Redwall: The Cursed Mountain

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  1. Ancient are the tales of Martin the Warrior and faded are the tapestries that hang within the abbey, but the red sandstone walls continue to offer a place of peace and safety in the ever changing Mossflower Wood. Currently the abbey is lead by the venerable Abbot Sprickle, an ancient hedgehog whose spikes have all gone completely white. His time as abbot has been one of relative peace and the abbey thrived. However, a drought has struck the land and the seasonal rains have been late. To add to this trouble, the River Moss stopped rather abruptly. Some woodsman were sent to scout to see if there was a dam of some sort and they returned with conflicting stories. One would have to talk to the abbot to learn more details.

    Because of the drought and disappearance of the river many families have taken refuge in Redwall bringing what provisions they could gather. It is said that a great band of vermin has been gathered and is now looting all of Mossflower Wood. They use a sigil marked by a crescent moon and a rose, for their leaders, a white fox named Silver Fang and his mate, a red fox named Thorne. The Rose and Crescent gang are said to have been spotted only miles from Redwall by refugees fleeing from a bandit raid. Other independent groups are starting to gather and fight for territory.

    Deadtooth, a monster of a rat, and his gang of degenerates are one such group and they attacked the abbey. During the night they posed as weary travelers and then overpowered the doorkeeper. They raided the kitchen and took some valuable food stuffs, they were caught by the guards when something tragic happened. One of the little ones was thirsty and had wandered from the dormitory to the kitchen when Deadtooth grabbed him.

    Deadtooth sneered, "Oy, lookee here boys, we gots us a hostage..." He looked at the guards as he held the trembling dibbun up and pressed a grimy knife to his throat.

    Dogle, the dibbun, cried, "waaaaaaaa, wassa doin to me? Im thoisty, lemme down!" He bit at the rats hand that was holding him and Deadtooth cried out but did not drop Dogle.

    Deadtooth struck dogle and swore, "yerowch, if'n yous do that again I'll keep hittin ya by rot I will!" Turning to the guards who had taken a step closer. "Back up now if'n you have any love for this tot yere"

    Deadtooth and his gang backed out of the main keep and fled the open front gate. Minutes later the bell tower began to peal a warning tone that could be heard for miles in the night.
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  2. Not too far Down the dirt road, a lonesome hooded ferret walked towards the Abbey. Korpiklaani's stave stuck right into the dirt with every step. By the Moonlight, He kept his way to the abbey a steady and undeterred route when a loud bell rang out and into the rounded ears of Korpiklaani. His whisker poked around in the air and sniffed out a harsh breath.

    With a short mirthless Laugh, His pace quickened, moving onward along the road toward the sound of Cacophonous Bells that left sour notes hanging in the air. They called to Korpiklaani and with each Deafening blow the urgency in him boiled ever higher. Something didn't seem right at all.
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