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  1. The idea for this nation is that we are historical figures (Pseudo historical figures count) who work for one single awesome nation. The nation's leaders are made from past leaders of the real world, preferably the most awesome among them. The bottom is an example of our new fledgling nation. We will vote on certain aspects of our country that will make it great, and adapt our country to meet new challenges.

    An Example.
    The Empire Of Awesomia
    : King Solomon: Wisest man and one of the most intelligent men who ever lived.
    Grand Commander: Alexander the Great: The greatest military commander who ever lived.
    Generals: Guan Yu, Sun Tzu: Two of the most gifted military commanders who ever lived.
    Talleyrand, Benjamin Franklin
    No Clue? Uh, I really don't know.
    Ministers: John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Liu Bang: Three of the generally most competent ministers ever.

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