with people while they sleep.

        Bajang: A vampiric demon that can take on the form of a cat.

        Poltergeist: A noisy, mischievous spirit connected to a live human, specifically young children.

        Fallen Angels: The demonic variation of fallen angels have been formerly exiled but rebelled against God again, leaving their white wings to be torn from their back and have new pitch black wings grow in.
      • Cambion: The offspring of a demon, specifically an incubus or succubus, and human. N/A FOR CREATION

        Nephilim: The offspring of an angel and human. N/A FOR CREATION

        Nephalem: The offspring of a demon and angel parent. Sexual acts between a demon and angel are considered taboo, so this type of hybrid is quite rare. N/A FOR CREATION

      • What political system do they go by?

        Hereditary Monarchy

        How long have they reigned and done service to their people?

        The angelic side of government has reigned and done service to their people for over 3,500 years.

        What is their current goal or purpose for their people? Do they have any goals of their own?


        What major events have happened in their history? How did they come to be?


        Who are the political leaders within the government?

        God is the head of everything. His birth name is unknown.
      • What political system do they go by?

        Patriarchal Monarchy

        How long have they reigned and done service to their people?

        The demonic side of government has reigned and done service to their people for over 3, 500 years.

        What is their current goal or purpose for their people? Do they have any goals of their own?

        Lucifer would like for the peace treaty he has made with God to continue throughout the next thousand centuries. He does not currently have any goals of his own that connect to politics.

        What major events have happened in their history? How did they come to be?


        Who are the political leaders within the government?

        Lucifer is the ruler, or Lord of the Demons, at supreme power within the government. His seven sons, comprised of the seven sins, are after him under the line of succession in order from oldest to youngest.
      • What political system do they go by?


        How long have they reigned and done service to their people?


        What is their current goal or purpose for their people? Do they have any goals of their own?

        Their current goal for their people is to strip the Order of Angels and Ars Goetia of their power and provide a life in which their kind are the only one who exists. It unknown at this point in time of whether Isis and Albion have their own goals.

        What major events have happened in their history? How did they come to be?

        The angels and demons that currently reside in the Anarchists have, at some point in their life, been stripped of something dear to them. Sabine, a succubus, and Albion, a seraph, both formed the Anarchists together when they learned of each other's similar ideals and thoughts on their kind forming a peace treaty in order to coincide peacefully with the humans.

        Who are the political leaders within the government?

        Seraphiel or, as known in the Anarchists, Albion, maintains the angelic side of the Anarchists. Sabine, or as known in the Anarchists, Isis, maintains the demonic side of the Anarchists.

        • The majority of species in Redwood are angels and demons.
        • Most humans do not know about the supernatural essence that has overcome Redwood.
        • The only humans that know of the supernatural are those who have made an official contract with a demoness.
        • All angels and demons including hybrids (depending) have wing manifestation, semi-immortality, and spiritual awareness.
        • The celestial hierarchy is ranked from high to low, basing it off power and reputation. The Angelic Lord, or God, if you will, is the only one with absolute condition. Cherubim, seraphim, and archangels are the only ones that have supernatural condition. Dominions, guardian angels, death angels, common angels, and fallen angels all have enhanced condition. Depending on whether a nephilim has a balanced heritage or favors their celestial heritage more, a nephilim can have peak human condition.
        • The hierarchy of demons are based off power and reputation, just like the angels. For example, the lowest of the demons are the demonic version of a fallen angel. This is because the angel's reputation changed over time when he or she was exiled from heaven. When they took advantage of the second chance they were given and their white wings were ripped from their backs, that destroyed their reputation, therefore, dropping them to the bottom of the ranking.

          The King of Demons has absolute condition. The archdemons and demoness' are the only one with supernatural condition. The rest of the demons have enhanced condition and in some cases, particularly with a cambion, a demon with human and demon blood inside them will have peak human condition. For example, if a cambion has a large amount of mortal blood rather than the heritage being balanced out or favoring their immortal heritage more, a cambion will have peak human condition.

          • The Anarchists have a diarchy-type system.
          • All Anarchists are required to have a small tribal tattoo of some sort to represent their side.
          • Every Anarchist has an alias they use when they are together.
          • This faction is subject to secrecy. If word gets out, there will be a price.
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  2. Blanc, white Name: Seraphiel (aka Blanc and Albion)

    Age: 16-19 (Unknown)

    Gender: Androgynous (?)

    Race: Seraph

    Affiliation: Order of Angels and Anarchists

    Abilities: (some have specific subskills that Blanc would use more often, but they have the general skills and applications that come with the abilities listed)

    Supernatural Condition

    Fire Manipulation - the power to manipulate fire, to generate and shape it by the user's will.
    • Fire Aura - the ability to surround oneself in a fiery aura/fire.
    • Fire Mimicry - power to transform or have a physical body made of pure fire. In Blanc's case, they're able to use white fire.
    • Holy fire manipulation - the ability to manipulate holy flames, which embodies the Purifying aspect of fire. Fatally effective against demons and inextinguishable by normal means. Can also trap and immobilize demons (and angels) instead of incinerating them outright.
    • Healing Fire - Blanc has the power to heal with their fire.
    • White Fire Manipulation - not to be mistaken with Holy Fire, a fire that is on a whole different level of intensity and heat than even blue fire.
    Light Manipulation - the power to manipulate light and bend its shapes and forms, as well as solidify it.
    • Light Generation - power to generate photons of light.
    • Light Mimicry - power to transform or have a physical body made of pure light. Intangible to but the most potent purifying/darkness powers.
    • Absolute Light - the power to create a blanket of absolute light with the potential for intensity that can obliterate things in its path.
    • White Light Manipulation - create and control holy light. Healing, teleporting, and many other feats.
    Divine Energy Manipulation - power to generate and manipulate divine energy. Harmful to entities such as demons. Can be used to trap angels, demons and other divine beings depending upon rank.
    • Banishment - power to banish an object or being from a specific place to an area or object Blanc so chooses.
    Musical Empathy - certain abilities or skills accomplished through music. Blanc's musical medium is their voice.

    Purification - the power to remove all evil or negativity on an object or person. It can be used offensively (against demons, destructively if Blanc doesn't want to be kind). Again the potency of this power depends on the strength of the target - if they're on equal standing with Blanc, Blanc would have more difficulty.

    Supersonic Flying - power to fly at speeds that exceed sound.

    Empathy - power to fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others. Blanc has also reached the point to be able to have some effect on the emotions of others through their will only.

    Cosmic Awareness - Power to be aware of anything that affects the user on a universal scale. Blanc is aware of anything that affects them on a universal scale, including threats, anything that would affect them in any way or even somebody talking about them. Limitations: Unless it's God, who could evade their awareness deliberately.

    Wing Manifestation* - the power to develop/have wings.
    • Elemental Wing Manifestation - ability to form wings out of energy or matter. Blanc has two variations: the lower angelic form of normal feathered white wings, or their true wings which are made of white holy fire.
    Advanced Telekinetic Abilities

    (It is a bit hard to find a picture to describe Blanc.)
    Blanc has unnaturally pale skin, and inhumanly attractive, youthful and symmetrical features that make it hard to identify their gender or age, striking a balance between the barriers of 'male' and 'female' - soft cheeks, gentle chin, and a small nose as well as small lips. They seem to be caught in a place between youth and adulthood, their features timeless if it could be described. Their hair is also cut in a gender-neutral way, brushing their shoulders, in a pure black color and straight and silky, with some bangs brushing their forehead and framing their face. Accessorizing their hair is white gems, three on either side of their head and seemingly floating of their own accord.

    Their build is also slender and seemingly bereft of any feminine features, but neither is it masculine - small waist, a gentle flare at the hips, and an almost flat chest, and a height of 5'3". Then again, not much can be taken out of their figure because they deliberately wear confusing clothes as well - a completely white trench coat over a white button-up shirt with the first few buttons undone, revealing a slender neck adorned with a silver necklace with a white, gleaming stone. Their lower attire is white-grey pants cut at the calves, and white leather shoes. Lastly their eyes are an unreadable grey-black. Their usual expression is usually a small smile lingering on their lips, and a calm and almost indifferent way about their gait and their posture.

    Their true form may cause death if mortals and lesser supernatural beings (lower angels and demons) ever lay eyes upon them, the radiance burning them down, and the higher beings might be damaged as well (though not the Creator and the Devil). Such radiant brightness or light as given to them by their Creator, and an androgynous form covered by six, large, pure white wings seemingly made of white fire. In this form they are also surrounded by six white crystals levitated, three on either side.

    • Represents the angels within the Anarchists.
    • Has a fondness and mastery for board games like Othello, chess, and checkers. Black and white. White and black.
    • Favorite dessert is and will always be devil's food cake. They find it funny.
    • Blanc lets their powers manifest with their white crystals; if they're destroyed the power just go backs in the Seraph.

    Fia, red Name: Malphas (aka Fiametta Scordatto)
    Age: 21 (600+)

    Gender: Female

    Race: Demoness

    Affiliation: Ars Goetia, Herself


    Supernatural Condition
    >Advanced speed and reflexes compared to the most of her kind.

    Fire Manipulation
    • Hellfire - power to manipulate the mystical flames of hell. Her flames manifest as either black or a deep red, and have completely destructive/corrosive abilities. Can affect those in astral or spiritual form; especially holy beings. Cannot be extinguished under normal circumstances, it can and will burn for days and months and spread if left alone. Its opposite is holy fire.
    Mental Manipulation - power to manipulate thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions of others.
    • Subconscious Manipulation - power to manipulate the subconscious. Dreams, desires, ideas, wishes, traumatic memories, painful emotions, etc. Very useful for her contracts.
    • Pain Manipulation - power to manipulate pain. She specializes in mental and physical suffering.
    • Memory Manipulation - power to control memories. Can control memories of oneself and others; allowing her to modify, fabricate, suppress, repair, restore, erase, detect and view them.
    Dream Manipulation - power to enter and manipulate the dreams of oneself and others. She has reached the point that her control is enough to affect the target's outside world; i.e. an injury within the dream can also appear in reality if the user is really affected. Fiametta uses this to form contracts; she appears in a potential contract's dream first to offer her services.

    Natural Weaponry - claws, tail, and horns. Her wings can count as well.

    Supersonic Speed - her speed by far surpasses sound. She is well above other demonesses in this aspect.

    Appearance Illusion*

    Raven Familiars* - the ravens are her eyes and ears if she wants them to be; she can mentally control them to attack or swarm others for her, or just spy on others if she feels like it.

    Claw Retraction

    Card Combat - ability to use cards in tandem with physical combat.
    • Projectile Enhancement - the power to enhance the speed and strength of projectile weapons through various means.
    • Sharpness Manipulation - ability to control sharpness in any object, either imbuing or taking the sharpness away.
    Weapons Mastery

    *The image in this character sheet is a reference for her facial features. Her eyes are different - a bright apple red in demonic form, but a blue-grey similar to the picture in her human disguise.

    Fiammetta has gone through many disguises. However, for her original appearance, which is usually concealed by a glamour, she has wavy white hair down past her waist, some locks covering her face and framing her cheeks, and admittedly unnerving to humans - bright apple-red eyes with long lashes. Of her facial features, they are what is usually considered 'elegant-featured', and she maintains a blank or unblinking expression most of the time. Her skin is also pale, though not to the point of her hair or to the same paleness as Blanc's. Her nails are painted apple-red like her eyes.

    She has a slender and well-developed figure with a small waist and medium-sized bust, and stands at 5'4".

    Of her demonic traits that can be identified by those who are expert or adept, she has large curled ram horns on either side of her head, in a pale brown-grey shade, and six black leathery wings protrude from her back. She also has a black prehensile tail that she curls around her leg to keep hidden under a skirt. The end of her tail resembles she 'spade' from that of playing cards.

    She wears a black vest, with a grey collar shirt underneath with a red tie, and a long black skirt with a cutaway in the front, showing that she wears a shorter pleated skirt underneath. Also, the inside of the longer skirt is a red matching the shade of her tie. She wears long gray-striped socks, which extend above her long black boots.

    For her 'disguise', she has long blond hair in the same style as her original hair, a black top hat on her head, and seemingly wears a black vest over a white collar shirt and black dress pants, along with shoes. Her eyes are blue-grey, and she wears white gloves. That's the image the glamour portrays.

    • Had a 'reputation' in the past that generally makes other demons wary of even approaching her if they know her true identity.
    • Has a carved rosewood cane that has a retracting blade/sword.
    • Has numerous playing cards.
    • She has taken a liking to the human 'magic tricks'. She can actually perform them without any supernatural assistance.
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  3. Genevieve Carrington, #FF0080 Name: Luna aka "Genevieve Carrington" and "Astra"

    Age: 21 [500+]

    Gender: Female

    Race: Fallen Angel [Demon]

    Affiliation: Bell's Sports Bar/Anarchists

    More: She loves to go to parties, drink, and smoke for fun.
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  4. @LogicfromLogic Please reread the original post and everything that came with it. You did not follow the rules I requested of everyone who joins.
  5. She wants the character sheets to be sent via PM to her before it is approved to be posted on here.
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  6. Matthew Harrison, #00FF00 Name: Matthew Harrison aka "Matt"

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Affiliation: Bell's Sports Bar/Malphas aka "Fiametta Scordatto"

    Abilities: N/A

    More: He seems to have somewhat of a crush on Fia- perhaps it's unrequited love? He's not sure what's stirring up inside him.
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  7. Demenore, black

    Name: Demenore [Pronounced D-men-noor] (A.K.A. Leon Matthew Brampton)

    Age: 34(Unknown-He is death you know...)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Death Angel or Angel of Death Rather.

    Affiliation: Order of Angels/ In The Human World He Works As A Bartender At R-Bar In Redwood.

    Abilities: Demenore's powers come from death, nightmares, and what humans would call necromancy.

    Resurrection and Eradication
    Demenore can bring any human back to life when he chooses (unless The Angelic Lord tells him otherwise). He can also eliminate an evil being who he deams as a threat to the natural human world.

    All World Knowledge
    Since being around for millenniums Demenore knows every single inch of the human world. It may not seem like a big deal, but when he needs to "replace" something or someone he can find them or it easily.

    Either in his real form or his human form, Demenore can teleport to Redwood, Heaven and Hell; without having to use his wings. It's faster to get to places that way.

    Blood Manipulation
    Demenore can control tortured souls by connecting to their blood. He can also burn unholy beings with his blood.

    Touch of Death
    With one touch Demenore can touch a human and cause them death (peaceful for worthy souls and torturous for unworthy souls).

    Death is Inevitable
    Demenore knows when and how any human will die, he can choose to stop the death if they are worthy enough for him to stop it. He rarely does stop it unless an evil being had something to do with it.

    Nightmares & Destruction
    Demenore can cause sinful souls nightmares and cause them to self destruct. He doesn't want to see them kill themselves rather he wants to bring them to a breaking point of where he can help them to relive a new and more fulfilled life.

    Transformations & Manifestations
    Other then his original human form, Demenore can turn into any other human who's been dead or any manifestations that he has ever came in contact with.

    Real Death Angel Form

    Demenore's skin (that he barely has left) is a porcelain gray-green color, he has big gray eyes that shine in the moonlight, in size he is 6'2" and he ways no more then 90LBS. even when wet. His real face his nothing like his human personas. Most angel girls don't even look at him that way, he does have a nice smile but's that about it. Being a death angel doesn't give you a lot to work with. His hands and legs are boney, and he has a sunkened face. He also has a cold touch to his body.
    (He never shows his face not even to other fellows angels. Most angels think he is a holy shadow that can move and talk but has no real body). (Bruxuoin [Pronounced Brew-X-Hue-On] Demenore's sword of justice and judgement: It can slay down any being that is unworthy of ever living again. Not even Demenore can bring the being back to life if he uses his sword to eradicate them).

    More: Since Demenore stays in the human world for long periods he has learned about new things. He loves to eat every type of junk food there is. Not being able to gain weight to his vessel (his human form), he can eat as much as he wants. Demenore also loves to watch horror movies; he loves to scrutinized how they are killed in them, saying that he could've did a better job at it.
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  8. Sexy Succubus, #660033
    Name: Sabine aka "Kyleigh O'Hara" and "Isis"

    Age: 27 [1,500+]

    Gender: Female

    Race: Succubus

    Affiliation: Ars Goetia/Anarchists

    - She maintains the demons within the Anarchists.
    - She seems to have quite a fascination for Caim and Luna.
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  9. Name: Caimo aka Caim [Pronounced KAI-am]

    Age: 25 (550)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Cambion

    Affiliation: None


    Memory and Mind Manipulation- Ability to warp one’s perceptions and memories as a form of mind control. Potency depends on the species and power a target has. For example, he can generally control a human with ease, but likely would not be able to hack into the mind of a low to mid ranking demon at full strength.

    Mildly Enhanced Condition/Semi Immortality- Caim didn’t receive too many abilities from his heritage, but has a few good buffs, such as enhanced stamina, speed, physical strength, pain/damage and toxin tolerance. He cannot die of natural causes.

    Shapeshifting- Able to change into the forms of various birds, including a thrush, a crow, and a hawk.

    Appearance Illusion- Enough to hide his horns and unnatural eye color.

    Natural Weaponry- He's got a nasty bite.

    -He smokes habitually. He’s addicted, though it can’t hurt him.
    -As he can get angry and overwhelmed easily, chamomile tea soothes him, and happens to be his favorite drink.
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  10. Name: Azrael aka 'Archangel of Death' (called by humans)

    Age: Late twenties to early thirties (Unknown)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Seraph [Death Angel duties]

    Affiliation: Past Order of Angels


    Astral Projection- Able to leave his physical body to walk the astral plane. Generally used to communicate with Heaven and Hell.

    Soul Tangibility- Can gain access to people’s souls by specific means, and manipulate them by removing them from the physical body.

    Supernatural Condition- Self explanatory.

    Object Manifestation- Mainly used to summon his Book containing the names of all beings.

    Emotional Influence- Azrael's strange signature ability. He can absorb the negative emotions of others, consequently leaving a more positive, cheerful air. Conversely, if he himself is in a rotten mood, it projects upon all others in the vicinity. (This is based on him comforting the dead in folklore.)

    Vector Manipulation- Using vectors of matter and energy both defensively and offensively.

    General Kinetic Abilities


    Appearance Illusion- Able to adjust his appearance freely. Usually picks one a sticks with it, unless it is necessary that he disguises himself, for whatever reason.

    Wing Manifestation

    -He can speak Enochian, the lost language of the angels.
    -Takes a great interest in people's character, and will actively probe to learn more about them.
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  11. Haha, everybody loves Sabine! <3
  12. All I can say about Sabine, Azrael and Monique is 'damn, just damn'. Sabine and Monique are sexy. XD
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  13. YEAH, I WAS INCLUDED! xD I must agree with you!

    Lawl, sorry Flicker. I know you don't like yuri but I still ship 'em... ><
  15. @Alexa

    To be honest, I prefer Yuri over Yaoi. xD
    When I say I don't like it, it doesn't mean I oppose it, it means I can stand it when people take it overboard and do the disgusting shit that make no sense. I think the couples could have their adorable moments, but I am straight, myself. Not that I'm against gays, though.
  16. Oh; That's completely different from what I'd perceived this whole time! >___<

    Lawl, I'm one of those people who take things too literally...
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  17. Psh, I didn't really specify what I meant. I was just like "ARGARGARGARGARGARG YURI YAOI CAN BURN IN HELL WITH THE DEMONS". Just the people who make a big deal out of it, like the yaoi/yuri artisits on dA. Especially when canon characters are shipped and that would NEVER happen. There's an artist called queerwarriorcats that annoys me yet I watch her anyway because her art is really pretty. But I don't like the idea of shipping canon characters, and even then, making CATS gay?
  18. Oh lol... Well, like I said, I can totally see Daemonique and Sabine being a sexy yuri couple lol...

    And get this- What about a harem? Azrael, Daemonique, and Sabine? xD
  19. I like both yuri and yaoi but not too an extreme degree. In fact I like yuri better. It's... Sweeter to me. Because the yaoi stereotypes - the possessive, bastard-ish seme and the weak and submissive uke is just tooooo overdone. Yuri has a bit more variety. XD
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