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  1. Some say that the things that are done in life tend to balance out for most people. There are none who can claim that they were always truly good or truly evil. Most go through the journey doing the best that they can and they keep to a comfortable middle. Humans are not saints but neither do we mean to cause the harm we inflict. At least... that holds true for most.

    Who can say what happens to those who do not tip the balance in one direction or another? That is another mystery altogether. But sometimes there are those people who do not glide so easily through with the mantra 'I have done the best that I could'. Sometimes, people do bad things and they continue doing bad things without any impetus or inclination to mend their ways.

    We, the Keepers, are tasked with their punishment. Now and then, we are ordered to kill them young and steal them from the dawn of their wicked lives with little chance to change their ways, when they are proving a stain on society. Other times, we are made to bide our time and observe them for many years as they sin without ever considering to alter their ways. But we always come to collect our dues for those whose deeds are pitiless and our own tortures are just as cruel.

    As Keepers, we have no memory of any life besides and we know only our task. There are tiers, now, Keepers who have been meting justice for so long that they are weary, and then there are the new Keepers, like myself. Are the lines so clear for the Elder Keepers? They are not for me. My heart still stirs with compassion when I collect punishment for a wicked parent whose child is already tainted by their hand and I know that soon, I will collect this child.

    And then there are instances when I wish to redeem a soul, for in the final hour of my watching, they do something selfless or wonderful.

    I gathered some of the souls to myself, instead of preparing their torment, and now I seek a way to allow them to earn true redemption, a stay of my hand. I approached other Keepers, others whose painful empathy still burns in them as well, and they have whispered to me a way. That is the path I now set them on, for them to pass or fail the task. I will not intervene again. Should they fail, they will never know Redemption.
  2. [size=+1]Character Profile:[/size]

    Character Name:

    Character Gender:

    Character Age at Time of Death: I would prefer to not have a bunch of children running around.

    Character Personality: Just their general outlook on life

    Reason for Redemption: Either influenced by negative people, or performed some act of good just before their death

    Character Biography: Feel free to include more detail about their redemption here. Otherwise, highlight the evils of their life in this section as well as their general life story.

    Character Appearance: A picture works, as does a fairly comprehensive written description, or you can add some of both. One thing that I don't want is some ridiculously anime picture followed by something like: "Without the wings, horns, different clothes, tattoos, piercings, enormous breasts, etc." one of these things is fine, even on an average picture. Twenty modifications is bothersome and begins to beg the question of whether a better image wouldn't have worked more effectively because at that point, I can't picture what your character looks like.
  3. Character Name: Maeko Kintata

    Character Gender: Female

    Character Age at Time of Death: 21

    Character Personality: Maeko has a very seize-the-moment type of attitude. She is spontaneous and judges things by how much fun they would be rather than how responsible it is. If it feels good or looks good, she'll have it. Doing whatever she wants whenever she wants is something that she views as a given right - you only get one life, you might as well live it to the fullest. She loves to smile and laugh and has a soft spot for true romance deep down.

    Reason for Redemption: Saved two lives.

    Character Biography: Maeko was abandoned as a baby and lived in a city orphanage until she was thirteen. She ran away and was quickly swept up in the glitz and glamor of living on the street. Soon she was recruited into a small gang of other teenagers and survived by picking pockets and relaying messages for pimps and prostitutes. When she was sixteen, she started selling her body and getting in with the right sorts of people. By eighteen, she had slept her way to the top and had a penthouse suite all to herself. She sold drugs daily and ensured deals didn't fall through for her top client, but then one day when she was 22 she got an order to kill a man who had not made a payment. When she arrived at his apartment, he answered the door with a baby in his arms. She couldn't do it. Instead, she told them to run.

    Character Appearance:
    Maeko (open)
    Maeko (open)
    Maeko (open)
  4. Character Name: Matoko Suiyama

    Character Gender: Female

    Character Age at Time of Death: 13

    Character Personality: Despite Matoko's young age, she is extremely intelligent. Her outlook on life is similar to that of an adult. She believes that to live a life worth living, one must achieve happiness. Her mother told her that to achieve happiness, one must make the others around her happy. However, Matoko could not make her father happy. Thus leading into her own demise. She only seeks happiness for those around her, but because of her young age, it is difficult for her to discriminate criminal versus kind pedestrian. She always seeks to increase her knowledge in some way.

    Reason for Redemption: Made an elderly couple happy by visiting them everyday because their grandkids never come by.

    Character Biography: Matoko is one three triplets. She was the smartest of the three and thus was secluded from them. Her sisters tried their best to make Matoko's life miserable by blaming her for their mistakes and shortcomings. Often times Matoko's father took their side, making it hard for her to please him. Matoko's mom grew ill when Matoko was just eleven. Her father was stressed out as the hospital had given her less than five years to live. Matoko's father started drinking and her sisters grew even more bitter saying that Matoko was the reason their mother had grown ill. Matoko visited her mother in her bedroom everyday and when she was twelve her mother said to her, "The key to happiness is to make everyone around you and yourself happy." And so to live by her mother's saying, Matoko tried her best to earn the attention and respect of her sisters and father. However, no matter her efforts, Matoko could not please them and she grew tired of trying. In the attempt to make Matoko ugly, her sisters tried to burn her face with an iron. It was at this moment that Matoko finally snapped. On that day her sister's were sliced quite a bit of times with their mother's katana, but they did not die. Matoko's father heard about it and nearly beat Matoko to death. Seeing as Matoko was no longer a child pure of heart, she plotted against them until she turned thirteen and she murdered her sisters and her father whilst they slept. From then on she grew to like the art of killing and she murdered anyone that closely resembled her father or her sisters.

    Character Appearance:
  5. Character Name: Dameon Weatherholt

    Character Gender: Male

    Character Age at Time of Death: 39

    Character Personality: If you want something take and let no one stand in your way

    Reason for Redemption: Gave his life to save another.

    Character Biography: Dameon was the kind of person that found trouble where ever he went, he would constantly get into fights as a kid and as he grew they only became more violent. When he was 15 he took part in his first robbery of an old couples home, after that he fell in with a gang and ran the streets as a drug dealer. Over the years he strated to move up in rank and soon became heavily invovled in the gang. One day he and some fellow gang members were ambushed by a drive by shooting, he ended up dying from several gun shot wounds while protecting a young bystander.

    Character Appearance:
  6. I like your ideas, Chronos, but I was hoping for a bit more of a "sacrifice" kind of thing, something he did and not allowed others to do.
    After that's tweaked a bit, the character should be good though!
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  8. Character Name: Elizabeth Dempsey

    Character Gender: Female

    Character Age at Time of Death: 29

    Character Personality: As long as it gets me ahead, I'll do it. Extremely charming and bright.

    Reason for Redemption: A true act of selflessness

    Character Biography: Elizabeth grew up in some no-name town in south Georgia and in a sadly run-of-the-mill dysfunctional family. She knew that life could be better and from a young age vowed that she would do everything she could to rise out of her station in life. Early in her adolescence she was arrested for some petty thefts and several counts of possession with intent to sell, but in reality these were experiments. Elizabeth is possessed of a sharp mind and a biting wit, and was soon embezzling from summer jobs, shoplifting was abandon, and selling narcotics on an ever-escalating scale. She never let this keep her from academic achievement either, and graduated in the top ten of her small high school class. She left town after that, moving to Atlanta and taking advantage of the revolving door of travelers, charming her way into their hotel rooms and stealing them blind as they lay in a drugged sleep. After a few years of this, and building some hefty capitol from fenced wares, she began her own escort service and rose to be one of the highest paid women in the city (although no magazine or newspaper would ever say what for). Life was just what she wanted. Until, breaking her rule of never getting to know the personal lives of the women she employed, she got involved with one of her girls when a jealous john was stalking her and threatening worse than death. Deals were made, money changed hands, but this time not into Beth's. Her employed girl got away with a new life and Elizabeth got shot in the middle of a restaurant as a result of this one good deed. As she lay bleeding, she was a little surprised at the lack of regret she felt over it.

    Character Appearance: A classic beauty, Elizabeth would look good in any era and wearing just about anything. She possesses the enviable trait of an athletic body while still remaining feminine and curvaceous. She uses this to full advantage, thankful of the one good thing her parents ever gave her. Her face his heart-shaped and beautifully proportioned with full lips and large, expressive green eyes. Her makeup is always done to the utmost perfection. However, her hair tends to be at the mercy of the Georgia humidity, and her long rich brown locks can devolve into flyaways from her typically sleek style. Her tastes in clothing tend to be expensive, and always tailored to fit her in the most flattering way. She is tall, standing at 5'9" and even taller in heels. Her skin, normally on the pale side of peaches and cream, is rarely seen as such since she insists on sunning herself to a healthy bronze.

    Found a picture!
  9. Heh, that is better, Chronos. The reason and biography don't match and I was momentarily confused but I read the bio and that is indeed better.
    For future reference, instead of telling everyone that I approve of their characters, when you're approved, I will "like" it.

    Sil, I like your sheet up until the very last of it. It seems that you tried to wrap it up hastily and the end of it was slightly short/abrupt. I would like you to expand it and coax it into making a little more sense as to her snapping and all of that, also as to how she herself is a bad person. I can recommend that you take that concept and maybe "age" her a few years, to expand on how these things shaped her later in life and how she acted as a result.
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  11. I'm totally jumping in here; I'll post my character details later this evening after my daughter goes to bed and then post in the actual story topic afterwards. (:
  12. Character Name: Marius DeVarin

    Character Gender: Male

    Character Age at Time of Death: 24

    Character Personality: Everything is just a stepping stone to greatness for Marius. He's a manipulator of people, a master at finding weak points and vulnerabilities, because he believes that he deserves the best out of life.

    Reason for Redemption: Melded into his current self as a child, and had a small breakthrough just before death.

    Character Biography:
    As a child, Marius was the youngest of four brothers in a family that didn't have a lot of money to go around. Being the youngest, he was the least fit to help out with anything and unable to do the odd jobs his brothers could, so he was the biggest financial strain on the family. As such, he watched while his brothers got praised for bringing in money and got more to eat than he did. Jealously, he waited until he could also start doing little jobs like they.

    Unfortunately for Marius, on the first day of helping to paint someone's house, his first little odd job, he fell off of the ladder and broke his ankle, thereby assuring that he wouldn't be able to do any more jobs for a while. His parents were angry with him for it and refused to get his ankle treated for several days, days in which Marius was in excruciating pain.

    The incident never left him, and he forged on as a child, with a drive to work that rivaled any adult. The struggling, striving, and competing never left him and he carried that with him into his adult life, as well as the attitude that no one would look out for him and so he would not look out for anyone else. He became a merciless business man, effective and efficient but pitiless to a fault. He owned night clubs and used employees like resources, caring less about their well-being than the money that they fetched him. He was condemned for his actions, firing those who needed his pay to survive and feed families and only looking out for himself. A ruthless leader, he quickly rose to prominence for his managing skill and also his cruelty.

    On the deathbed of his father, he didn't cry a single tear and only showed up for the publicity. However, when his father pulled him close and told him the story of how they wanted to have his ankle treated and simply didn't have the money to do it, how he finally broke down and sold many things, as well as not eating but a meal a day to pay for it, and how the guilt had haunted him all those years about how his son was injured trying to make money for the family. Marius felt a twinge of something that might have been emotion, and then his father died.

    Returning to his penthouse apartment that night, Marius was walking across the sidewalk when he happened across a young girl begging in the streets. She was dirty and slender, and her clothes were threadbare, patched, and thin. Being autumn, the weather was chill and she was shivering. A surge of empathy overcame Marius, though it was probably due to the death of his father, and he was feeling giving. He shrugged off his fine leather jacket and gave it to the girl to keep her warm.

    Character Appearance:
  13. Character Name: Rose Mcphene
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Age at Time of Death: 23 years old
    Character Personality: Quiet, Violent, Filled with Rage, ”Man-Hating”, Surprisingly Nice to others until angered.
    Reason for Redemption: Stood up for an elderly woman being mugged and was stabbed to death.
    Character Biography: Rose was raised in a hostile environment. Both of her parents were alcoholics. While her mother would be passed out somewhere in the house Rose's father would sexually abuse her. At the age of sixteen she ran away from home and lived on the streets for about six months until a group of people a little older than her took her in when they found her fighting with another homeless teenager over a doorstep to get out of the rain. When the group of people took her in they revealed to her that they were a well known gang on the streets of the city. Rose felt like she had found some people that understood her and happily joined them. For the first few months life was a little hard for Rose, the others were constantly testing her loyalty and ability to handle her own. Many times she was thrown into fights or told to do something for the gang that deep inside, she didn't want to do. Many of them used her dislike for males against her and provoked her into taking out the males of other gangs.

    What many of the others didn't know was that the main leader of the gang had taken a liking to beautiful Rose, taking her 'under his wing' as he called it to many of the others when actually he was forcing her to perform sexual acts for him. This only fueled Rose's dislike for males and by the time she was eighteen she was fed up with the sexual abuse from men. One night, when Christopher asked Rose to do something for him she told him no and a fight broke out between the two. In the midst of the fight and her blind rage Rose somehow stabbed Christopher with a small knife in the throat and he choked to death on his own blood. When Rose realized what she had done she knew the others would turn against her. So, quickly Rose gathered her things and ran away from the city. Buying a one way ticket to Detroit Michigan.

    After arriving to the city Rose would somehow end up becoming associated with yet another group of people that were into organized crime. For years she stayed with them but no men after tried sexually assualting her because she made it well known that she wouldn't take it from anyone. she was usually used as a distraction for the crimes that would take place but sometimes they would use her skill at throwing knives to their advantage. Around the age of twenty-two Rose began to grow tired of the way she was living her life. She had enough money to support herself well but she was tired of the violence. She had been raised in violence and she wanted to escape it. Silently she thought of a way she could escape it all but she could never think of a way that she could.

    A few days after her twenty-third birthday Rose was walking home after a long night at one of the many clubs that her group of people ran. As she walked past an alleyway though she could hear the cries of a woman. Thinking that there was a woman being sexually assaulted Rose was overtaken by rage, her deep hatred for men that abused women taking over her thought process as she stormed into the alleyway and confronting the two people. When she saw what was actually happening though she was angered even more. It was two men trying to rob an elderly woman. Yelling at the two Rose was able to distract them long enough for the woman to run away for help but while she was gone the men turned on Rose, angered by her distraction they attacked her. They both took turns beating on her and stabbing her, when they felt that had done enough they took her money and jewelry running off into the night. Rose lay there on the ground contemplating her life as her blood drained from her veins and life slowly left her. She had finally done something good for a change.
    Character Appearance: Rose is approximately five feet six inches tall. She has a curvacious figure with long beautiful brown almost black hair. Her eyes are her most striking feature being a bright blue color that shines brightly against her tan skin. Rose is naturally beautiful but she doesn't see it or understand why people say so because she is extremely modest inside but puts off an air of confidence.

    I don't know why those strange spaces are showing up in my post. o.o; They're driving me insane.
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