Redemption of the Gods

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  1. In a world of monsters and myths, where the gods are known and feared, the Demi-gods, children of mortal and diety coupling, must change their world by forcing their divine parents to "grow up". Failure might not mean just their own deaths (or worse) but the destruction of civilization, humankind, possibly even history.

    Welcome to a world tha man has still barely explored. Where what is unknown is greater then what s known. This is a world of puzzles, and challenges, but for the adventurous and lucky great fortune as well.

    All this sounds great, yes? But this is really only half formed. Thoughts, input, and stealing encouraged m
  2. I love it! But you knew that didn't you?

    This plot bunny was brought to you by the introduction on Hercules and these famous words; "When the gods were petty and cruel".

    So how does a demi-god go about redeeming their god parent? Who will stand in their way? Will it be their half siblings, full gods and children of the gods? Will those have children?

    Can we say very convoluted family tree?

    How can these demi-gods convince their parents of the pain they cause and then convince them to care? How will they see and feel what it means to be human and how precious life especially with the gods playing dice with their fates?

    How will the children even reach their parents? Will they go to the home of the gods? Will they pray to their own parents?

    Yes and No! All of the above! So many questions and so little answers!
    Yes I know I'm helpful.

    I think it'd depend on the characters themselves, how each one would go about it. It looks like we'd set up things for a parent/child combination but that could get dull fast... Though! Toss in things like monsters and jealous half-siblings and the journey there and the kids adjusting to the god's home... it could be entertaining!
  3. I think that this has a lot of interesting potential.
    Perhaps the fear involving a war between two of the gods or something to that effect and their children being pressured to end the war and save the humans caught in the fray?

    I don't know. I like the idea though!
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    thats what i thought about this plot
  5. So random ideas.

    The male demi-gods get too cocky and are forced to help one of the hearth goddesses. This help involves kitchen work, cooking and cleaning. Sudsy boys or chocolate coated boys. OMNOMNOM
    Another idea was along the lines of having one of the demi-god's mortal parent take ill and a group revolving around that demi-god and his/her friends taking over the cooking/cleaning/ day to day chores as well as other things.

    Something else to think about is that both heroic and villainous demi-gods all have 'Mentor' figures. How are they on terms with their Mentor if they are out running around doing things?
    The Mentor's frequently take up the parental role that the god/dess left open, so that could also be dramatic. Especially if one of the demi-gods have a nonhuman mentor and the rest have a human, or more human, or god mentors.

    That's it for tonight's ideas!