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  1. Welcome and well met everyone. This is the Redwall Roleplay where adventure abounds and the feasts will make you drool. I will be your host and do what I can to keep the story running. To that end, I'll keep this fairly short.

    The World: (Updated 3/13/2014)
    This takes place long after the tales chronicled in the books have unfolded. Many of the locations exist, some relatively unchanged, but events from the books will be referred to has legends or history.

    Times have been hard on the Abby, drought has been in the land for over a year now. Bandits have increased in Mossflower wood due to the scarcity of food. As such, many of those living in the forest have retreated to the safety of those red sandstone walls. The river has recently begun to drop mysteriously and Redwall's pond has been receding slowly. The rest of the world is in much the same state with everyone on edge with the lack of food.

    Now! Your role in this rp...
    You lot are all going to start out arriving at the Abby. Why you are there is entirely up to you, the only character I am reserving as an NPC to be played by me is the Abbot, for now (I'll play most of the NPC's, but anyone can play whatever role they want, if that makes sense). As for what else I would prefer you not to be are snakes, birds, cats, or other large hard-to-balance things. I'd also prefer not to have any badger lords, pirate kings, otter captains, etc. but as a general rule, if you give me enough backstory and bio information to have it make sense, why not. The main point is I would like players to play individuals who don't already have their own army at their disposal and have to band together (or stab eachother in the back) to get things done.

    #1 Obey All Rules
    #2 Edwin is always right
    #3 No god-modding/mind-reading etc.
    #4 Have fun
    #5 Three complete sentences minimum for posts
    #6 Communicate OOC if you know you won't be able to post for a while, excessive absence will get you the boot.

    - try not to post for any one character more than three times before everyone has had a chance to post
    - try to keep up and pay attention to what people have said, I may ask for edits to posts every now and again
    - come up with at least one quirk about your character, be it a particular pattern of speech, excessively flamboyant, or squeaks when poked or frightened.
    - Here is a list of "Aspects" you can use for ideas from the Fate RPG System

    How to Join!
    Do Not Post Your CS - Message/PM it to me with 'Redwall RP Character Application' as the title.

    Appearance: (description required, pic optional)
    Why are you at Redwall Abby?

    Accepted Characters:
    Fijoli - Von Korpiklanni (open)
    Player: Fijoli
    Name: Von Korpiklanni
    Species: {Pure} Ferret
    Age: 4 (human years) 26-35 (ferret years) (reaching midlife)

    Appearance: With a bandit like pale face, Von, has a Vivid dark "V" Pattern on his fuzzy forehead and usually is always seen robed, whiskers always moving about. Black beady eyes and a pink nose. Often he is leaning on his staff that he is rather proficient with. a Simple and Humble ferret by the mere look of him, but piss him off, or get him riled up and his back with arch and tail, Fluff out in a warning. Black tipped tail, while only pale in the face his dark tail will drag behind him
    Personality: Korpiklanni is a rather playful creature, solitary, quiet, reserved. He rarely speaks unless spoken to and watches everything, somewhat elderly, but quick on his paws. Kind and Nurturing ways, he takes to youngsters and elderly protecting them above all others. Respectful and Reliable.

    Backstory: Von is an old outcast and hasn't lived amongst his ferret brethren since the separation from them as a young critter. He spent many years in the woods where he was named Warrior of the Forest "Von Korpiklanni" By Urran Voh. Noonvale was his home for most of his life until Urran thought it was time to leave for Redwall Abbey.
    Why are you at Redwall Abby? Urran Explains to Korpiklanni that his skills and mind are need elsewhere in their realm and with a heavy heart gift to Him a staff and robe, and sends him out to nomad his way to Redwall abbey. He is traveling to Redwall.

    ReaperOfFlames - Khulainn Calaster (open)
    Player: ReaperOfFlame
    Name: Khulainn Calaster
    Species: Squirrel
    Age: 3 (Human years) 22 (Squirrel years)

    Appearance: While Khulainn stands a tad shorter than his average Squirrel brethren, he makes up for his shorter stature with a solid stance and a muscular figure that only barely peeks through his normal abbey robes; atypically tan in color, though he does have festive green robes with ornate gold weavings adorning the trimmings for special occasions. His fur is red with a hue of gold as it was tanned heavily by the harsh Southsward sun, though he does have two streaks of black that run from the top of his eyes to just behind his ears. When out traveling or foraging, he forgoes his abbey robes for a green cloth shirt and a brown belt, as well as a tanned traveling cloak that once protected his body from the harsh desert climates he grew up in; while it is still tan in color, he has since inverted the cloak and matted it with green paints to help him better blend in to Mossflower's wooded environment.

    Personality: For as strong and firm as his name is, Khulainn is actually quite the kindly individual when met in person. He is dutiful in his responsibilities and aims to help where he can, though if ever he hears someone spinning a yarn of the legendary days of yore he is quick to be distracted. However, the Khulainn the Abbey at large knows and the Khulainn who vanishes to forage within Mossflower woods are two very different personalities; on philosophy he keeps his work and his normal life as separate as possible. For those who have seen him engaged by the roving bandits plaguing the woods, they would find him to be quite cold, calculating, and quick to seek their vitals with his spear.

    Backstory: Khulainn was born amidst the raging sandstorms and harsh sun of Southsward, in the mighty Castle Floret to Legion Guard Gaius Calaster; a mighty spearsquirrel and leader of his company. From his youngest memories, his father began to groom him to inherit both his spear and rank for the day he would finally retire; but as fate would have it, other plans were in store for the young squirrel. On the cusp of his 21st birthday, Khulainn was bade to embark upon the sacred rite of Qhaxluite, or more literally translated "Soul Journey"; this adventure was meant to broaden and sharpen his mind in the ways of the world, giving him the skills and wisdom to properly serve as a Knight under King Gael the XXXII. With his own spear crafted and his cloak adorned, he set out into the wild unknowns of the wasteland surrounding his kingdom with curiosity in his heart and a desire to see the world for what it was.

    While his quest lasted for the better half of a year, he eventually stumbled upon Mossflower Woods; quite the far cry from the arid, cracked landscape that encompassed his home, though the lush greenery did nothing to hide from him the blights which had crept in through the shadows. No more than two days into his exploration of the woods did he discover a caravan of mice being accosted by bandits for their belongings; even faster still did his spear find them with the skill and precision that he had honed over the course of his life, though a stray knife did find his kidney, leaving him to ponder his fate as the pain robbed him of his consciousness.
    When he finally awoke, he found himself in an Infirmary with the family of mice standing at his bedside, informing him that after he had passed out they had treated him as best they could before transporting him to Redwall Abbey; therein the medical practitioners there had treated his wounds as best they could.

    Feeling indebted to these kindly creatures and seeing their plight, he sent word back to his father that he would be staying on at the Abbey to both help and protect them where they needed it, as any good Knight would. With his father's blessing in return, he began his life as a resident of the Abbey; offering his help where he could manage as he recovered and eventually found a calling within the kitchen as a love for cooking blossomed within him. This didn't mean however that he laxed in his knightly training and even to this day continues to work on his spearsmanship; every so often taking guard duty or even vanishing into Mossflower itself for a few days to help travelers or dispense his own version of justice.

    Why are you at Redwall Abbey?
    Khulainn has been at the abbey for the better part of six months and has recently celebrated his 22nd birthday within it's walls. Out of his sense of honor and general appreciation for helping him, he has stayed on as a helper to the abbey with things such as cooking and cleaning, though he tends to spend his time in the kitchen more than anywhere else.

    Skyeraptor - Salih Slipstream (open)

    Player: Skyeraptor

    Name: Salih Slipstream

    Species: Otter

    Age Human 2, otter 17 ( late teens)

    Appearance: Unlike normal otters Salih is sliver with black paws. His unusual coloring caused tension among his tribe, some saying gifted others cursed. Unfortunately the Skipper agreed with those who said cursed, and Salih was cast out from the tribe at a very young age.

    Personality: Salih is anti-social preferring to keep to his own company. That said he understands the power of teamwork (though he may not like it). Because he wasn't with otters growing up he lacks some otter traits. Disliking boats and never trying hotroot soup to mention some. On the flip side he prefers being up high and is a surprisingly good climber. Once he warms up to you Salih can be witty and a good (if not odd) friend.

    Fighting style: Rapier and dagger

    Backstory: After being cast out Salih was taking by a group of squirrels, and raised as one of them. That said he developed some squirrel like tendencies. He was also able to learn rapier fighting under an master who passed away after training his final student. Do to the dangerous atmosphere the trope took to the trees, living in tree-houses to escape bandits. This was not successful. While Salih was out on a forage trip a group of bandits slaughtered the entire trope.

    Why are you at Redwall? At this time Salih is traveling to Redwall in hope that there will be someone or several someones that will help him avenge his family.

    Announcements Etc.:
    IC is up.
    - If you need help figuring out what to post, PM me or post here. Lets see how this goes, haha.
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  2. I'm totes interested, but I'd like to see what sort of plot pops up before I make a character for it.
  3. ~jumps around~
  4. I've received one CS so far, thinking about starting as a 1x1 that's open for jump ins.
  5. You don't have to do that. If you want to start you feel free to do it and leave the sign ups open so people can join...Maybe we should make a banner and advertise??
  6. I am definitely interested. Please give me some time to come up with a character sheet, I have to brush up on my Redwall history.
  7. Hey Skyeraptor, take your time, and don't worry too much about the history. I myself have not read any of the books in years, so I'm going off what I can remember.
  8. Thanks for those of you who have submitted CS's, I have not forgotten you. Been distracted and haven't done much to promote this RP but three players is enough to start I think? Instead of papers for school I think I might work on starting the IC post. :)
  9. no reason to rush a good thing, take all the time you need :]
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