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    Summary: It has been over 300 years since the small, peaceful town of Redwood has been taken over by war and bloodshed. The war with Anarchists against their own kind for the sake of a peace treaty has put many angels, demons, and even humans, in turmoil. Many children have lost their parents, people have been intentionally killed by the Anarchists for the sake of trying to overthrow the Order Of Angels and Ars Goetia. Redwood's population has now soared down to a bare minimum of around 100 people, angels, demons, and humans alike. Who caused this? An angel by the name of Blanc, a mysterious and emotionless Seraph. The town of Redwood, despite losing the war and being covered in loss and despair, are determined to rebuild their crumpled society and get back at the villainous angel who put them in their current state.

    Genre: Paranormal

    Plot: TBD

    Setting: The small town of Redwood in remains, hidden amongst a forest of crippled leaves. Apartments, cafes, and everything in between has crumbled, no matter where you are within the town. The sun does not shine and the spring, as well as the summer season do not come any longer. Everyone, humans, angels, and demons alike, struggle to survive, many being victims of famine along with starvation and death because of loss from the main survival needs- food, water, warmth, and rest. Alleyways are scattered with trash including moldy foods and flies swarming around the corpses of small animals, which have decayed with a horrid smell. Street corners, main boulevards, all have lost their color and cracked within the asphalt. Overall, the town has taken on a dreary atmosphere.

    Mechanics: The main group on focus within the roleplay is Wicked Coven. As they have failed in the previous war, they have lost their antagonistic glow, but most anarchists still have wrath within them, wanting revenge against the Seraph's doing. People who were originally apart of the Anarchist organization, Wicked Coven, have been separated throughout the town, if they've survived. Their aliases within the group and assumed names are still intact, as well as the unique and readable tribal tattoos made of black ink and simple but detailed designs. The majority of the Anarchist organization are Fallen Angels, but after the war, the number of fallen angels has degraded within Wicked Coven, and now the leftover survivors are looking for others who've survived the shocking catastrophe, as well as other angels and demons who have done so, whether in Wicked Coven or not. If it has not been made clear by the summary, originally, the anarchists were part of a secret organization called "Wicked Coven", which is composed of demons and angels who hate law between the angelic and demonic society. Each angel and demon within this society also share the feeling of being upset with the peace treaty for the sake of coexistence with humans.

    The angel and demon governments of Ars Goetia and Order of Angels have been overthrown by Blanc. Barely anything or anyone is left from them. Since the time of war, many have experienced trauma such as the king losing most of his sons to the war- each of those princes representing one of the seven deadly sins within demon hierarchy. The Order of Angels does not have peerage as their hierarchy, but rather, monarchy, where one king rules over the people. The princes and princesses, as well as others of different nobility ranks have not been seen for a long time since war broke out, so they are considered dead for the past 300 years in Redwood.



    Angel Of Death- These angels help a soul transition into death.

    Archangel- The highest ranking angel, although lower than Seraphs.

    Archdemon- The highest ranking demon within Ars Goetia.


    Guardian Angel- An angel that helps protect or guard an individual, be it one human or more than one.

    Nephalem- A male or female child of a demon and angel parent. (Faelynn; Venette Carrington)

    Fallen Angel- There are two kinds here. One is a demon and the other is still an angel. The ANGEL variation of a Fallen Angel one who has been exiled from heaven but still retains their white wings. The DEMON variation of a Fallen Angel is a former angel who has been exiled, but rebelled against God a second time, turning their wings to a pure black.


    Dominion- Mid-level angels who govern the lower-ranking angels.

    Demoness- A female demon.

    Cambion- The offspring of an Incubus/Succubus and human.

    Incubus- A male demon who attempts to have sexual relationships with humans while they sleep. Opposite of Succubus.

    Succubus- A female demon who attempts to have sexual relationships with humans while they sleep. Opposite of Incubus.

    Rating: M (Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Graphic Violence)

    Notes: Each angel and demon have different levels of power. One can be more powerful than the other (i.e. Seraphs to Archangels) and each have their own limitations (i.e. Nephalem born from Cambion and Angel are not pure-blooded, so things like physical strength and durability will not be as adept than a child created solely by a pure-blooded demon and angel). The majority of angels and demons have mostly psychic-based powers and/or abilities, but can hold other forms of power and/or ability such as almighty powers and/or abilities (dependent on species), and different forms of personal physical powers. The anarchists have a tribal tattoo of some sort somewhere on their body, most commonly on the upper body (i.e. chest, shoulder, etc.)

    Also, understand rare and uncommon species have LIMITED spaces.

    Writing expectations? Intermediate or above. No lesser than intermediate. I look for quality in a post over quantity, but I do prefer at least a paragraph within each post, which is five sentences, no less than that. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and details are expected. One last thing- no asterisks at the start and end of each individual paragraph. That's a pet peeve of mine.

    Any thread expectations? Actually, yes. There is. All questions pertaining to the group or roleplay, send a private message to me, or you can ask within this thread. Keep in mind what you're choosing for the powers/abilities section. It's obviously for characters with powers/abilities. For clarification, I'm not referring to the "ability" to do something, I'm referring to superpowers like telepathy, plant manipulation, cosmic fire, etcetera. The history and personality (which is optional) must have at least a paragraph worth of realistic form.

    I hope everyone can make sense of the personality part- please give me negative and positive traits and do your best to balance them out in terms of quantity within one or more paragraphs. If you decide to make personality a secret, put down 'TBA' on your character sheet, which means: To Be Announced.

    Also, if your character is not applicable within species or powers/abilities, put down N/A. Another thing; For the sake of building successful plotlines within each thread (which is my goal) please put realistic and brief but understandable goals/purposes. Another thing- do not put celebrities (i.e. Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, etc.) as your character's physical appearance. I do not condone those kinds of face claims.

    Sexual themes expectations? This is allowed as long as it is fade to black. This is for the safety between adults and teenagers.

    1.) Follow all of Iwaku's roleplaying guidelines. That's very important.

    2.) Do not Meta-play. You may know something secret about someone's character, but your character does not.

    3.) Do not add fuel to the fire. If you have a problem with someone in the group, private message me and I will fix the problem to the best of my ability or bring your dispute somewhere else. I will not tolerate it here.

    4.) No god-modding your characters. No one is god, end of story.

    5.) No mary-sue/gary-stu characters. Every character has flaws and it's annoying to roleplay with those who don't.

    7.) Do not control, kill, or create relationships without the consent of another member (more specifically, the member whose character is being targeted by you) and if controlling, let us know so we don't think otherwise.

    8.) If you plan on going away for more than a week (i.e. vacation, family emergency, etc.) send me a brief private message or post so in this thread.

    9.) No lore-breaking. Basically, the mechanics within each roleplay- don't break them. It ruins the atmosphere.

    10.) Last but not least, have fun! That's what roleplay is for!

    Name: (First and last name as a minimum. Or you can gladly put down a full name.)

    Age: (Put down your character's age based on how they look and chronological age within parentheses. Chronological age does not have to be accurate. Characters must be at least 18 years old physically.)

    Gender: (Female, Male, etc.)

    Species: (Put down your main species, then your specific kind. For example, if I was a Cambion, I'd put down this: Cambion [Demon] )

    Powers/Abilities: (Have fun choosing, but don't go crazy. I will evaluate afterwards. Also, as a side note, every angel and demon out there has semi-immortality. None of them are immortal.)

    Current Goal/Purpose: (Make this realistic to the Redwood universe, and brief but understandable.)

    Appearance: (I prefer pictures of any kind- except celebrities- here, as long as they are realistic or semi-realistic. Drawings are fine, as well. If you need or want to put a description down, please make it at least a paragraph.)

    Personality: (This is optional. If you wish to keep your character's personality secret, please put TBA in this section. If you do want personality revealed beforehand, make sure to give me negative and positive traits with a ratio of at least 3:2, if you plan on making only a paragraph of five sentences.)

    History: (Required. At least a paragraph.)

    More: (Anything else? If not, put N/A down.)

    Name: Faelynn (Venette Carrington) aka Fae

    Age: 21 (Around 270)

    Gender: Female

    Species: Nephalem

    Powers/Abilities: Semi-Immortality, Shapeshifting, Extra-Sensory Perception (Clairaudience), Advanced Condition, Space-Time Manipulation (Spatial and Time), Twilight Conjuration, Higher Consciousness, Necromancy, Energy Perception, Empathy

    Current Goal/Purpose: She'd like to know what happened to Redwood and her parents, along with the disappearance of her mysterious caretaker.

    Image (open)

    History: Venette (or Fae) is the daughter of a Cambion and Fallen Angel. She is not pure-blooded angel and demon, neither is she one of the stronger Nephalem. She has human blood in her on her Father's side of the family and her mother was exiled from angelic society, being sent down to Redwood long before the war happened. Venette does not remember much from her childhood as she suffered from long-term memory loss when she was still a young child, being the victim of a high-impact weapon, which knocked her unconscious and left permanent damage on her brain. The last thing she recalls is being hit and saved by someone she didn't know. After a tragic ending of war within 172 years, Venette had since long been brought up by a kind man who raised her and cared for her as a father would to his children. This time, her mysterious caretaker disappeared without explanation. It horrified her, but now, on her own, she is searching for answers as to why he had done so, where her biological parents are in this day and age, along with wondering what happened to Redwood as a whole.

    More: Venette Carrington is her assumed name, her given name is Faelynn, which can be shortened to Fae.
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  2. I'm completely loving this idea! If possible, I'd like to reserve a Nephalem or Cambion.
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    There is a character sheet within the group. The thread is called "sign up here".
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    Also, to those who haven't responded back to me in a while, I have taken down your positions to allow others the privilege of getting a chance at joining this roleplay.
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