Redrock Island

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  1. This idea comes from a series of short stories I have written up, and has taken inspiration from a few roleplays I am in the middle of doing right now.
    This roleplay will contain blood and gore, so much to the point where this might be taken to the Libertine section, depending on the interest.

    In the heart of the Ocean is a single, man-made island. It's more than just an island, however. It's a concrete city of underwater jail cells, and mystery. One look at it could convince anybody that it's just some random facility. But go inside, and you will find levels and sublevels of rooms, habitats and tanks of some of the nastiest serial killers, cannibals, and even the mythological cosmic creatures that nobody believes to be actually lurking around. Only stories on the news, and demonologists have written about these creatures, and yet here they are.

    Throughout the world, Cosmic Beings beyond our human comprehension lurk and cause chaos. They summon creatures and killers to do their bidding. These creatures, when created, are sent to the Island, also known as Redrock island, and a new room is added. The killers are allowed to run rampant, those running the island couldn't care less. They are even given everything they want, from decorations to weapons, to clothing. The weapons they are given are the ones they take to go terrorize the Earth when they are called upon. Why is this setting a great place for a roleplay? Two words; survival. Horror. Every Saturday, a group of convicts and people who have been arrested are sent to Redrock, and if they can survive Monday through to Saturday morning, they are given their freedom. But, if they do not, they are butchered by whatever killer or monster finds them. This roleplay is not meant for people who want to develop characters. This is meant for people who will make the decisions to let me kill off their character, or figure out how to escape the given scenario. I'm still working everything out, but is anyone interested? I play the killers and the monsters, you guys play prisoners. In the real thread, I will have a full run-down of the island, every wing, floor, and room. Any takers?

  2. -Sits on a rock in the distance, lurking and waving-
    Ish here. B-but...can I have a special cookie and play a monster?
    I'll be a good girl, I promise. Just one monster....I'll play a human too.
    If not, I won't complain. I'll still participate. <3
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  3. Maybe because you're being so adorable I have to let you play a monster. Only because I enjoy having you as a partner, you're damn good at playing "monsters" and you're being just so darned cute!
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  4. Yay, I get an opportunity to play a monster! I'll make it scary and as demented as possible! Just you wait! I'll message you when I get a perfected idea.
    You are so flattering~
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  5. One question. Is it possible for the prisoners to kill the monsters?
  6. I think I'm going to go with yes, unless there are any of those cool, silent "bad-ass" types who want to just walk around killing every monster they see. Characters need to be realistic. I understand keeping your cool in stressful situations, but you just got kidnapped and brought to a large island made out of concrete and steel, and you're being chased by killers and monsters. Odds are, you will be scared. But yes, in given situations you will be able to kill a few monsters.
  7. i love the idea and would love to role play with you more :)
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