Red's Radacular fantasy search! [UPDATED/Closed] [Plots provided!]

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  1. Hello! This is my first time putting up a request thread so it might be a little off, but I'm not asking for much. As the title states, I'm looking for a roleplaying partner to pass the time with as I near vacation time. Hopefully what I ask and what info I provide suits you well :)

    What I'm looking for:

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    -Roleplayer who can post once a day or multiple times a day.
    -Honest. Please let me know if the plot confuses you, if you're curious about the setting and world I provide, or if you're bored.
    -Cooperative. Be happy in knowing that I accept suggestions and tips if you want to provide them.
    -A friend, also. If you wanna talk in-between posts for the RP and so on. I don't bite!
    -Understandable when posting. I don't want to be confused while reading your posts
    -Play as the female for plot #1. Rest are whatever you choose.
    -Semi passive. I want you to enjoy the ride but not be afraid of adding in your own ideas to spice up the experience.
    -Someone who won't drop the RP out of nowhere without telling me. If you are no longer interested, tell me. I will do the same.

    What posting standards do I have? They're pretty straight forward.

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    -No godmodding, bunnying, powerplaying
    -No one liners, one paragraph (5-7 sentences) or more will do. Give me something to work off of.
    -To follow the setting. For example, if this is a western style RP, please don't bring in aliens. Stuff like that.

    I'm generally interested in fantasy/scifi, MxF (though nothing against MxM/FxF, I'm just generally uninterested), and love action with mixes of romance for ultimate character interaction. If the plots bellow don't interest you, we could drum up something from scratch :)

    The Plots
    Green means Open, Red means Closed. Blue means it could be closed soon, as I'm talking to a potential taker. Still has a chance of being open again.
    Daughter of the Enigma
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    In the magical world of Mantua, there are many things that challenge the imagination. Monsters, serpents of the sky, magic, and spirits. This world has no limits. Until now.

    A glitch in reality created in a man-made dimension escaped over twenty years ago. This glitch was a mistake created when a man in the dimension wanted to create a god. Instead, he created a sentient God-like abomination which talent's included corrupting anything to become a glitched version of itself, nicknamed: Aberrations. This God-like glitch, now known as "Sahelanthropus" or "Sahel" for short, had become sentient enough to have wishes to convert worlds under his own image. Therefore Mantua was at it's eye.

    Along the way, Sahel had a child with a normal human from Mantua's sister world of Celaflora, a beautiful green forested planet. The child of the two was unknowingly passed down the soul traits of Sahel's glitched God spirit and was gifted with incredible power. However once Sahel arrived to Mantua to claim it, the people of Mantua decided to track down the child, a girl (Your character), to harness her soul to power a machine capable of bringing Sahel down.

    Once captured, she is placed on a battle ship to be transported to Mantua's high security prison for experimentation. However, a sailor (my character) takes note on how wrong this is, and decides to help her escape fate.

    Tomorrow Never Knows

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    As the result of a nuclear war using an advanced modification of a bionuclear weapon, what was left of humanity around the nuclear strike sites began to notice changes.

    The bionuclear fallout had changed the human genome, allowing offspring to begin developing abilities previously unheard of for humans, although very small (advanced hearing, perception, speed). The surviving and relatively unharmed nations of the world catch wind of this and out of paranoia they lock down the regions where these super humans lived in order to observe them under a controlled setting. After centuries of observation, some top scientists predicted that the evolution of these advanced humanoids would evolve too rapidly and eventually produce a human that would "be better than god himself." And so the scientists, determined to wipe away that probability, decide to experiment on these humans to try and find a way to wipe away these mutations. Though they were unsuccessful because of corrupted officials wanting these humans as weapons, therefore hampering any progress at curing them.

    Thousands of years pass and scientists find out a way to trigger major physiological and soul changes already written in the new human genome in order to trigger their "power" via a liquid/energy injectable. However, when they were conducting trials for these, they triggered the wrong person, thus bringing about the birth of the human who would surpass a deity. The human escapes and now the government is willing to bring out a handful of new human experiments themselves to hunt down this anomaly by using the very injectables they were testing as a weapon.

    The chase begins.

    Among the blare of cannons

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    You are living in a time where great technology meets fantasy and magic, and the world couldn't have been in more chaos in this. There is promise to escape this never ending war field, however you must entertain the lords of the nations in this war by going through various deadly trials. If the promise of escape did not motivate you enough, then the capture of a loved one would. Under this time limit, you are expected to show off your combat prowess, but you know that there is something more to it.

    Fandoms (OCs only):

    Skyrim-based RP

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    My main OC, Xochiveil, has established a rather comfortable life in Skyrim (Whiterun) after leaving Cyrodiil. Having a family, housecarl, and lovely companions, she knows she could entrust her two daughters to them. However, the thirst for adventure and for stability so that her children can grow up with hope drives her to leave Whiterun and search. That is where she meets your character.

    Plot is very underdeveloped and I hope we could develop a better one together.

    I hope the plots are not too convoluted, but if you have any questions just shoot me a PM. If you are interested, post on here and PM* me :)

    P.S: If you post your interest here and then I never hear from you again, then I will keep this thread open until someone comes here and sticks around. It's really annoying.

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  3. Still open for anyone wanting to join in with me! I'd love to have you :)
  4. Still open for anyone who wants to 1x1 with this plot.

    Please save me from my boredom :'(
  5. Still looking! The plot provided is not absolute, meaning we could work off it and make it better!

    Or we could do something entirely different...!
  6. I am interested!
  7. Thank you for your interest! Please PM me :) @princessyuna

    EDIT: ....Oooor not.
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  8. @Red Revolver Hello there! :DD I am interested in either the first or second plot here... Still looking for people?
  9. I am interested in the Skyrim rp
  10. Ahhhh. I've gotten my hands a little full at this time. I'm sorry, but maybe when I'm more free we could organize that RP? :)
  11. Ah, Okay, Hopefully when you have more time then :)
  12. Thank you for your understanding! I'll follow you so that I won't forget and when I have more time, I will PM you~
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