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  1. For long I had waited, collecting the figures close to me, those that I wanted to give a second chance. Not only did I search for the answers to my questions, I tried to discover answers to questions that they might have. There was little, only whispers from the others, and I did not want to doom those that I had found capable of being redeemed. Thus, I waited and I held them close to me, preserving their souls and their bodies. I knew that I could not wait forever, they would not be suited to the world long after the time that they died. As it was, I was running out of time, clutching them close to me and listening carefully to the murmurs that streamed over the ground and seemed to flow from nowhere.

    Now, I was looking for the location, the place to set them so that I could guide them in the path that I had found, the way to their redemption. The place that I stumbled upon would not be so auspicious, I would not set them in a place of endings, even if the graveyard seemed perfect to place them safely without their being seen. However, I knew to some degree that it was my own reluctance for make them fly on their own, tumble and possibly fall. As much as I swore to turn my heart to them, I could not help but fear for their paths. What would I do if they messed life up once more? I would have to let them fail, reap their souls for punishment... I was not happy about the prospect.

    I chose to set them back onto the earth at night, for privacy and to keep them as safe as possible. If they must wander alone in search of what their purpose was, then I would do everything in my power to keep them as protected I could for as long as I was able. They were precious to me, these wayward souls. It was through sheer accident that the night I elected to return them, it stormed. Rain streamed over the grass and soaked the muddy earth, running in rivulets over the trunks of the trees and dripping off of waxy leaves.

    Here I placed them, under as much cover as possible, for them to awaken. I would not be able to give them as much aid as I would like, though they were need to me to set them on their way. I debated over the best way to do this, whether I should risk allowing them to see me or not. Eventually, I elected that I would not allow them to see me, I did not know if it would be against my code or not. Instead, I whispered a little information to each of them for when they woke. Then, I left them. They would be fending for themselves with minimal instruction.
  2. Drip... Drip... Drip...

    Maeko slowly opened her deep brown eyes and stared upward. It took a moment for her vision to adjust, but when it did, she saw that she was laying under a large tree. From the sound of it, it was absolutely pouring outside. Here, though, the leaves provided cover and she had only the dripping on her arm that got her wet. The grass she laid on was a little damp, but at least she wasn't laying in mud.

    She tried to remember how she had gotten there. It was hard since there was nothing but fuzz at first, but slowly she could remember the sound of a shot. A gun? She was starting to get a migraine, so for now she put it all aside. All that she could remember easily was something that didn't make sense. Something about returning to life to redeem themselves.. Punishment..

    Oh my GOD!

    Did she die?! Was that the memory of a gun?! She sat up rapidly and looked down at herself, but there was no gunshot wound or blood or anything. Just a plain white tee, jeans.. All the stuff she had been wearing the last that she could remember. Was that a real memory, or did she just think it was now that she saw the outfit? She frowned in bewilderment and rummaged through her purse that was at her side. All of her stuff was in it. Maybe she had just taken a bad trip and gotten too high. Something told her that wasn't the case.

    She looked around and realized she wasn't alone. There were others laying around like she had been. They didn't seem to be awake yet. It was.. oddly creepy, like being surrounded by dead people.
  3. Elizabeth lay on the sopping ground and listened to the rain patter around her. She didn't lay there because it was pleasant, she lay there because she didn't know what the hell was going on and she needed time to think. She was certain that the last thing she remembered happening was staring down at her own blood running over the floor of the restaurant while another patron tackled the gunman. If she pulled through she was sure that she would be in a hospital listening to the electronic beep signaling her heart rate.

    That meant that Elizabeth hadn't pulled through and she was in Hell. Cold, muddy hell. Something didn't seem right about that.

    She could hear movement, quick panicked breathing, and some sort of rustling. At least one other person was here with her. Elizabeth risked opening one green eye to take in the surroundings, covertly watching the girl nearby and the others laying around them. This was strange business and there was no way she was moving a muscle until she was absolutely sure of what was going on.

  4. Humans are not perfect, they each make mistakes. But, everyone has a conscious. Many take advantage of what they have and do not realize how much they should be thankful for until it is gone. Many do not realize that the path they have chosen to take in life is not right for them or good for the world until it is too late. But, sometimes there is that one lucky one that does realize that the path they are taken is not right and they try to change their ways. Sometimes, they get a chance to do one good act before their time comes to an end, but they do not realize that that one good act has changed their course. So many different things can change a person’s course in life, and at the same time so many things can keep a person on the same path. There are many different types of people in this world, some are stronger than others and some are more prideful or greedy than others. Rose, was one of those lucky ones to get a second chance, she just hadn’t realized it yet.

    The scent of rain filled her senses as she slowly came to; she couldn’t remember anything of what had happened to her. The last thing she remembered was someone, or something she couldn’t be sure what it was but all she could remember was redemption. The sun kissed flesh of her left hand slowly rose to her forehead, cradling her head gently as fingertips grazed against the deep brown locks of her hair. Why was that the only thing she could think of besides wondering where in the hell she was? Slowly her bright blue eyes would open, blinking the drowsiness out of them as she lay upon the ground staring up at the canopy of leaves above her. She could hear the soft drips of raindrops upon the ground around her as she lay there, where in the world was she? Turning her head slightly she could see others around her and she was so incredibly confused. She didn’t know any of these people. Swallowing she realized she was parched before parting her lips and continuing to take deep steady breaths, Rose was insanely confused and wanted to know what was going on.

    Placing her elbows on the damp ground Rose gently pushed herself up from the ground, she had a killer migraine and she just wanted to go to bed but obviously she wasn’t anywhere near one since she was outside under a tree surrounded by strangers. She was beginning to slightly panic but continued to keep a cool expression upon her features as she looked at the seemingly only other person awake. Licking her lips Rose would glance down at her body to notice the tight blue jeans upon her the bottom portion of her body and a soft cotton black t-shirt upon her torso. The fabric was tight against her skin showing off her flat stomach and curvaceous figure as she pushed herself up into a sitting position. Soft curls of brown fell down to dance across her shoulders and graze against her arms gently. A stray leaf was stuck in her hair but she wasn’t worried about it at that moment in time, she was more worried about where she was and if these other people around her were alive or not. It would be traumatizing to realize she was under a tree with a bunch of dead people.

    Swallowing once again Rose would glance towards the female sitting nearby. Pulling her bottom lip into her mouth between her teeth she chewed on it for a moment before speaking in an obviously soft voice since her throat was parched and she felt like she had been sleeping in the desert beneath the bright sun for hours. “Do, do you know what’s going on?” She asked the female, her bright blue hues wide with curiosity and something along the lines of fear. Suddenly the flash of a blade passed across her memory, was she stabbed? Glancing down at her body she couldn’t see any stab wounds or blood on her body and she surely didn’t feel like she had been stabbed. What was going on? Was she losing her mind? Had a friend somehow convinced her to take some crazy drug at one of the clubs to get her mind off of things? Rose was thoroughly confused now and she didn’t know what to do besides sit there for a few moments and try to wrap her mind around what was going on.