Red's Secrets

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    "Where is anything? I want to eat!"


    It was actually a nice day, besides the massive, underlying hunger. The sun was shinging, and the birds sang beautifully. A light wind drafted by his face. Today, was going to get better. The wolf was sure of it.

    "It will..." he whispered softly

    Peering through the bushes, the was a shadow. It was somewhat of a blur, being at least 100 yards off. Step after step, it grew closer. It looked like a....girl?

    "Perfect. A good snack for the day..."

  2. Red was on her way to see her granny who lived on the outskirts of the next town. She hated walking there though - her feet always hurt, and she disliked going through the woods, which were just plain creepy.

    She slung her backpack over her shoulder and walked down the twisted path which led through the woods. Her long brown hair flowed down her back, over the red cloak that her granny had made her years ago. It was too small now, and only went down to her mid back, but she kept it anyway for sentimental reasons.

    As Red passed through the woods, she heard a growl, and she bit her lip nervously. She wished her best friend Remus was here - he was on a trip with his dad though, at the moment.
  3. Wolf made his move. Just like that, the potential snack was up against the tree. Licking his lips, the eyes looked her up and down. This would be a fine catch. The hands had gripped her so...softly. It was as if he was caressing his meal.

    "My, my this is quite possibly the worst time that you have ever chosen to walk these woods." he whispered
  4. Suddenly Red was up against the tree, pinned there by a pair of strong hands. She stared up at the man who held her there and glared at him to cover her fright.

    "Let me go now." She glared at him, and tried to slip out of his grasp, but couldn't.
  5. "Oh I don't think so, little woman in red. You see, I am Wolf. I am a grade A carnivore. Which means, you are falling in line. The food chain line. I am sure you know of it. You know, the same one that calls for you to eat the pig and chicken." he whispered licking her cheek.

    "What is in this bag anyways?" he asked, ripping the backpack from her.
  6. Red was disgusted, and she twisted her head out of the way so he wouldn't lick it again. "The difference being, I am not a chicken. I have just as much spirit and bravery as you do, Mr Wolf."

    He took her backpack! She was furious now. "None of your business!" She snapped, and kicked him up the middle of the legs, where it hurt the most.
  7. A wail was heard throughout the forest. It was a wail of great pain. The kick had landed and a stubborn pain crawled up into Wolf's body. His grip decreased greatly, from the kick. He still had the back pack, but he was now in a fetal position.

    "Owwwwww....why would you do that?! Only a truly evil being would kick there! What kind of person are you?!" he whined with his eyes closed tight.
  8. Red snapped down at him, "I'm a girl who isn't about to be pushed around, and have her backpack stolen, without fighting back!" She grabbed the backpack, and slung it around her shoulders securely.

    "You took my pack, and I did whatever came instinctively."
  9. Wolf crawled around, trying to find something to stabilize his body. She had done a number on him and the pain was shooting through the pelvis.

    "Fine. Then expect only blood to pass, next time."
  10. "Next time then." Red scowled at him and hurried off down the path, now wanting to get to her grandmother's place as soon as possible.
  11. It was a while, before Wolf could stand without extra support. The girl had quite the leg power and he must have felt every ounce of its power. If not, then he prayed that it was never directed downstairs again. His hunger was driving thoughts of revenge to the forefront of any given objective.

    "She will be mine....." he growled and began to track the woman.
  12. Red quickly made it to her grandmother's house, and dropped off the food in the bag, She didn't stay long but, making her way back along the path after just a few minutes of exchanging pleasantries.

    She was on her guard against the wolf like man who had grabbed her before.
  13. He had crawled up a tree. A bit more than he wanted, because his fear of heights kicked in slightly. Nonetheless, this was a good spot. Something started to tickle his nose, and a need to sneeze arose. His element of surprize was in danger. Wolf needed to move.

    Climbing down, he moved to another tree.
  14. Red made her way cautiously back through the wood, her alert eyes darting everywhere. However, after a while, her paranoia got on her nerves, and she paused in the middle of the wood. "Ok, Mr Wolf, wherever you are, come and get me!" she yelled out.
  15. Drat.

    She had already known, that he watching. Must have lost a step from the nether region kick. Either that, or she has just gone crazy. It was no fun, seeing the poor girl slowly lose her mind. His appetite suddenly gone, Wolf slipped out of the brushes and into her line of sight. Silently, he just stood there watching.
  16. Red stared at him, and demanded, "What is your problem? Do I need to get a restraining order on you, or what?" She was fed up at this moment. Her hair blowed back in the sudden breeze, and her dark eyes flashed.
  17. "I came to apologize. Normally, I allow my prey a quick, painless death. It confusing when I try to figure why I didn't kill you. Now seeing this...with the paranoia and such...I makes me rethink my place." he whispered

    Noticing her eye change, he bravely drew closer. Unknowing of his own intentions, he tried to seem as harmless as possible.
  18. She watched him warily, and stepped back. "Ok, so you have apologised, now what?"
  19. "Maybe...I don't know...we could be become friends? I really didn't come u with a plan for this." he said timidly, inching closer.
  20. Red stood firm, and raised an eyebrow at him, "Maybe." She wasn't sure what to do, but covered it with confidence.