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  1. (Finally, it's here)
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    For over a decade, the current law enforcers - known as the Whitehoods due to their apparel - have become corrupt in their divine mission. Their holy agenda now a twisted joke among the people. Lately, the criminal outcasts known as Blackhoods (due to their punishment upon conviction - having a black hood seen into their skin)!have started to become complacent, knowing that if they got into any trouble, bribing a Whitehood was all it took.

    However, a recent rebellion has sparked a change in the land. A militia force has begun to show the people that good shall triumph. This new army has named themselves the Redhoods.

    Their are six different races in this medieval world
    Elves - tall, slender creatures that are able to hone their wild nature to control their weapons. However, their abilities are limited, so they can only specialise in one skill
    Minotaurs - huge horned creatures with the posture of a man, and the raw strength of a bull. They live in the frozen mountain and can survive in any climate, despite being of slightly lower intelligence
    Humans - self explanatory
    Spirits - elusive creatures that, though it doesn't take much to incapacitate them, cannot be entirely destroyed. When a good hearted person dies, their fatal flaw becomes the main part of their life as a spirit (eg. Bloodthirsty man = peaceful spirit)
    Druids - essentially humans but with access to a great power known as the Schol. They aren't fighters, but have infinite knowledge and telepathic powers
    Farseer - again, a lot like humans but with the ability to see into the future. Years ago, there was a genocide ordered by the Whitehoods, so they are few in number, yet they still live
  2. Character Card

    Name: Nightshade
    Age: 20
    Race: Spirit of Dark
    Weapon of choice: a whip
    Special abilities (if any): can completely disappear in dark places
    Appearance: a wispy shadow in the shape of a human, with only two gold eyes.
    Apparel: a gold chain around her neck
    Other: Before she became a spirit, she was an optimistic warrior. She died in a cave, and one hundred years later, she found herself in that cave, nothing more than a shadow.
  3. Character Card

    Name: Itzcoatl
    Age: 23
    Race: Farseer
    Appearance: He has brown medium-length hair and white eyes. He has a pale complexion and a thin build. His torso, forearms, and neck are covered with one large tattooed pattern.
    Apparel: He wears a strip of white cloth over his eyes. On his body he wears a dark green cloak, along with a tunic of the same color and brown pants.
    Weapon of choice: Spear
    Special powers (if any): Futuresight, psychokinetics, tremorsense
    Other: He became blind because of an accident that happened when he was younger, but eventually developed other means to know of his surroundings.
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  15. As Itzcoatl walked in silence on the paths of the settlement, he pondered. His elders had forseen a rebellion over the Blackhoods and Whitehoods, and had decided on who to send out to assist in the efforts. It was troubling to the young man, because out of the several that were sent it seemed only he made it here. Even more so, his ability to see into the future gave him no clues as to how his involvement was going to happen. Was fate itself uncertain? Or was it that what was to come could drastically alter his own life in some way or another? Questions everywhere, yet no answers to be found. He pulls the hood of his dark green cloak up over his own head, hoping most people would fail to notice the thin cloth covering over his eyes. He would rather not have trouble find him any easier than it had so far. Despite his lack of vision, he had little trouble determining where objects and other people in his path were.
  16. Reelixa's ears twitched towards the sound of snapping branches and twigs as some one approached her tree sitting in the middle of the town square. It was quite late at night and she had been here for hours, awaiting the arrival of the others who had been chosen. Seeing the young man in the hood coming closer to her tree she dropped down with ease, not a sound was made from her bare feet.

    "I'm going to assume for your sake you are not lost young man..." twirling one of her 8 inch daggers in her hand her claws clicked to metal, circling Itzcoatl in about a six foot radius, examining him.
  17. "Certainly not lost in direction, if that's what you're implying." Itzcoatl replies, a glimpse of what may come passing by his mind. He kept his grip on his spear in case of the possibility of Reelixa attacking became reality. "I'm soon to be exactly where I'm meant to be." A Whitehood? Blackhood? Some common cutpurse? Itzcoatl's next words would likely give him the answer he is looking for. "Are you one of them, by any chance? You seem to be a little too subtle to be one of the Whitehoods." he asks her. Surely she wasn't just going to launch an unprovoked attack right in the middle of town, was she?
  18. Her ears immediately flattened to her head like an animal in distress.

    "I do not answer to anyone... I am my own master." Claws extending quietly on her dagger she gets a tighter grip, "However I heard of the impending rebellion and the opportunity of getting to kill a few of those bast bastards myself was just too good to pass up." Relaxing a bit she leaned back on the tree behind her.

    "You're blind boy? How is it you came all the way to be here without a guide at all...." her eyes widened suddenly and she was inches from his face in seconds examining his eyes, "are you a farseer?"
  19. Her quick movements and change in overall tone definitely gave him the answer he was hoping on in this encounter. She was definitely acting a little less hostile now. It was a relief to know this was going in a more peaceful direction. He simply nods in confirmation to her question.

    "Yes, that's right." he answers. "Just don't start making a huge fuss here in the open please. The few of us still alive would prefer to keep it that way." he continues, giving a bit explanation to her. "My Elders sent me and several others out to lend assistance, although I do not know where they are." He loosens his grip a bit on his spear to show he had no hostile intentions towards her.
  20. Smiling to reveal her sharp elven canines she chuckles a little. "Seems they have lost their way in the Black woods... hopefully they won't be long, I have customers to meet and can't lose my clientele" noticing his slight confusion Reelixa clarifies.

    "You see I have to make a living. I have a list of people who need certain items at deadlines in the month. For example, Mr.Warent needs eye of griffin every month by the 12th for his concealing potion, he is a real ugly bastard when he doesn't take it and we'll looking like that in town would get him run off for sure. And mrs.Brandywell is the town wore but she needs her new silks every month by the 26th...." smiling and bending over backwards agile she stretches in the dying sunlight. "I steal what they would pay their lives for, I own them all"
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